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  1. Season 9 ended this week. We have a handful of spaces available, plenty of time to sort your teams before Season 10 starts! Game World ID 378544 BACK TO THE '80S An English championship with clubs in the leagues in which they started the 1984-85 season. Blank squads and equal cash to begin with to give a fairly level playing field. Squad cap of 30. More info below and also on the website: http://backtothe80s.cf Game World ID 378544
  2. Well, everything seems to be back to normal for now. Whether it was attacks or something else I don't know. I doubt attacks though, probably just a server issue like many websites have from time to time. It came at an awkward time for many people though... glad I set my tactics right after the last game and managed to win tonight. I know lots of people do it on the night though, so not an ideal time for this to happen.
  3. Yeah, I'm getting an error message too now. Not sure what's going on.
  4. Use the new interface for now. That seems to be working. I know many people prefer the old one, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon. But if you have a game then use the new one for tonight.
  5. Sorry, missed this. @Robbiewolfie have you tried it without VPN? Sometimes the ANS that different VPNs use can cause problems. Although the new interface works fine for me even using Opera VPN which is a basic ANS. Firewall can be another problem, so maybe check your Firewall settings. It seems strange though. Especially if no one else is having the same issue. Here's what Cloudflare suggest: Error 1020: Access denied Common cause A client or browser is blocked by a Cloudflare customer’s Firewall Rules. Resolution If you are not the website owner, provide the website owner with a screenshot of the 1020 error message you received. If you are the website owner: Retrieve a screenshot of the 1020 error from your customer Search the Firewall Events Log within the Overview tab of your Cloudflare Firewall app for the RayID or client IP Address from the visitor’s 1020 error message. Convert the UTC timestamp of the 1020 error to your local timezone when searching in the Firewall Events Log. 3. Assess the cause of the block and either update the Firewall Rule or allow the visitor’s IP address in IP Access Rules.
  6. I used it earlier today and it was fine. But I've just checked again and I just get a blank page too. My guess is a temporary problem. New interface is working fine for me.
  7. "A player can refuse to sign for you if their rating is considerably higher than your squad average rating."
  8. Unless there is a fault, it will give you the start date for the new season. When a league season ends there will be the SMFA finals a few days later, then a couple of weeks of friendlies before the new season starts.
  9. Usually bids will come in the day after the first league game if I remember correctly.
  10. OK, if it's a custom GW that doesn't require you to open it yourself, then it should appear within a day. If it doesn't then email support@soccermanager.com
  11. It should be there soon. Sometimes it can take a little while to appear.
  12. Due to a lack of time and not managing to pay attention to what's going on, I actually forgot I even bought him, so obviously didn't sell him. A very pleasant surprise this morning! 2.2m profit!
  13. You can buy second hand custom GWs from the shop. But if it was a public GW created by SM then it won't have had an 'owner' as such, and can't be bought.
  14. THE RYDER CUP OF SM: The points are in for Season 12 and USA have pulled one back, winning by 272 to 261! New season starts this weekend, a few spaces available. It's Europe v America! Can you help Europe regain the trophy? Info on the website http://rydercup.cf Game World ID 399037
  15. I have no idea why they sent you here! If you previously had a different account on the forum I can help you recover that (maybe the email was the same as the one you used for the game?) but I have no access to information about accounts from the game itself.
  16. To be double sure about this I'd suggest emailing support@soccermanager.com - they should be able to guide you through what to do.
  17. It will be 3.9m per league game because there are 2 league games per week. So in SM terms 1 real life week is 2 SM weeks if that makes sense. This stops the seasons being as long as they are in real life and therefore keeps the game more active. So the total wages will be deducted every league game rather than every real life week.
  18. Yeah totally. I was amazed Kilty got us back into it like that... should've been a gold for GB after that leg. Never been his biggest fan but he did awesome on the bend there.
  19. I actually follow athletics a lot... and I'd never have predicted them winning this. That last leg let GB down, really they should've won that. I'm surprised.
  20. Is this for the forum Fantasy Football league? The link doesn't work for me, but would love to join this season. I missed it last season... the last one from here I was involved in was 'Check the Preds' a couple of seasons ago. Can someone PM me the ID if possible? I'm probably a techno-peasant too. Which I'm guessing is a poor farmer who loves dance music.
  21. The process is underway... again. Fingers crossed.
  22. No, it's not just you. There have been 2 updates since then but it doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. I'll set it to recalculate them again now and see if that works.
  23. Yeah, I get that aspect too. But maybe not the way that a Newcastle fan does. I'm not from that part of the world. I respect your opinion and can understand it.
  24. I understand Just think the guy is a bit hard done by. He's not Brian Clough or Bob Paisley or Sir Alex (etc) but I don't think he's let the club down.
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