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  1. Re: MARCOS SENNA, Antonio fair enuf miss read it still think masch has better qualities for a DM
  2. Re: MARCOS SENNA, Antonio :/ that doesnt make sense so contradictory
  3. Re: MARCOS SENNA, Antonio both excellent defensively yes. but there is still a rather large difference in defensive ability. Senna's good at is, masch is one of the best in the world
  4. Re: Goal Keeper Help akinfeev and ochoa are both going to be world-class keepers in a few years. Ochoa won't rise until he moves away from Mexico, which shouldn't be too long. Rui patricio will no doubt make it big time aswell, but its probably a few years to early to predict how big.
  5. Re: MARCOS SENNA, Antonio there both DM. which means that breaking down the oppositions play by interceptions and tackling is the most important part of their game. Otherwise known as defending. Masch doesn't need to bomb forward and score goals for liverpool or argentina as they've got gerrard and Riquelme to that respectively.
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