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  1. luis suarez, hazard, salah, or fekir (not asking for a direct comparison of players, but for which would be the best buy?)
  2. rank Stones, Semedo, Gimenez, Bellerin, and Bailly for an rb?
  3. Kroos, Verratti, or Pogba? I know they're not exactly comparable, but my entire midfield needs work and all of them would be helpful to my team. But I can only go for one of them, so which one should I go for?
  4. Thanks as always, Rahul! Mendy or Ricardo Rodriguez for LB (struggling with a ton of concerns right now)?
  5. Suarez, Muller, or Lewa, with justification please?
  6. Kante or Thiago for a DM, with justification?
  7. I can only sell one right now because I have 22 players :/ So Chery first? And for Halilovic, do you mean he won't rise in the next review, or not in the foreseeable future?
  8. Between Polter and Chery, who to sell first? Keep or sell Halilovic?
  9. How long before David Silva and Mascherano drop?
  10. Rank Mkhitaryan, Eriksen, Nainggolan, Morata?
  11. Currently, my starting LB is Marcelo, and I also have Alba and Ricardo Rodriguez. I need to sell one because of concerns, who do I sell?
  12. @Sir Rahul hm what if i can get Miranda? Would it still be good to get Marquinhos afterwards?
  13. Thanks S04 and Sir Rahul (you are the absolute GOAT, lol). Some other available CBs (in addition to Marquinhos) - Barzagli, Vertonghen, Mustafi, Rojo, Zouma. I'm mostly just trying to decide between keeping Laporte and going for either Marquinhos or Mustafi. Zouma also looks good but I already have Tah and I need a starting CB. thoughts?
  14. I have JMG and Laporte in a number of my GWs. Will they rise much in the future, or should I sell them for replacements, considering that there aren't many higher rated CBs available, and if so, for who? And will Marquinhos rise soon?
  15. The duo for me Robertoooooooooo Thoughts on Julian Brandt? Will he rise during the next review?
  16. Thoughts on Higuain and Mata? How long will Higuain keep his 94? Will Mata get to 94, and if not, will he keep his 93 for a while? Also, how long until Xabi Alonso drops again?
  17. Is it worth selling my Kompany to get Chiellini, or should I just go for a younger CB?
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