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  1. THE RYDER CUP OF SM: It's Europe vs America, there is a space on the European team and also a space on the American team. Info on the website http://rydercup.cf Game World ID 399037
  2. BACK TO THE 80S: First game of the new season today! 72/80 clubs filled, so 8 teams available, all have money in the bank. Details and website address above! Game World ID 378544
  3. BACK TO THE 80S: New season starts today! 72/80 clubs filled, so 8 teams available, all have money in the bank. Details and website address above!
  4. Using the old interface should work.
  5. The season has just finished and a few clubs have become available. Prize money in the bank so you can get dealing right away and set up for the new season. Info above, and check the website - http://backtothe80s.cf Game World ID 378544
  6. Of course this kind of thing can be talked about here. I just hope that next time it's not done with a lack of respect and with the intention to provoke.
  7. It's being dealt with. Can I remind everyone to respect the rules of the forum please. They're there for everyone to see.
  8. Do I get a prize for spotting that you got the lyrics wrong? It's "I got no mind to worry", not "time"
  9. Not really a fan of that song, but the album it's from is excellent!
  10. There are a handful of spaces, with a decent Hull City side perhaps looking best! Info and website details above! Game World ID 378544
  11. Sorry, guys. There's nothing I can do about it apart from approving the comments as soon as I see them. Can't be on here 24 hours a day though, so just bear with me if stuff gets hidden, I'll get to it as soon as I can.
  12. Newcastle (with 23m in the bank) and Crystal Palace are available! Info and website above. Game World ID 378544
  13. 1 - The chairman will buy in players before the first league match to fill the squads to 21. They won't be very good players though 2 - Loans should be OK, but the clubs will have to have over 21 players to loan anyone, and higher rated players won't be allowed on loan 3 - No 4 - Not really. The 'big 5' leagues are done twice a year, the other leagues once. It does kind of follow a pattern, but there is no list
  14. West Ham and Blackpool are available! Full details above. Game World ID 378544
  15. Division 2 high fliers Luton Town and a very tasty looking Blackpool side have become available! GW ID and website link above ^^
  16. In Division 2 Blackpool are available, and Norwich in Division 3. Info and website details above!
  17. Looking for an American manager to take over Colombus Crew! Game World ID 399037 Info www.ryder-cup.cf
  18. LIVERPOOL and NORWICH are available. Info below. BACK TO THE '80S An English championship with clubs in the leagues in which they started the 1984-85 season. Blank squads and equal cash to begin with to give a fairly level playing field. Squad cap of 30. More info below and also on the website: http://backtothe80s.cf Game World ID 378544
  19. Excellent, that's another 2 spaces filled tonight! Best of luck to you!
  20. SECOND RATE 3 leagues of 14 made up of 2nd division teams from all over the world, so pick a less fashionable club and see what you can do. Currently in Season 9 and the market is very active with plenty of players at external clubs. Division 1 is full but 2 and 3 have spaces, some vacant clubs have millions in the bank. No squad cap or other special rules. Build your team and prove you're not Second Rate. Game World ID 364750
  21. It's been like this for a few months. Posts disappearing for no reason. Don't know why.
  22. Fixed. Still haven't done enough to catch you.
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