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  1. Sorry if this guys been mentioned before, I searched but couldn't find anything Andrea Mei Club : Inter Milan Shirt Number: 37 Position: Defender D.O.B : May 18 1989 (18) height: 184 cm weight: 78 kg This guys come the the ranks at Inters youth academy. He was called up to the Italy U19s squad at the age of 17! Although hes not made any appearances for Inter so far, he looks very promising and the fact that hes got a shirt number shows Mouriniho might be willing to give him a chance this season. not on DB
  2. Re: The next great African midfieler. Any input?
  3. Re: Pardo for Hamsik??? i would do this deal. altohugh it depends what other CMs u have to cover pardo. pardo deserves to go down to 90/91 in the next german rating, hes only played half of stuttgarts games this season. n hamsik should of gone up 2 91 this time. and could hit 92 by end of season hope that helps a bit
  4. Re: Help With Selling Certain Strikers. definatly keep pato - hes gonna be awesome! v. persie could of rised to 93 in last rating changes so id keep him aswell coz he will reach 93 by end of season if he keeps his form and eduardo should start to rise again soon, bendtner will lose his place on the bench to eduardo so u could get rid of him
  5. Re: Dominic Vose its because his name's spelt Domonic in the other thread. don't no which 1 of u is right
  6. Re: help me asap, would you do this deal?? i wudnt do the deal both the players ur offering are good prospects for the future
  7. Re: Playing an F and CF together think thats true. i play a F and a CF up front together and im top scorer in my league. so that works for me
  8. Re: Rising Right Back i diagree with that. i always play players in their 2nd position n im top of div1 in a WC with sporting. i dont think it makes too much of a difference
  9. Re: Fontana (89) for only 10k i agree with an 89 keeper in div 4 u cnt go too far rong and, although hes old its a great signing coz hel keep his rating for at least a couple of months
  10. Re: "Apply For A Job" Idea sounds like a great idea to me! will reward those managers who go on more than once every fortnight and will mean less experienced managers won't come to manage a Barcelona in an old WC and sell messi for chairman value! (or summat like that)
  11. Re: Please help!! please!! dnt think ronaldo will keep his rating hes not been playing for a club for ages now i rekon SM will put him down to 88/89 in the brazilian changes
  12. veg


    Re: goalkeepers id go with lloris hes a top talent and looks likely to be french no1 for many years
  13. Re: Rank these CB's that may be due to him being out on loan to Leverkusen. hes played every game this season for them, and they're 2nd in the league
  14. Re: Help, i need a CB and CF rated 89/90 who wil rise? CBs MELLBERG, Olof 33 90. can get him quite cheap and is currently 1st team for juve. a rise to 91 is not out of the question CACERES, Martín 21 89 barca youngster, what more can i say? looks like a huge talent for the future KRIZANAC, Ivica 29 89 plays 1st team for zenit. could rise to 90 in the next week or so CFs ZAKI, Amr 25 88 scoring goals for fun at wigan CAREW, John 26 90 starting to find his form at villa IBISEVIC, Vedad 24 85 scored 13 goals in 11 games in bundesliga! hope that helps a bit
  15. Re: seven subs does it really matter? you can only use 3 and these have to be premeditated so there no point being able to put in more than 3 subs in my opinion
  16. veg

    luis NANI

    Re: luis NANI agree with you there hes not played enough or shown enough quality to rise to 90 yet hes a bit like ryan babel - in terms of rating
  17. Re: Italian rating predictions isla from udinese has been mentioned many times before currently rated 82 could hit 86/87
  18. Re: Back up goalkeeper needed! hey both ones you have mentioned look like they could become quality keepers also you could try akinfeev and ochoa. although they both play in relatively poor leagues (ochoa especially) they could both become world-class in a few years time. also, not 90 yet, but you could try rui patricio of sporting or joe hart of city. looks like they've both got bright futures ahead of them and will continue to rise. hope thats helped
  19. Re: Suspended players hey does any1 no if when a player is suspended for a cup bye this counts as a game for thir suspension? cheers
  20. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! you had the option of joining the championship. i think the only reason you said no was because you new ud miss out on european football if u played in the EPL
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