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    As big as that.
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    no offense but there is no point in creating a thread asking who to sell when you have players of quality:confused:. Just because you may have an "awesome" team doesn't mean you can just post up your squad just to boast about it. Get over it and move on
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    The ones in bold KEEP!
    Blind is about to get a very nice rise and so is Clyne but sell Clyne after his rise. Also Gai Assulin as far as I know is a good talent
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    Re: Help on who to sell
    GONEN, Cenk
    GUAITA, Vicente
    LEWIS, Joe
    UJKANI, Samir
    KRAFT, Thomas
    AMOS, Ben
    IBERBIA, Raúl
    FANCHONE, Jean-Alain
    DE LAET, Ritchie
    SKOGSEID, Håkon
    CLYNE, Nathaniel
    GRAY, David
    BLIND, Daley
    OPARE, Daniel
    DARBY, Stephen
    SAN JOSE, Mikel
    HOBBS, Jack
    FONTAS, Andreu
    ANTON, Chema
    KELLY, Martin
    CLARK, Ciaran
    AISLAN, Paulo Lotici
    AYALA, Daniel
    PARTIDA, José Ramón
    CALDERON, Néstor
    TREACY, Keith
    ALBAYRAK, Eren
    D'AGOSTINO, Gaetano
    LEDLEY, Joe
    EKDAL, Albin
    GORTER, Donny
    RANDALL, Mark
    RUEDA, José Manuel
    SIELVA, Óscar
    GUERCI, Alex
    PARRETT, Dean
    HUDSON, Rodrigues
    AJDAREVIC, Astrit
    ZANETTI, Javier
    WUYTENS, Stijn
    DOBIAS, Timon
    POSSEBON, Rodrigo
    SARMIENTO, Brian
    LALLANA, Adam
    GAI ASSULIN, Yigaal
    KRUSE, Max
    SUAREZ, Diego Orlando
    JANOTA, Michal
    FILIPE GOMES, Ribeiro
    JOSUE, Pesqueira
    ANTOLIC, Domagoj
    MILLAN, Nicolás
    PALANCA, Miguel
    LEDESMA, Emmanuel Jorge
    FLYNN, Ryan
    NICHOLLS, Alex
    DAUD, Ayub
    HAWORTH, Andy
    EDUARDO, Alves da Silva
    YILDIRIM, Sercan
    COLUNGA, Adrián
    NÉMETH, Krisztián
    AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick
    FANTIS, Antonin
    GRIFFITHS, Leigh
    KAMARA, Ola
    MARQUINHOS, Nascimento
    ZOZULYA, Roman
    FABIO, José
    SUNU, Gilles
    FERNANDO, Rodríguez Ortega
    AASE, Torstein Andersen
    SIMON, András
    IBRAHIM, Fuad
    ADAMS, Sadick
    MATSOUKAS, Lefteris
    BIRTALAN, Botond
    FREEMAN, Luke
    NIMANI, Frédéric
    JALLOW, Ousman
    VOKES, Sam
    GODEE, Joey
    COP, Duje
    BROUWER, Jordy
    XENOFONTOS, Christos
    if not enough sell keirrison, coquelin, nsue, jay spearing, nikola saric, kravets, and asenjo(maybe)
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    I have a sporting team which has far too many players in and I have finally decided to whittle it down to (hopefully) about 50-70 players max and would like your advice on who to sell/keep. I started buying loads of young players about 2 years ago and now i have no idea where most of them are at and weather they are playing or not. So any help anyone gives me will be greatly appreciated
    Here's a link to my team
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    Thread Moved to Player Ratings Predictions
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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    Re: Deal for De Rossi??
    It depends on your setup, If you can buy good players in your setup for just cash then you may as well swap VNR for De Rossi but if it costs you 1 good player for another good player in your setup(like in most cases) then I would buy De Rossi for cash and swap VNR for a good player that you want from a managed team.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I think you 've just answered your own question;)
    If high 90s are hard to come by, you should go ahead and buy him. Don't think he would drop, or rise, 92 is just fine for him, an International.
    However, if there are better players available for cash, put this deal on hold first? (I know its very commonsensical )
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    Re: Which one???
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    Re: Which one???
