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  1. Unfortunately, rating is based on club position and not player's performance, and Brandt is not as hyped as the likes of Mbappe or de Ligt
  2. It has been 2 weeks since the issue started, and it is still not resolved yet
  3. It is now the standard template for SM's reply on this issue. There is no way to tell if they really are looking into it or just delaying everyone
  4. Adding to what we know so far From Twitter: 270173 (Globe & Ale FC - problem tweeted by Rozzer88 on Jan 3rd) 311035 (European Championship 5718 - problem tweeted by RobJCook1 on Jan 4th) 343124 (Football League - problem tweeted by CurtisRodgers2 on Jan 8th) 171727 (Gold Championship 281 - problem tweeted by Hugo_drax76 on Jan 10th - says the last game was November 2016) 214330 (Gold Championship 384 - problem tweeted by Hugo_drax76 on Jan 10th - says the last game was September 2016 - I just joined a club there and it is true... so messed up) 55713 (SuperPcCalcio4ever - problem tweeted by mariuskrossi1 today) 238526 (Elite European Championship - problem tweeted by rmfarey today) Posted in this thread: 15687 (the big one - new fixtures date: 17th Jan) 101474 (The Red Cafe League - new fixtures date: 10th Jan) 282262 (new fixtures date: 10th Jan) 51825
  5. 4 Gameworlds now having same problem
  6. So, we have at least 3 Game Worlds with same issue Won't surprise me if there is more to come
  7. Unfortunately, the fixture is still not released despite SM claiming the issue is resolved. Have to resubmit another ticket, which is very disappointing
  8. How do you set friendlies using new interface? It always prompt out message that fixture is congested
  9. Just look at Sardar Azmoun Player rating still shows 84 But if you look at player's history, it is already 86 since yesterday Player's value has also increased And this happens in new interface! Someone told me that this occurs also in apps and old interface It has been, like a week now?? What's SM doing?
  10. Since 5 days ago, player rating review no longer happen in SM, but Soccerwiki review is still continuing What's going on??? SM, please look into this!
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