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  1. Re: Filipp BREITVEIT i asked if any1 knows if hes worth buying im not saying buy him
  2. Re: Who should i sign? Ibesivic! gotta get him if u can!
  3. 17 year old russian created today who plays for the Estonian club Trans. Does any1 know if hes worth 300k? cheers
  4. Re: Van Der Vaart or Sneijder?? the reason for VDV having more games is because sneijder was injured at the start of the season obviously not sin him play much?? tough 1 for me... id probably say sneijder in real life (because hes a bit younger) but on SM id go for VDV coz AMs can play anywhere in midfield
  5. Re: LM Needed Gabriel CRISTIAN RODRIGUEZ LM/AM (23 89) has the joint most starts in the league for porto this season after moving there from benfica at the end of last season. Possibility of a rise to 90 Charles N'ZOGBIA LM/LB (22 88) good prospect for the future, not sure about a rise this time around tho, because damien duff's keeping him out of the team for 50% of games. Paolo DE CEGLIE LB/LM(more of a LM tho) (22 88) after returning from seina on loan to juventus this season, hes made 12 apperances for the Serie A giants including 3 in CL Marko MARIN LM/AM (19 87) although he's at the team bottom of the Bundesliga, hes been a regular this season, and is due a rise in the german ratings (maybe even to 89) Joe LEDLEY LM/CM (21 86) another Cardiff youngster linked with big EPL teams. being playing regularly for cardiff this, and last season, he probs won't rise this time as 86 is good enough for any championship player, but if he moves to a prem team hope this helps a bit
  6. If city can bid this in real life, why can't we bid more than £99mil on SM?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... players ratings get reviewed every 5-6months so if they play well they will increase. good talents are often very hard to sign, most managers will only sell if they get a 90+ and cash for the player.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... should i sell Jo for £20mil. He doesnt make my 1st team and i have other young strikers like pato and balotelli in my team so it is unlikely that he ever will.
  9. Re: Who Should I Keep sell them all none will become big players in the future, just a waste of ur wages, and decent(ish) transfer money
  10. veg

    Diego Milito

    Re: Diego Milito cheers guys think il go 4 the deal
  11. I have the option of buying milito for around 15mil he wudnt make my 1st team, but wud be my 3rd choice striker incase 1 gets injured/suspended/tyred. is this a good deal? will he keep his 93 rating? cheers
  12. Re: Whats the difference? if the CFs supposed to score more goals summats gotta be rong with my team. iv got RVN (96 CF)and David Villa (95 F) as my strike force and villa scores, on average, a goal every 0.9 games and RVN every 0.6 games
  13. Re: Who's the best Defensive Midfielder currently?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... dont do the deal ur losing 2 91 players, which are hard to get in GCs.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... id probably accept this it depends how much u need a CB tho
  16. Re: Who's the best Defensive Midfielder currently? go on then... why do u think hes so bad?
  17. Re: Who's the best Defensive Midfielder currently?
  18. Re: IBRAHIMOVIC + 10m for ROONEY dnt do the deal rooney is a lot younger and is still a good player and will keep his 96 for years
  19. Re: Selling REQUILME, which deal is best for me?
  20. Re: Ruben CANI - Gold Cup Offer thats a decent deal for you but it all depends on the other players you have in the different positions
  21. Re: Who should I sell? any1 else?
  22. Re: Keepers! sergio ansenjo is ur best bet hes playing well this season and has been rumoured that he might get a cap for spain in a friendly soon
  23. Re: Chairman Value question yeh u got it right there if you've got more strikers the strikers CV will be less than say a CM
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