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  1. You can't change the ratings of a player by training them - they're based on the player's rating in real life (the stats come from Soccerwiki) - so the skill in managing player ratings comes from looking at player potential in real life. For example, if you take a big club like Manchester United, you'll find someone like Marcus Rashford who's rated 83. He's been playing and scoring for Man Utd and is in the England team, so his rating is likely to rise soon (I'd guess 85 at least). Whereas someone like Wayne Rooney who's been only used as a sub for club and country recently and has seen a dip in form will perhaps see his rating drop soon. So it's done externally rather than on decisions you make in the game, but still requires good management in terms of you judging which players to buy and sell. Hope that makes sense and is of some help! Maybe someone else can explain it better than me.
  2. Your English is great! I've often wondered what to do about red cards and players getting injured. Maybe there's something I'm missing but it does seem to be a gap in the game. By improvement do you mean player ratings? For example how does a player's rating rise from 86 to 87 and so on?
  3. Did they accidentally use a picture of his dad instead?
  4. Hang on... He signed for Juventus for that massive fee although that's the club he plays for in real life. Is Juventus managed in your game world or is it just the Soccer Manager computer trying to make sure he goes to his real life club? Bit weird either way. Just noticed someone in a GW I'm in bought him today... for 1.8m which is his exact value.
  5. Only if those players aren't transfer listed. I recently took over Man Utd in a new game world and transfer listed some players. Here's where they went, all are unmanaged clubs: Pos Player Rat Club To Amount Status Date GK S.JOHNSTONE 80 Doncaster Rovers £816k Com 26 Oct D(LC) M.ROJO 90 San Lorenzo £14.0M Com 25 Oct DM,M,AM(C) M.FELLAINI 91 Aston Villa £15.4M Com 25 Oct D(RC),DM(C) P.JONES 89 Middlesbrough £12.4M Com 24 Oct DM,M(C) B.SCHWEINSTEIGER 92 Southampton £11.7M Com 24 Oct D(RLC),DM,M(RL) M.DARMIAN 90 Sunderland £14.2M Com 24 Oct D,DM,M,AM(R) A.VALENCIA 89 Queens Park Rangers £5.3M Com 24 Oct
  6. Yeah, good luck in getting anything done about it. Not once has anything been done when I've reported a cheat. I've never tried to bid over the highest amount for a free transfer - I didn't know it was possible! Usually (for non free agents) if you bid too high it says the chairman won't allow it!
  7. If you have players transfer listed they'll get bought by unmanaged clubs. Not instantly but they will as long as you've transfer listed them.
  8. Another stunning team selection by the SM computer in our defeat to Porto. Chiellini at right back, Schneiderlin on the right wing and Zlatan as a left winger. Is the "assistant manager" LvG in disguise?
  9. Is that how it works? I've picked my team less than an hour before a game before and the squad page will have someone at 53% but on the tactics page they'll be over 70%.
  10. You can leave him in the team on the tactics page. I can't remember if he'll automatically get switched for a fit player or not, but his own fitness will plummet, Probably not worth the risk.
  11. A tough away fixture against a strong Bournemouth side for Wolves. Went 3-0 down but fought back well to make it 3-2 at full time. Pretty encouraging despite not picking up any points.
  12. Does anyone have any opinions on Dundalk? I don't really know any of their team but they have a lot of young players. Was wondering if their run in Europe may lead to a few rises?
  13. Immediately after a game the fitness will often be really low, so it is better to wait until the following day to make any changes. The level then is where it will remain until the next game. It is a bit frustrating that the squad and tactics screens show different percentages though! Hopefully they fix that.
  14. I've just checked the single player game and he's on there as a free agent so I'm guessing he either left or was released rather than sold. He must have quit for some reason going on Wikipedia then...
  15. He's pretty highly thought of (most of the players in this thread I've never heard of, but I know this guy!) and if he keeps getting international call ups for the youth teams he should rise soon.
  16. Wouldn't be surprised if he got scouted and left for a bigger club to be honest. Still not sure why he left Panathinaikos. He's still playing nationally at under 19 level so will be in the spotlight for that which could lead to a rise soon I reckon - people have been talking about him becoming a big player.
  17. If you've got Lincoln I'd say hang on to him. Lots of potential there. I'm expecting a big rise in the next year or so. Don't know much about the others off the top of my head. Alsenalrocs will be your man though.
  18. Kev


    There's a European championship just starting here. First league game hasn't been played yet and only 6 teams taken so plenty of good sides to choose from - Game World ID 342888
  19. They're in good hands There are a lot of young players there who should go up in the ratings soon. We could be the best side in the league in a couple of years! It does seem to be padded out with free transfers for older players who will probably have retired by the end of the season, but hopefully the younger guys will improve before then. The first team are all rated 86 with a couple above. It's a solid squad.
  20. Yep. Happened to be logged in at the right time! An entire team and youth team (barring one player) who are currently transfer banned! Someone's been busy! Plenty of exciting new players there though. Have a few pence to try and bring in a decent striker and then we're looking good.
  21. Go to the list of managers and scroll to the bottom. There should be a button marked "Multiple Accounts". You can report them there. Good luck - not once has anything been done when I've reported cheats.
  22. How many games into the season are you? The first few games in all competitions players generally stay fit, but after half a dozen or so they drop like you've said. I'm currently managing teams in Division 1 and Division 5 and it's the same for both really. It's easier to get by using a reserve side with a big club though.
  23. Not quite sure what you mean. Can you explain it better?
  24. What bugs me is the fact that SM are clearly trying to get people to give them money by rigging all the SMFA competitions (which are only open to gold members). I've rarely won a single game in 3 years. I was pretty shocked the other day that a very highly rated Man Utd team I managed got stuffed by Shalke who are way below us in overall ratings. But then I realised that team team the computer had picked for us was s**t. Schweinsteiger at centre back? Bit of a stitch up IMHO. But SM are all about the cash rather than the gameplay (or much in the way of customer service) it seems.
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