    Definitely Demichelis. Seedorf's rating is inflated because he's old, he's gonna be doing nothing but declining over the next few rating updates (plus Milan look terrible in pre-season lol). And like you said, you already have better options that Freddy Kanoute. Demichelis is in his prime, and will be heavily relied upon at Bayern now that Lucio is gone. No question about it.
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    Re: Which one???
    id go 4 demichellis first m8 then seedorf
    cos zanetti is more of a rb/lb altho he can play cb
    demichellis 4 me
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    Re: Side Midfield or Winger
    Anyone can tell you bout the others and I'm sure you'll be able to find out enough about them from papers, so here are some people of varying prices. This way you may not have to get rid of other players. Many of these are long-term.
    Here are some options:
    David Silva - 92 - 22 years old - AM/LM - £9.5m
    Why get pizza when you can have steak? You get the idea. David Silva's injury at the start of the season is just about the best thing that could have happened for potential buyers. With his age, had he made a 93, which he surely would have barring an injury at the start of the La Liga campaign, his price would have been astronomical. Thankfully, his injury has not affected his rating but given you enough time to buy him before he is out of reach. He has played only twice in La Liga this season and scored 3 goals. He scored on the season opener and then blew away any expectations of a slow return to fitness by bagging 2 goals on his return against Atletico. Valencia are likely to get Champions League football too this year considering that they are second and have been without their best player all season. Having starred for Spain during the Euros, you can expect him to reclaim his place in the next squad and when you add this this to the impending exposure of Champions League his rating can go even higher than the 93 which is overdue.
    Tranquillo Barnetta - 90 – 23 years old - Wing - £7.7m
    Tranquillo, meaning the quiet one, prompted a lot of pundits to make some noise after a captivating performance in Euro 2008 as the most lauded part of an underachieving Swiss side. Quillo’s achievement came on the back of an excellent season with Leverkusen, where he was a shining light (often alongside Rolfes) in a side that lacked consistency. He has arguably lacked consistently this term: he dazzled against his former team Hannover and played even more impressively against top of the league Hoffenheim, scoring one and setting up two others but faded into the background against Bayern Munich. His achievements for Bayern and Switzerland have led to him becoming a poster boy for both teams, which has heaped pressure on him, but it has in turn sped up the process of his maturing. At only 23 he has over 100 Bundesliga games under his belt. He is equally proficient on either wing, making him more valuable both in real life and SM. I’ve noticed that both footed players do seem to be better on SM too. There is more good news for potential buyers: the resurgence of Leverkusen. Though not at the level of Topmoller’s team of a few years ago, they do look set to reclaim their place at the highest table of European football. The main points for Barnetta then: his rating will be helped by his omnipresence in the Swiss and Bayer line-ups but the lower quality of opposition in Germany and his inconsistency against poor opposition will count against him. With 15 games played, 3 goals scored and 5 assists, he may be entitled to a rise of 1. He is certainly of 91 quality on his day but those days must arrive more often for him to be owed that kind of rating.
    Jesus Navas – 91 – 23 years old – RM/Wing - £8.5m
    Ranked one of the 50 best players in Spain for 3 seasons now, Navas has established himself as a mainstay in the Sevilla side. Unfortunately, despite all of his undeniable talents, his rating will always be difficult to increase. Although 4th at the moment, I would expect Villareal to take that final Champions League place. If not Villareal then Atletico. I’d even expect Deportivo to make it in there ahead of them. Well, he can just leave for a bigger club then? No, he can’t. His reasons extend beyond simple loyalty too. Navas suffers terrible homesickness, to the extent that it causes him great anguish to be away from Seville and it even induces panic attacks. This has also harmed his international career with him dramatically walking out of a Spain training camp a couple of years ago because it was too far from his beloved Seville. He has little chance of reclaiming his place when other more stable players of similar quality, Joaquín or Cazorla for example, available. In short, his rating will be dictated entirely by how well Sevilla are doing. Fortunately they are doing well, thanks in part to his performances. He has 7 assists, the most he has ever got in a single season and we’re only half-way through. He has 1064 minutes to his name and 1 goal in that time but for the above reasons he is very risky. That’s not to say he couldn’t overcome his problems but he could end up on the scrap heap just like the far more talented Sebastian Diesler (who you probably haven’t even heard of, such was his fall from grace).
