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  1. 15 years I think. I'm not part of the group who've been discussing the changes, so I don't know what they'll be. I'll find out at the same time as everyone else!
  2. Officer Cadet 😉 Just a general mod, not an admin.
  3. If you start posting crap about keto and CBD then I'll take away all privileges and ban you 🤣
  4. I think that's just a layout issue. It only happens on threads with lots of posts like this one. I can't change that personally, one of the devs will need to do it.
  5. Well, you both post regularly and have no warning points or anything, but for some reason it is mainly your posts that get hidden. There's no way to whitelist members, only IP addresses, but I've added you both to moderators, so you'll be able to approve your own posts now. Hopefully that will make things easier.
  6. It's strange... I approved his post then, but whatever anyone does (Noisy tried to change the settings to stop legit posts from regular posters from being hidden) this is a problem. I can't figure out why. It often is the same people too. I hadn't noticed with Socca particularly (but you obviously have) but I have noticed that a lot of Kierans' posts get hidden too. I can't figure out why. Changing the settings doesn't seem to help. Odd, and annoying.
  7. I have no influence on the game itself I'm afraid, I'm just a forum admin. If you've reported it as a bug and they haven't helped, all I can suggest is emailing support and trying to talk to them about it that way.
  8. @Soccahappycan you shed any light on this? You know more about SoccerWiki than me!
  9. OK, thanks. I'll have to message Invision again...
  10. Yeah, and it actually worked! Even looking at the pictures of the ships painted like that, sometimes it isn't easy to tell which way round they are. You could see the ships but not figure out what the hell they were doing, that's how it worked. Stuff like Radar put a stop to this technique though. Maybe Utd are trying to avoid offside detection by VAR or something...
  11. Wow, really??? I'm not sure what to make of it! But it's clear that they were inspired by 'dazzle ships' that were used in World War 1! (Google 'dazzle ships' if you don't know about this, it's very interesting!)
  12. Another big update to the software a couple of days ago. Are there any new bugs? Have any of the current ones that people noticed been solved?
  13. Kev


    Go to the shop and you can buy pre-owned custom GWs
  14. If your friend has released the GW (and it was a Custom GW) then you can buy it second hand in the shop. But there is no way to remove other players, unless you report the cheating to SM and they verify it.
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