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  1. Hey can you tell me about:

    Ibrahimovic - 96 what can he rise to or is 96 his peak and how is he playing at barca i have seen his stats but are his performances worthy of the stats

    Juan Manuel Mata - 91 what is happening with his rating and are there any transfer rumours surrounding him??

    Thanks need advice for my team

  2. Re: Player rating help

    Why should he rise' date=' Atletico isn't doing too welll as of now and Forlan hasn't had his best start this season. He has a higher chance of dropping than rise, but he will stay.

    anyway, everyone will stay;)[/b']

    Thanks xpratx and pazzano, pazzano i would rep but apparently i need to spread so i will come back later :P

    Do you happen to know any high rated players who might rise?? :P cheers

  3. Re: BREAKING NEWS - Robert Enke Passes Away

    RIP ?

    I condemn any person who takes there life' date=' regardless if he was suffering from depression, its a cowards act and is unbelieveably selfish.

    There people who can help, and ways out of depression, he had a wife and family, surely he knew of all people how painful grief can be upon a family, after loosing his daughter. Then he puts his family all through it again.


    Its a shame of course that it has come to this, but suicide is wrong, and his name shouldnt be put into the same context as other footballer who have had there lives taken away from them WITHOUT it being there choice. :mad::mad:[/quote']

    Dont think its quite disgusting and you should wish him to RIP however i agree with you that he shouldn't be said under the same name as Jarque and the like

    Anyway RIP Enke

  4. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2

    Very likely 89. Some say he could get 90' date=' but that's very high keeper rating in ligue 1. Of course, the level has risen. Still, I'd say that to get the 90 he should win the league or win something at least. Remember that he did not win league last year, Ramé did. Ramé has been excellent for years and years and was stuck to 89. So far Carasso has done nothing more than what Ramé did during the late years.[/quote']

    Thanks for the help all :)

  5. Re: Romelo Lukaku

    Hi guys' date=' I'm banned till friday but that doesn't stop me.

    Romelu subbed in and scored his 7th this weekend, a nice lob over the advancing keeper in the 95th minute.

    He was tied 1th in the topscorer list, but Jovanovic scored 2 later in the evening, giving him the lead.[/quote']

    Are u Abdel if so what did you even do?? :P

  6. Re: Valencia Player Analysis

    I said the first time I watched him play he was future 93+ and I haven't changed my mind :D. I'm not gonna make any promises he'll get 91' date=' because I'll probably end up letting people down, but 90 has got to be an assurity even if SM have only watched him play once (even if they haven't watched him play and base it on stats!). Although, if Reira got a +3 to 91 at a similar age (whilst not playing anywhere near how Pablo is now) I wouldn't rule it.

    If he continues in he way he is, improves his finishing a bit and plays a part in Spain's World Cup campaign I can see him being 93 this time next year![/quote']

    Thanks for the great response :) fingers crossed for 91 ay!

    Do you think he can get into the spanish NT any time soon??

  7. Re: Spam's Guide to 80 -> 90 Players and Must Keepers

    Well Who do you have upfront in your squad? Also how much money do you have as well to determine who is more suitable

    I have enough money for either of them and they will be playing alongside Dzeko in a 3 5 2 formation :D

  8. Re: Spam's Guide to 80 -> 90 Players and Must Keepers

    Hulk will get 90 where Jov will get 89 right? Although i think Jov will get into NT where hulk it will take a while

    Thanks ive given u rep :)

    Any more views??

  9. Re: Spam's Guide to 80 -> 90 Players and Must Keepers

    Hulk or Jovetic ???

    Will Hulk ever get into the Brazil NT and what will he rise to and what will Jovetic rise to and possibly eventually become?

    Also can you tell me if their is any interest from any clubs to get a hold of them?

    BTW Hulk will cost 9.1 million and Jovetic is 12 million

  10. Re: Rasmus Jönsson

    Well' date=' 11A* at GCSE does help.

    Plus i'm in top 5% of country for my age, and could join MENSA if i wanted to.

    So yeahh, i think its safe to assume that i'm more intelligent than some on here...[/quote']

    Right you are rather intelligent why don't you join MENSA anyways?

  11. Re: Rasmus Jönsson

    Seriously' date=' get over yourself.

    1) If i'm doing it for rep, why would i state at the beginning in bold that i copied it? :rolleyes:

    2) I hardly even use the forums now, so i honestly wouldn't care if i had no rep points.

    3) Wow, way to have a go at me for one typo. Don't even try to act all intelligent and get loud, i know i'm cleverer than you and pretty much everyone else on this forum, i can prove it. Just cos i don't write in full articulate sentences, it doesn't mean i'm stupid.[/quote']

    May i ask why your cleverer than the rest of us on this forum i am intrigued?? :P

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