    Aiden McGeady - 90 – 22 years old – Wing/AM - £7.9m
    Although I have recommended him, I do so with trepidation. After a bust-up with Strachan his future is in the balance and even though things seemed to have cooled you don’t know how this will end up or more importantly where he’ll end up. I would guess that he’ll remain in Celtic until the end of the season and then move to the Prem. He is a player of prodigious talent though. Before he even moved to Celtic he was regarded as a hot property with Arsenal scouting him when he was just 10 years old and in his teens he turned down an offer to join Man Utd. When Celtic played Barca last year, Messi professed to be a fan and even a wee bit scared of McGeady and he has every reason to do so. He has a huge bag of tricks, which can be applied by either of his deadly feet. As such, if you were to buy him, he’d be able to operate on either wing and from my own experience I can tell you both footed players seem better (I actually had McGeady and he was my top scorer from the wing and when I replaced him with the higher rated Cazorla, my team suffered). The question is when he inevitably moves, where will he go and will he be able to adapt? It’s easy for players to dazzle dreadful defenders with delightfully difficult dribbling however against a higher standard of opposition it wont be quite as easy. As a result McGeady is a big risk but is young enough to adapt and also a fairly cheap option on account of him being rated lower than Navas. Another thing to note is that because he plays for Ireland, he doesn’t have a great deal of opposition and should easily get into the first XI thus helping his rating. So far this season he has played 19 games and scored 4 in the process. He was in outstanding form for the Hoops throughout the title-winning campaign last year and won both the Scottish Professional Footballers' Association Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year Awards and scored yesterday, so he obviously isn’t too badly affected by the recent fall-out.
    Joaquín - 91 – 27 years old – RM/Wing - £7.1m
    Again, I’ve gone for a player who is a bit of a risk. His ability is undoubted but for the past few years he has been a shadow of his former self (probably the best right-mid in Europe when he was at Betis). I think that this season he has been far better and I’ve noticed on SM that it is easier for someone to reclaim a rating they previously had rather than someone gaining a new high rating. The fact that people know how good he can be is good for his rating as there will be less trepidation with rises. He has clocked up 1885 minutes on the pitch and has set up as many goals as he has scored: 4. Unfortunately since he was cut from Spain’s provisional Euro 2008 squad he has failed to reclaim his place and the emergence of Santi Cazorla has exacerbated things. On the more positive side, Valencia look set to take back their place in Champions League football and maybe by next season they can effectively challenge for the title again. This of course is good for Joaquín’s rating.
    Ashley Young – 90 – 23 years old – Wing/AM – £7.7m
    Though ostensibly a left-mid in real life, his either footedness means that on SM he can play either wing (as he can in real life but is deployed on the left generally). I’m sure I wont have to tell too much about this lad- he’s set the league alight. With Villa being a breeding ground for English talent and Mr. Capello attending many of their games, his international prospects look rosy. Fabio has even called Villa ‘the future of England’ and Young’s versatility makes him a certain squad member but I think a future starter. Neither the left-midfield or right-midfield slots for England are secure. Joe Cole filled the left-midfield role, after years of searching for someone to fill the position, but injuries have meant he has been unable to take his place in the side. Under Capello England have started Gerrard on the left- something which doesn’t seem like a viable long-term option. Downing impressed in his last game but doesn’t have the support of the public and has never proven himself on a big stage. Similarly on the right, we have gone through a number of options. Beckham no longer has the legs, of his supposed successors. Aaron Lennon has lost form (although may be regaining it on the basis of the last few weeks) and SWP has stagnated due to years spent honing his sitting ability on the Chelsea bench. When Walcott finally made the position his own… he was injured. A place in the side is to claim and Villa will get Champions League in my opinion. The fact that Real Madrid have shown an interest is telling and I think that he is your best bet if available. His record this season is utterly commendable, as he has played 17, scored 5 and set-up another 7 in the league
    Antonio Valencia – 88 – 23 years old – Wing - £6.3m
    Another player to be linked with Real and a future star for sure. I wouldn’t bet against him ending up with Chelsea or Liverpool either, both of whom would benefit from his prodigious talents. Steve Bruce has picked out some absolute beauties in the last couple of years but it is Valencia who is the pick of the bunch. At parochial Wigan he looks like a titan and wholly out of place but in the best sense. It is only a matter of time until he is plying his trade at a higher level. It is only because he is playing for Wigan that his rating is so low but I think if he doesn’t get at least 89 in the next ratings it will be criminal. If you compare him to other people of higher ratings, he is a 90 easily. The cheapest of the bunch and probably the player I would go for long-term (after Ashley Young). He has 34 caps for Ecuador (obviously good for any rating…) and nearly won young player of the tournament in the 2006 World Cup (…as are personal honours). He has played more than anyone for Wigan this season and is leading their assists table with 5. He’s also chipped in with 3 goals.
