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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... buying abidal for 25mil. is this worth it? will he keep getting games at barca and keep his 93?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Shakhtar have made an offer to Sporting CP for Wesley SNEIJDER of £12,000,000 plus Juan Manuel MATA... i'm sporting I already have a massive amount of quality CMs (Camb, Masch, Alonso, De Rossi, Senna) so i was considering doing this deal. atm, i'm playing arshavin as my LM with diego capel as backup. was wondering if people think this is a good deal, and how do you think sneijder will do at inter ??
  3. Re: Wayne Rooney - Over Rated X i'm undecided on rooney, i can't work out weather i think he should be a 95 or 96, although i know for a fact he won't get a drop. he's a good player, just needs to calm down a bit when he plays sometimes and focus on scoring. the reason i don't think he's a cast iron 96 is because he's not quite the standard of the likes of torres or villa... yet.
  4. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I bought Stéphane Ruffier because everyone was raving about him a year or so ago on the forum, and i've still never heard anything in real life about the guy. is it time to get rid of him? he'll never get into my team as i have casilass and asenjo so is he going to rise again or should i just sell him now? cheers
  5. Re: Should I Buy I New GK? also, i'd get rid of friedel to raise some funds to put in your bid. you really don't need him as asenjo should be a 90 at least by the end of the season
  6. Re: Should I Buy I New GK?
  7. Re: Who to swap for Ronaldo if you already have these 2 and ronaldo, you obviously have a great team so i wouldn't get rid of him. you need to keep you're best players if you want to be the best.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... just coz they're old doesn't mean they're not worth buying. i'd get senna if you can, hes still playing at the quality of a 94, so why not? yes, hes only got a few years left him in, but he won't go below 92 for a good 3 years.
  9. Re: Right Mid? just as good.
  10. Re: 3 defenders i've found that it doesn't make a difference. whatever you've got really.
  11. Re: Right Mid? theres not many RMs out there that are good solid 90+ players. i'd say your best option is to go for a winger. try getting marin from bremen as he is a massive talent
  12. Re: Vucinic, Mirko he won't be a regular at barca at all. he'll be lucky to get on as a sub for most games. having said that, he still looks a decent prospect for the future so if you're in the game for the long run, keep him.
  13. Re: Defensive Help Urgently Needed play 3 at the back Corluka Pepe Marcelo
  14. veg

    new player

    Re: new player send in a support ticket. the player has to of played 450mins of professional football to be more likely to be added
  15. Re: emiliano INSUA i'd go for insua. he's looked decent the 1st 2 games so far. and even if he played shocking SM would still put him up just coz he seems to be 1st team now
  16. Hey all. I de rossi is at an unmanaged club in my setup and i can pick him up for 5 mil + van nistelrooy. is this a good deal for me? or i could offer cash (and offer a player worth 600k) for him. I want to get rid of RVN is this the right time for me to do it? My other CMs are: Cambiasso, Alonso, Macherano, Senna and Sneijder My other CFs/Fwds are: Messi, Torres, Villa, Pato
  17. Re: Defensive Help Urgently Needed having a back 3 can actually work in real life. if you're playing a team with 2 strikers, get your 2 wider CBs to man mark the 2 strikers and the 3rd CB (in the middle) to sweep. only problem is when you come across a team with 1 or 3 strikers.
  18. Re: should i accept or reject i'd try negotiate to the deal suggested in one of the previous posts. silva + albiol would be a nice deal for you, as you would get an instant replacement for rio in albiol.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... yes, definitely. berba has to shine for united this season and ronaldinho is well past it. they could swap ratings soon, or just ronaldinho drop to 93.
  20. Re: My INIESTA for his ESSIEN? Cancel or not?
  21. Re: My INIESTA for his ESSIEN? Cancel or not?
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... ite guys, just doing a deal with a mate and i'm wondering if people could tell me if i'm giving too much? im giving sneijder for mata. my other cms are alonso, masch, cambiasso and senna. he wouldn't take senna so my 2nd offer was sneijder as he looks like he will be moving to a 'smaller' club this summer. is this a decent deal?
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