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  1. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! wer still 2nd in the prem mate. thats a lot better than most expected. most said spurs would finish 4th n liverpool would probably go 5th. so far thats not really gone accorind to plan. you didnt really give them a game tho did you? it could of been 5 they started to free wheel near the end. with 200mil u still can't buy half the amount of players ud need to beet us
  2. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! yeh sure mate 1 of ur players (max) would get into liverpool 1st team! u got battered by utd. thats what would happen most weeks with u in the prem
  3. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! have to say that is decent actually and rather relevant
  4. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! - HA!! ur a celtic fan u cnt say anything u wudnt even make the uefa cup if u wer in the EPL
  5. Re: 65mil for Vann Der Vaart no never sell a player like VDV i sold him 2 seasons ago 4 60mil + modic n i have regretted it ever since he will no doubt increase to 95 sum tims soon and AMs can play anywhere across the midfield
  6. veg

    CB help

    Hi all i could do with a CB who is rated around 91/92 that will rise soon. iv looked at chellini but hes got a TB and pepe has aswell (although he has just risen). any1 got any ideas? cheers
  7. With the russian rating changes coming up in a few weeks I thought it'd be good to do a thread just for them. as the russian league has moved up to 6th (ahead of Portuguese league and Dutch league) from 9th in the UEFA coefficients surely there will be a few big risers. i would start with a few rating predictions myself, but i havnt watched much russian football so they would be inaccurate
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings he probably deserves an 85 but SM seem to be quite reserved recently. i reckon he'll go to 82
  9. Re: Xabi Alonso deal? cheers mate iv already tryed stankovic and maxwell but was rejected have tried scholes now
  10. I'm trying to get Xabi Alonso of Liverpool and they have counter-offered with Liverpool have made a counter offer to Sporting for Olano XABI ALONSO of £0 plus Scherer MAXWELL and Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER. I know maxwell will probably decrease to 91 in italian rating changes but im not sure how good schweinsteiger is. i've tryed loads of different offers but they want him in the deal. hes not in my 1st team at the moment and neither is maxwell. my other CMs are LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar CM-RM 27 93 (who i normally play RM) SCHOLES, Paul CM 33 93 STANKOVIC, Dejan AM-LM 30 93 (LM [i also no hes will go down) MARCOS SENNA, Antonio DM/CM 32 93 SNEIJDER, Wesley CM/AM 24 93 should i accept the deal? rep 4 good advice
  11. Re: A transfer problem DIEGO CAPEL, Trinidad LM/Wing (Sevilla) 20 89 will rise to at least 90 in spanish rating changes - some think a possibility of 91 HAMSIK, Marek CM/RM (Napoli) 21 89 has been talked about a lot - should rise to 91 in italian ratings ALEXIS, Ruano CB/RB (Valencia) 23 89 played all game in the league this season - will probably rise to 90 bt an off chance of 91 hope thats helped
  12. Re: Liverpool Unbeatable! haha... but liverpool wern't missing torres we've beaten utd and chelski without torres! (and gerrard for 75mins of utd game)
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings messi... not quite as good as ronaldo or kaka yet xavi... not nearly as good as gerrard iniesta... possible rise but probably stay for now pepe... 93 good enough for now - 94 by end of season if he keeps his form aguero... 94 this time. not as good as villa (hus going up to 95) yet
  14. Re: Alves da Silva EDUARDO how about Jermain Defoe? 26 years old now and rated 90 but if he keeps playing well and scoring for Pompey he could become an england regular seeming as we're short of quality strikers.
  15. Re: RM & LM for Darlington TREACY, Keith Blackburn (20 78) LM recently rose from 74. Plays for the Irish U21 team NINIS, Sotiris Panathinaikos (18 83) RM/AM been talked about for ages now, could be a good signing but looks like his potential is fading a bit now
  16. Re: Goal Keeper Help id say there was a small chance of an increase. the russian league has shot up in UEFA coefficients so the players should be rated higher. hes played all but 1 game 4 CSKA this season and they are currently lying 2nd after 25 game. (conceded 20 goals)
  17. Re: CM for up to 9.6M ? you could try steven ireland rated 89 at the moment and 22 years old although english changes have just been he should rise to 90 for the next rating changes
  18. Re: XxArsenalxX xSigsx xRequestx xThreadx cheers when you rekon it'l be done?
  19. Re: XxArsenalxX xSigsx xRequestx xThreadx hi mate any chance of a martin skrtel sig? cheers
  20. Re: Help! I need a prospect to reach 89+ in next rating change. ur not gonna find any1 for less than 3 mil
  21. Re: Fifa 2009 0r Pro Evo 2009? in my opinion its not it just seems to be a year or 2 behind fifa in all aspects (except maybe game play)
  22. Re: Fifa 2009 0r Pro Evo 2009? Fifa iv always bin a fifa guy tho dont no y i jst think its better
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