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  1. Hey guys, was wondering what people think pique's rating will be after the soon coming spanish rating changes. had a solid season at barca and a decent start to the world cup, getting a few cuts in the face in the process vote on the poll and say why
  2. OK, so I've had a few german players go up today and I'm not really a follower of german football so would appreciate the help of you. Just want to know if any of these players will increase next time as well and which ones I should get rid of now. Thanks... Thomas MULLER - 88 Toni KROOS - 89 Marko MARIN - 90 Eren DERDIYOK - 88 Mats HUMMELS - 89 Tunay TORUN - 82 Richard SUKUTA-PASU - 78 Eden HAZARD - 89
  3. Re: Help on who to sell cheers mate, just put all of them on transfer list. anyone else got any more ideas?
  4. I have a sporting team which has far too many players in and I have finally decided to whittle it down to (hopefully) about 50-70 players max and would like your advice on who to sell/keep. I started buying loads of young players about 2 years ago and now i have no idea where most of them are at and weather they are playing or not. So any help anyone gives me will be greatly appreciated Here's a link to my team http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=41788&clubid=4167599&sid=236
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings i'd imagine both of these will retain their respective ratings. what other strikers do you have to cover the gap in rating between milito and higuain?
  6. Re: My squad predictions... sorry about posting 2 times in a run but i had to comment on some of your predictions. Casillas shouldn't increase, imo he's the best keeper in the world, but he's not done anything this year that warrants an increase Maicon, a 96? i can only assume that this is a typo? as i said in my post, the best RB in the world, but surely can't surpass 95 whilst playing in a mediocre league (Serie A doesn't have the quality it used to) Sneijder, i don't think deserves a 95 just yet, let him settle and see how he does in the long run before he is officially 'world-class' in SM rating terms And i really can't see how you can put a sub, gago, up. He's only started 2 games this season, he's about 5th in the pecking order for a 1st team place for RM. De la Red will drop more, he's not played in over a year. Ribery cannot become a 96 until he plays in a league that has some decent defenders in it. Robben, if anything deserves to drop to 92 because he hasn't been playing any better than last season, but he's playing in a much worse league. Nsereko hasn't played this season, how can he get a +7? And huntelaar hasn't scored in the 6 appearances he's made so far this season. how can he rise? please do research before posting your views as putting predictions that are this poor does not help anyone.
  7. Re: My squad predictions... CASILLAS, Iker Gk 28 96 stay at 96 HELTON, Arruda Gk 31 90 stay at 90, small possibility he will go up to 91 GORDON, Craig Gk 26 89 probs drop to 88, i'd get rid MARCELO, Vieira LB/LM 21 90 probs rise to 91 i reckon, maybe stay though FABIO, Pereira da Silva LB/LM 19 75 stay, maybe go up a couple MAICON, Douglas RB 28 95 stay, best RB in the world imo SERGIO RAMOS, García RB/CB 23 94 stay, only just had a drop MIGUEL TORRES, Gómez RB/LB 23 88 stay CANNAVARO, Fabio CB 36 94 probably drop to 93, not the player he once was PEPE, Ferreira CB/DM 26 93 stay for now, will possibly rise at end of season if RM win something decent MEIRA, Fernando CB/DM 31 91 stay DRENTHE, Royston LM/LB 22 88 probably stay LJAJIC, Adem RM/AM 18 84 +1/+2, doing decent at partizan SNEIJDER, Wesley CM/AM 25 94 stay, only just moved to inter, but i really think he will suit the italian style of play so could be a 95 before long GAGO, Fernando CM/DM 23 91 90/91. not getting as much game time this season with Xabi at madrid RENATO, Dirnei CM/AM 30 90 i'd imagine he's gonna stay BOROWSKI, Tim CM/LM 29 90 stay, i like this guy, think he could be a good player when he gets some experience. DE LA RED, Rubén CM 24 89 drop to 86/87. probably never gonna play again, get rid. JAVI GARCIA, Francisco CM/DM 22 87 +1/+2, having a decent season, grabbing a few goals aswell. DIARRA, Mahamadou DM/CM 28 93 probs stay, maybe drop to 92, but i do think he'll stick ERNST, Fabian DM/CM 30 90 drop to 88/89 KAKA, Ricardo AM 27 97 he'll probs stick this time. will have to do a lot of work to get back to 98, i think he'll be going down before he goes up again PJANIC, Miralem AM 