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    asdfabcde reacted to Sir Rahul in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Both- but if not, Chery
    I'd stick with him- he's not rising in the next review but still
    Guerreiro, Mendy, Roberto
    Romagnoli, Marquinhos, Sule, Tah, Gimenez, Laporte
    Three good shouts. I love Halilovic but he needs to buckle down. I don't see him going back to Hamburg.
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    asdfabcde reacted to Kieran_S91 in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Oh right, yeah chery first
    and I meant he won't rise in the next review, as for his future I think it depends if he can get game time for Hamburg next season. If he can play next season with Hamburg and play regulary then he could be 87/88 by the end of the 2017/18 season but that's all ifs and buts.
    if I was you I would sell and get someone better in his position. 
    Morgan Sanson 87 ---> 88 next review 7 million
    Remo Freuler 85 ---> 87 next review 2.8 million DM/CM/AM
    Valentin Vada 83 ---> 86 next review
    Just a few names you could buy for the near future, you could probably buy Freuler and Vadafor the price of Halilovic.
    Hope this helps.
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    asdfabcde reacted to Sir Rahul in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    If you need a high rated defender than go for Hummels. If not I'd keep the duo.
    If you do the deal, I wouldn't sell James because you're giving way too much for Hummels (even with Isco + Varane). Between Isco and James I feel they'll flourish when either/both leave RM. Question of when. 
    Fun to help lol
    Vertonghen, Mustafi or Zouma.
    Why not sell Laporte and get Marquinhos and Mustafi? The Brazilian more likely to rise soon than Laporte. No real need for Zouma if you have Tah. 
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    asdfabcde got a reaction from Sir Rahul in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Thanks S04 and Sir Rahul (you are the absolute GOAT, lol).
    Some other available CBs (in addition to Marquinhos) - Barzagli, Vertonghen, Mustafi, Rojo, Zouma. I'm mostly just trying to decide between keeping Laporte and going for either Marquinhos or Mustafi. Zouma also looks good but I already have Tah and I need a starting CB. thoughts?
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    asdfabcde reacted to RoyalAguila in better LB?   
    Easy choice: Ricardo Rodriguez
    Great at defending, good at support when requested, as nice plus he has good aerial skills and also great free kick/corner/penalty taker skills. Add he's young and that make the signing even sweeter - you will covered in LB position for years.
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    asdfabcde reacted to Sir Rahul in better LB?   
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    asdfabcde reacted to Pip in better LB?   
    I'll go for Ricardo Rodriguez.
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