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  1. Have you tried with invites? Or the GW ID? Or both?
  2. Hmm OK. I remember it happening a long time ago, but not recently. I'll keep an eye on my GW that has the same problem. Hopefully just a glitch, but still not ideal.
  3. Oh, OK. I'm not in any leagues that have games on a Wednesday at the moment. Maybe it's just affecting Gold's and customs? There's not much I can do personally to fix it, but I can try to help report it if it's not fixed before the next games in those leagues.
  4. One of mine is too. I remember this happening before and it fixed itself after a while (before the next game I mean), so hopefully just a glitch.
  5. It's only yesterday's game (Thursday) that hasn't updated yet?
  6. I've got 12 GWs and they're all customs. I've noticed that one of last night's games is still 'in progress', the other 11 are fine, but it's the first time I've seen it happen for a long time. I do remember it happening before, a long time ago, and it fixed itself in the end. Keep me updated though.
  7. Is that just from yesterday's games or a longer problem?
  8. If the owner releases the GW you can buy it second hand from the SM shop. Not as expensive as buying a new custom though. You'll need to get the owner to release it, then select 'buy pre-owned custom GW' in the shop and put in the GW ID.
  9. Kev


    Use the tactics page as that will be up to date for when the game kicks off.
  10. They have done before... but you know as well as me, the support and customer service leaves a lot to be desired... hopefully this has improved now like they said recently.
  11. If you click on the flag it will report the message. Although this happens a lot by accident... managers click the flag by mistake. Best option is to email support.
  12. Kev


    The fitness level shown on the squad page is the fitness level for the current day. The fitness level in your tactics page is what the players' fitness will be on the day of the next game.
  13. Yes, if a manager doesn't get 21 players (including two GKs) then the chairman buys them... and you can see this by looking at the 'all transfers' list. You can easily see the free players that way. Not sure you're able to remove managers from a GW yet though...
  14. Well good luck to you! I started in Div 3 and got up to Div 1... I finished 2nd in the league but never won it... now I'm back in Div 2, hoping to get back to the top!
  15. I'll try to get that full again in the next couple of weeks. Still 5 spaces I think. Lots of the Italian managers bailed out becuse they weren't doing very well!
  16. For this you really need trustworthy mangers. People will have a set amount of money to spend, but people can exploit that. For example... spend all the money on 11 great players. The minimum squad number is 21... so if a manager doesn't buy 21 players before the first league game, the chairman will fill the squad, and these players won't come out of your budget. Essentially you get them for free. They won't be big, high rated players, but you still get them for free. So with empty squads you really have to ensure that every manager buys 21 players before the first league game so no one has an unfair advantage.
  17. I'm think that all of a sudden the people who post predictions here will suddenly be making false predictions so you don't end up with 30 people suddenly bidding on the same players! Thorgan won't post new talents until after he's bought them, Rahul will post his preds after he's bought the biggest risers himself 😉
  18. I'm feeling tempted... although I'm struggling a bit for time. It would be nice to be in a GW with other forum members though.
  19. Have I missed any posts about what the rules etc will be for this?
  20. " The Anglo-Italian Cup began in 1970 and went through several incarnations before being abandoned in 1996 due to fixture congestion. The tournament was fought between teams from below the top tier of the English and Italian league systems, with previous winners including Swindon Town, Notts County, Brescia and Cremonese. Towards the end of 2018 the competition was revived in league form on Soccer Manager. 15 English managers at the helm of 15 lower league English teams will go head-to-head with 15 Italian managers in charge of 15 lower league Italian teams in a mighty clash between two of football's greatest nations. The division that the clubs start in will be decided by a random draw. The draw will be videoed and posted in the 'TEAMS' section of the website. All clubs will start with their original squads and a budget of 60m. For Season 1 the maximum player rating that can be bought is 87. This will increase as the seasons go on. There is no squad cap, but this will be reviewed at the end of each season and a cap may be introduced at a later stage if needed. Good conduct and fair play will be expected of all managers. Enjoy the competition and try to do your country proud. Good luck!" I just copied that off the website. The current rating cap is 88, but that might increase.
  21. We have a vacancies for #TeamItalia in Anglo-Italian Cup! Based on the old Anglo-Italian Cup, it was set up with clubs outside the top Division. England are the current holders of the Cup, can you help Italy win it back? Rules and info on the website - http://www.anglo-italian.cf - Game World ID 394785
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