19 87 +2/+1. having a decent season for top of the table lyon. MANCO, Reimond AM/Fwd 19 82 i'll be honest, i dunno RIBERY, Franck Wing/AM 26 95 stay, he won't surpass 95 until he moves and he's just got an injury which has sidelined him for a month. ROBBEN, Arjen Wing/Fwd 25 93 probs stay TORJE, Gabriel Wing/Fwd 19 85 probs a +1 for him NSEREKO, Savio Wing/Fwd 20 84 probs stay. not played so far this season BENZEMA, Karim Fwd/Wing 21 93 stay BAXTER, José Fwd/AM 17 75 ooo, a big rise in for him. probs around +6 ish HUNTELAAR, Klaas-Jan CF 26 92 i'd give hunt a -1, not made a great 1st impression at milan. GUIZA, Daniel CF 29 91 again probs a -1 for guiza. Henry 95, stay/-1 Ferdinand 96 -1 D Milito 93 stay Adabyoor 93 stay
  8. Hey all After the recent dutch rating chages i've had these players go up in rating and coz i don't really follow the dutch league i thought i'd ask which ones i should get rid of. any help will be appreciated Carneiro PAULO HENRIQUE has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 85 Donny GORTER has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 82 Tim BREUKERS has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 82 Ricky VAN WOLFSWINKEL has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 85 Diego BISESWAR has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 86 Leroy FER has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 86 Stijn WUYTENS has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 83 Miroslav STOCH has had his rating increased to Rating Increase 84
  9. Re: EPL| Top 8 predicted ratings pretty accurate for liverpool i'd say, only a few i disagree with 1stly Sotiris kyrgiakos- i don't think he'll drop, hyypia kept his 88 as 4th choice, so why can't this guy?? also, i wouldn't complain if either masch or gerrard (yes, the untouchable gerrard) dropped. they've both been poor this season without alonso backing them up, don't think they deserve their respective ratings considering this seasons performances but i would be surprised if SM did drop them
  10. Re: Premier league top 6 increases are you a chelsea fan??
  11. Re: The Liverpool Ratings Analysis think these are pretty accurate so far i don't think lucas will get up to 90, 89 is good enough for him, i still don't like him. also, although it pains me to say it, i think there is a small possibility of a drop for masch. he's been left on the bench recently, and especially if argentina don't qualify for WC, i think a 93 will be coming his way
  12. Re: Tevez or Pato? well, i wouldn't do either of the p/ex involving huntelaar coz you can sell him for 27mil and get them for less. if you've got 22mil now, i'd get pato using sanchez. then sell one of your reserve players for at least 3 mil, then sell huntelaar and get tevez aswell . coz i think it's best to have at least 3 strikers
  13. Re: Soccer Manager Dream Team had? what happened to it? (and btw waswas, thats a bit unbelievable)
  14. Re: Soccer Manager Dream Team sorry sir' date=' here you go... [url']http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=41788&clubid=4167599&sid=236[/url]
  15. Re: Soccer Manager Dream Team My best XI is for a sporting team in an old WC, here it is: ....................Casillas .......Puyol.....Ferdinand.....Zanetti Kaka.....Cambiasso....Alonso.....Arshavin .....................Messi ............Villa..............Torres with my 7 subs being: Asenjo Demichelis/Bosingwa Pique Mascherano/Senna De Rossi/Sneider Maxi Pato
  16. Re: Sneider - £60m? it really depends what kind of setup you are in and if money is worth anything in it. in a lot of setups its impossible to get a player 90+ for just cash and if this is one of them 60mil is a steal for sneider who will surely suit the italian style game and shine at inter.
  17. Re: .:Official Barcelona Thread:. wow, barca are on fire tonight, 4-0 up and not even half time, athletico haven't even played that badly! just a quick question, does anybody know of a reason why puyol is on the bench? is he injured or just fallen out of favour with pep??
  18. Re: Manchester United fc Ratings 09/10
  19. Re: Who's hot and who's not? (EDITON 2) good thread mate. only ones that i would disagree with is Foster, think he'll only go up on by 1 Glen Jonson, again, just a +1, although i think he could be 91 by the end of the world cup Rooney, doesn't deserve a rise, his goals this season have just managed to justify his 96, just.
  20. Re: Advice with ageing players and rating decreases needed!!
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