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    Re: huntelaar?
  2. Re: Italian Ratings! Gamerbini was 50/50 weather to rise or not, granted amauri probably should of rose, but I'm sure you have someone in your team that has a higher rating than they should have. Eto'o might rise, but there is no certainty in that he deserves it. hes scored 1 (maybe 2) more goals than forlan this season, who is only a 93! so if eto'o gets a 97 forlan must at least be a 95, which isn't going to happen. i have no doubt that higuian will rise, and considering what happened to Pato, rise to 92.
  3. Re: Are the Italian ratings finished? would people stop making threads like this after EVERY rating review! you're just peeved off coz your players didn't rise! not everyone is going to agree on a rating for any player, just let SM do their job
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings i think it is quite obvious that pepe was trying to kick the ball and obviously got a bit mixed up. he doesn't have a malicious bone in his body and i am sure this was all a big misunderstanding
  5. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? essien: definately not! hunterlaar: what other CFs do you have and who can you get with the money?
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings i think that now pato has got a 92 SM will increase Higuain to 92. irishwombat: you can't compare player stats between two different leagues in different coutries, in la liga 1037 goals have been scored and in serie A 912 have been scored (914 in EPL), thats over 100 less! showing that la liga is the easiest league to score in
  7. Re: Van Persie or Adebayor ? i don't see how you can say holland isn't a strong national team. with players like sneijder, RVN, huntellaar, robben, RVP and even VDV who plays well for them, they are a top international team. id pick RVP over adebayor
  8. Re: kanoute or forlan high, very high. if he doesn't rise every other CF/F on the game should decrease. hes 2nd in top scorers in la liga, just behind eto'o.
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? if you're getting gerrard thats a sick deal! pirlo is gonna drop and gerrard is a sure 97 for years
  10. Re: Westermann Playing LB he can play anywhere at the back as his primary position. LB, CB, RB all the same for him
  11. Re: Barca forward line on blazing fire: up!
  12. Re: Italian rating predictions
  13. Re: All these players going down in rating...??
  14. Re: De Rossi or Benzema why is everyone saying sell forlan? he's been quality this season, playing better and scoring more than 'wonderkid' aguero. i think he deserves a rise to 94!
  15. Re: Miguel veloso down to 90!!!!!!!1 hes just not been on form this season. it was very predictable and if you look at the Portuguese ratings thread, it is said by many that he will get a 90, and he did
  16. Re: Amongst the following, who would you sign if a gun is pointed at your head.
  17. Re: Spanish Ratings what do people think of antonio lopez's rating? atheltico LB, currently at 91.
  18. Re: Demichelis Martin if you're getting seedorf dont even consider it. seedorf will drop
  19. Re: Spanish Ratings an innocent typo my friends
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