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  1. SECOND RATE Season 15 starts on Sunday! Spaces available, clubs with money to spend and plenty of players at external clubs to buy, transfer market is active! 3 leagues of 14 made up of 2nd division teams from all over the world, so pick a less fashionable club and see what you can do. No squad cap or other special rules. Build your team and prove you're not Second Rate. Game World ID 364750
  2. ANGLO-ITALIAN CUP: The points are in for Season 13 (see below) and it's another win for #TeamEngland! The new season starts on Sunday, we have 3 spaces available, 2 English clubs and 1 Italian club. Rules and info on the website - http://www.anglo-italian.cf - Game World ID 394785
  3. Always Blondie for me out of those 2. Never been able to get into the Doors, because they sound a lot like all the boring pub rock cover bands I've ever known, just with a good looking singer! 🤣
  4. Yes - "He is only the second keeper to win the award, after Peter Schmeichel in 1992." (https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57800383)
  5. Apart from Peter Schmeichel in 1992 (I think)
  6. Delete some messages from your inbox and/or outbox so I can PM you! You're currently at 102% capacity
  7. Where on your profile is this? I couldn't find it. Can you pm me a screenshot or something? EDIT: Oh, I see it. Let me take a look....
  8. I think if you renew a contract it will be with the same wages. So you'll need to let his contract run out and his wages will then automatically be adjusted. I'm not 100% sure on that but I think that's how it works.
  9. Unless you've offered him a longer contract when his rating was higher, it should go down, yes.
  10. "THREE SHIRTS ON THE LINE..." or however it goes...
  11. I've tidied up a couple of things that were logged as problems, but I'm not sure if they're really related to this issue. Also cleared the forum cache which could possibly help. But I've messaged Invision support about it so will see what they say.
  12. OK, I'll take a look later and report it if I can't fix it. Busy morning, bear with me...
  13. Not noticed this myself. Any else having this problem?
  14. Correct! It was Call Me. Tide Is High wasn't in the first 6 months of the year but the other 2 were within a few weeks of each other. I was born on a Sunday though so Geno took over at #1 a few hours after I was born. Can you tell I'm a music journalist? 🤣
  15. Wrong year Nope. But you've narrowed it down to 1 other possibility I think!
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