    Renato Augusto - 88 - 20 (21 in the game for some reason) years old - AM - £6.7m
    After being touted highly in Brazil for years, Renato Augusto finally graduated from the one of the many South American leagues, which seem at times to just be academies for European clubs. Brazilian prodigies are more common than false dawns at Newcastle and when I heard of Renato Augusto being referred to as the next Ronaldinho a few years ago, I didn't bat an eyelid. He seems to have actually adapted to the increased difficulty of European football, albeit in the Bundesliga- not the most competitive league in the world. Unfortunately, he plays for a team that isn't in the Champions League (but may well qualify for next year, they are only 1 or 2 points away) and due to the plethora of options that Brazil have, particularly in attacking midfield, he is unlikely to get many games internationally. He has played 17 games for Leverkusen this year and in the process has 5 assists to his name in addition to 1 goal. A cheaper option than the other two but his immediate prospects aren't as good. I do expect a rise of 1 or maybe 2 if he's lucky. Good long-term choice who is already being linked with a move to a better team (Liverpool is often mentioned alongside his name). I like this player a lot but you have probably noticed he is listed as an AM. I think he should get a positional change to AM/W but whether SM do that is another matter. For this reason, he is a risk.
    Carlos Eduardo - 85 - 21 years old - AM/LM - £4.7m
    Another pick from Brazil, plucked from obscurity by Hoffenheim's exemplary scouting network. He's started 15 games for Hoffenheim this season and playing for a team that is on the up as Hoffenheim is (and also likely to get Champions League football) is obviously going to be a long-term benefit. In that sense, he is the same boat as Renato Augusto and similarly he will struggle to find a place in the Brazil team. Again, like Augusto he should expect a rating increase but in his case of at least 2 or maybe 3. The cheapest of the bunch but still has great potential. His form of late has been particularly impressive and to go with the 15 games he's played, he has 4 goals and 4 assists. Again, not a natural winger so bear that in mind.
    Anyway, I'd go for Young and Valencia probably first choice. Silva is the best player but is currently an AM first of all, although he will be able to play LM quite well. I'd say my recommendation pecking order goes: Young, Valencia, Joaquín, Navas, Silva (only becuase of the positional thing, he may still be okay), McGeady, Barnetta, Eduardo, Renato. That's just my opinion, hope that helps mon frere
    Bob Loblaw's Bonus Fact:
    Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.
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    Re: Player's Ratings
    Thought i'd edit it again as the last ones a tad out of date now...
