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    Marco Borriello

    Re: Marco Borriello will probs just keep his 90, although its a very long time til italian changes. hes getting decent playing time at a club with many strikers, as long as pato goes up, and sheva goes down he will keep his 90
  2. Re: Help!! For Strikers coz the question doesnt make sense. ronaldiniho will not go up again, the only way for him is down. and david villa could get to a 96 bt will have to keep up his form for at least the rest of the season
  3. Re: Gerad Pique Rating probs 89/90 if he keeps playing at the rate that he is. he is definitely worth getting if u can pick him up fairly cheap
  4. Re: Bayern Munchen Who Will Rose? Who Will Drop? id pretty much agree with all of those. id give rensing a 90 tho, been 1st team all season.
  5. Re: Maxwell Offers - can you please help me for a second REP WILL BE GIVEN ... go with the marquez deal. miltio shud drop to 92 and maxwell should drop aswell, so dnt hesitate to get rid if u can
  6. Re: German Changes anyone got any ideas on the rating of Kevin Kuranyi and Marcelo Bordon? cheers
  7. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? as if u can say anything about being biased towards ur own team! if any1 says anything rong bout united u have a go at them until they eventually get bored and whenever u get the chance to say anything bad bout another teams player (mainly the other 3 out of big 4) u jump at the opportunity.
  8. Re: Reputation and time at club
  9. Re: robinho sell him. lol u dnt need that many top strikers and u myt as well us him as a p/ex for a world class def/mid
  10. Does anybody know the different stages of time before you lose ur club? i no it changes with ur reputation and the max (for a normal member) is 30 days. but thats all i no. anybody know anything else? cheers
  11. Re: Luiz RONALDO : How long can this last? SM will revue free agents ratings at the end of the summer schedule - 2 weeks
  12. Re: Luiz RONALDO : How long can this last?
  13. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? you can... the queen is actually a man hehe. nah i rekon andersons 91 is about right now. i think it was generous at the time but hes been doing ok this season.
  14. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? CL experience doesnt make somebody a better player than another player. Example... Djimi Traore - a lot of game in CL for liverpool
  15. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? better than barry - barry has been villas top players this and last season, and is ahead of carrick in the england team sheet every game as good as flamini - flamini was class at arsenal last season, him and fabregas ran the show most games from the centre of the park for them
  16. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? maybe, but is he better than barry? and as good as flamini?
  17. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? hes been playing 3/4 of the games since he moved from tottenham, but these are mainly due to scholes and hargreaves finding it impossible to stay fit. in the 1st 2 seasons, he didnt do anything outstanding and just sat in the middle of the park like an average prem player. fair doos to him, hes bin doing ok this season, not enough to warrant an increase to 93!
  18. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? carragher has been a regualar at liverpool for donkeys years, thats why hes got such a high rating. carrick, however, has only come into the united team this season/end of last season. g2g for tea now... will argue a bit more later
  19. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? he makes a few mistakes a season. all get massive press attention for the only reason that most newspapers/news channels are run in london so hate all teams that aren't chelski, arsenal and tottenham. he still makes world class saves and, in my opinion (although i know ur gonna disagree) he is one of the best keepers in the prem, if not the best. anyway, this is a carrick thread, lets not get off topic
  20. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated?
  21. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? coz im a liverpool fan and i hate utd players! hehe... oj i rekon hes a decent player but this season there are a lot more united midfilders that have played more games (eg park, anderson, fletcher and all the obv). And hes also finding it impossible to get into the england 1st team
  22. Re: List of 89s to hit 90 in the next changes
  23. Re: Who will make it bigger! atm id agree with that. but bojan is younger than the others, and could be a bigger talent. its impossible to tell at such a young age
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