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  1. Re: Who should I sell? thanks for ur help mate
  2. hey guys, i have a very large sporting team and i need to sell a few of my youth players to raise some money for a winger or 2. can and1 help me on which players to sell? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=41788&clubid=4167599&sid=236 good advice will be rewarded
  3. Re: Champions League Winners 2008/2009 already bin mentioned
  4. veg

    Sillyest Question asked

    Re: Sillyest Question asked
  5. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! i sed b4 the game to my mate i didnt care about the game at all. (although theres no way of me proving that to you). thats y i didnt make any effort to watch the game
  6. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! haha nice idea shame it wont work tho we wer away at a prem club hu have hit amazing form atm u wer at home (ur 'fortress') to a mid-tabled championship team maybe next season 4 u eh?
  7. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! to be fair the league cup is more of a reserve/youth cup for top prem teams. it doesnt bother me 1 bit that wer out of it, just the performance that was a bit worrying.
  8. Re: Friendly Tournaments/Other Game Worlds guessin ur a GM then?
  9. Re: Andrea Mei - Inter younster didnt see what u said tho!
  10. Re: Player Predictions thats y i said if we wer going to argue b4 i said that
  11. Re: Abou Diaby he is an AM/LM but that means he can still play CM on SM. and if u wer arguing that hes not a CM, u could say arsenal only play 1 CM
  12. Re: Player Predictions theres no real point in doing this. and if we wer going to argue about it bobby moore would get a 99 aswell coz SM are biased towards english players
  13. Re: CSKA Moscow-opinions/suggestions i think u shud go fer mertesacker, hes quality and still young. but u cud maybe try n trade a CM or a striker for him as ur a bit short on defenders and if ur going to play 4-3-3 (wingers) as suggested, u only need 1 striker.
  14. Re: Micah Richards agree with everything uv said there. in my opinion richards is over-rated. u could use him in a p/ex for another defender from an unmanaged team
  15. Re: Chairman Need Smartening Up? if ur p/exing a player over 35 you don't get much money for them anyway
  16. Re: Andrea Mei - Inter younster great contribution there mate
  17. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins is he playing tonight aswell thats gotta be tyring
  18. Re: Highest Rated Teams On The Game? My best team is a Sporting in WC145 Casillas Bosingwa Zanetti Maxwell Senna Lucho G. Sneijder Cambiasso Stankovic V. Nistlerooy David Villa
  19. Re: What do you think about my team? it's ok what else do you want any1 to say?
  20. Re: Help With Selling Certain Strikers.
  21. Re: Pardo for Hamsik??? y? you've not really helped him much there. u need to give reasons
  22. Re: Samir NASRI are u joking! hes shouldnt be a 92! hes playin in the argentine league! if u wer going to try n keep 1 of them keep kranjcar! he will be a 92/93 rated player in the future and his hugely underrated at pompey!
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