    Iker Casillas (96) Real Madrid
    Gianluigi Buffon (96) Juventus
    Julio Cesar (95) Internazionale
    Petr Cech (94) Chelsea
    Edwin Van Der Sar (94) Manchester United
    Right Backs
    Maicon (95) Inter
    Sergio Ramos (94) Real Madrid
    Dani Alves (94) Barcelona
    Gianluca Zambrotta (94) Milan
    Jose Bosingwa (93) Chelsea
    Bacary Sagna (92) Arsenal
    Left Backs
    Eric Abidal (93) Barcelona
    Philipp Lahm (93) Bayern Munich
    Patrice Evra (93) Manchester United
    Scherer Maxwell (92) Inter
    Gael Glichy (92) Arsenal
    Joan Capdevilla (92) Villareal
    Centre Backs
    Rio Ferdinand (96) Manchester United
    Nemanja Vidic (96) Manchester United
    John Terry (95) Chelsea
    Fabio Cannavaro (94) Real Madrid
    Alessandro Nesta (94) Milan
    Lucio (94) Bayern Munich
    Ricardo Carvalho (94) Chelsea
    Jamie Carragher (94) Liverpool
    Ivan Cordoba (94) Inter
    Carles Puyol (96) Barcelona
    Christian Panucci (91) Roma
    Heiko Westermann (91) FC Schalke 04
    Nicolas Burdisso (90) Inter
    Left Midfielders
    Pavel Nedved (92) Juventus
    Yuri Zhirkov (92) CSKA Moskva
    Ryan Giggs (92) Manchester United
    Andres Guardado (91) Deportivo De La Coruna
    Albert Riera (91) Liverpool
    Juan Arango (91) Borussia Monchengladbach
    Adriano Correia (91) Sevilla
    Florent Malouda (91) Chelsea
    Martin Petrov (90) Man City
    Tomas Rosicky (90) Arsenal
    Wendel (90) Bordeaux
    Jerome Rothen (90) PSG
    Cesar Aparecido (90) Bologna
    Niko Kranjcar (90) Portsmouth
    Diego Capel (90) Sevilla
    Danijel Pranjic (90) Bayern Munchen
    Diniyar Bilyaletdinov (90) Lokomotiv Moskva
    Right Midfielders
    Maxi Rodriguez (93) Atletico Madrid
    Jesus Navas (92) Sevilla
    Mauro Camoranesi (92) Juventus
    Bastian Schweinstieger (92) Bayern Munich
    Mikel Arteta (91) Everton
    Joaquin (91) Valencia
    Luciano Galleti (91) Olympiacos
    Centre Midfielders
    Xavi (97) Barcelona
    Andrea Pirlo (95) Milan
    Micheal Essien (95) Chelsea
    Cesc Fabregas (95) Arsenal
    Frank Lampard (95) Chelsea
    Esteban Cambiasso (95) Inter
    Gennaro Gattuso (94) Milan
    Daniele De Rossi (94) Roma
    Wesley Sneijder (94) Real Madrid
    Jaroslav Plasil (88) Osasuna
    Ivan Moreno (88) Estudiantes
    Rory Delap (86) Stoke
    Davide Baiocco(86) Catania
    Defensive Midfielders
    Javier Zanneti (94) Inter
    Marcos Senna (94) Villareal
    Javier Mascherano (94) Liverpool
    Xabi Alonso (94) Liverpool
    Mahamadou Diarra (93) Real Madrid
    Jeremy Toulalan (93) Lyon
    Claude Makelele (92) PSG
    Anatoly Tymoschuk (92) Zenit
    Yaya Toure (92) Barcelona
    Torsten Frings (92) Werden Bremen
    Christian Poulsen (92) Juventus
    Attacking Midfielders
    Steven Gerrard (97) Liverpool
    Kaka (97) Milan
    Iniesta (96) Barcelona
    Diego (94) Werden Bremen
    Seedorf (93) Milan
    Van Der Vaart (93) Real Madrid
    David Silva (93) Valencia
    Riquelme (93) Boca Juniors
    Andrei Arshavin (93) Arsenal
    Cristiano Ronaldo (98) Real Madrid
    Franck Ribery (95) Bayern Munich
    Robinho (94) Manchester City
    Simao (93) Atletico Madrid
    Messi (98) Barcelona
    Eto'o (96) Barcelona
    Ibrahimovic (96) Inter
    Rooney (96) Manchester United
    David Villa (96) Valencia
    Raul (95) Real Madrid
    Henry (95) Barcelona
    Centre Forwards
    Fernando Torres (96) Liverpool
    Didier Drogba (95) Chelsea
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy (95) Real Madrid
    Frederic Kanoute (94) Sevilla
    Luca Toni (94) Bayern Munich
    Luis Fabiano (93) Sevilla
    Emmanuel Adebayor (93) Arsenal
    Mario Gomez (93) Stuttgart
    Dimitar Berbatov (93) Manchester United
    David Trezeguet (93) Juventus
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    Re: kanoute or forlan
    high, very high. if he doesn't rise every other CF/F on the game should decrease. hes 2nd in top scorers in la liga, just behind eto'o.
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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    if you're getting gerrard thats a sick deal! pirlo is gonna drop and gerrard is a sure 97 for years
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Just ban him!
    He's soo frustrating!
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