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  1. Re: Strikers 85+, young, cheap HELP PLEASE dzeko definitely a 90 if not a 91 rating within the coming weeks also hulk will get the rise of 88 - 90 Hope i helped Also i heard rumours from a source that dzeko might be joining arsenal in january so if all goes to plan he will be a short term riser and a long term riser
  2. Re: Best Looking XI Are you straight?? :p
  3. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Youve put Arsenal instead of Man City Good post none the less keep it up
  4. Re: U20 World Cup Come on Ghana i think it means more to the ghanians than the brazillians so i was routing for them Sorry MSF
  5. Re: U20 World Cup MSF can you explain why is there so much hype surrounding douglas costa seems to me he couldnt even make it in the championship let alone any of the other teams which are reportedly after him BTW this is the first time ive seen him play and im unimpressed
  6. Re: U20 World Cup MOTM performance for me
  7. Re: U20 World Cup Sorry didnt see the good angle for showing the the tackle was typing just after it happened live time
  8. Re: U20 World Cup OUCH toloi may have an injury
  9. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Hartlepool
  10. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Just got promoted to division 3 chairman didnt invest any money into my club though and he expects me to mount a serious title challenge and gain promotion!!
  11. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings WOW spam you are on form for answering my questions shame i can only rep you for one of ur wonderful answers ! Thanks
  12. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Hi i was wondering if there was any news on how long Marchisio is going to be out for and whether his operation went ok? Also how was he playing prior to this and will he still get 90 next changes from performances before it?
  13. Re: Ramires or Fernando or Marchisio Bad news before i had news of the op on marchisio i had already had a bid in for him and could not come onto the computer in time he is now in my team hopefully he'll be back sooner rather than later
  14. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Is Mamadou Sakho still looking good for a rise and hows he doing at PSG??
  15. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Sorry to ask another question but what about moussa sissoko is he likely to rise and does he have a chance of getting into the french NT any time soon?? And wow gignac is going to be immense soon!!
  16. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 How is Aly Cissokho doing at Lyon is he still looking to get a nice rise and do you think hes going to make it to the national team soon?
  17. Re: GAGO for GUARDADO or Ozil I dont know much about gago or guardado but ozil is at the moment am/lm but in the german changes which are going to be very soon he will change to AM and his rating will go to 90/91 he is getting caps for the german national team and is a future world beater!!
  18. Re: lots of money but who to buy Thanks alot im looking for peope under between 85-89 rating due to wages looking to rise?
  19. Re: lots of money but who to buy anyoneeeee?
  20. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1457594&clubid=14355114&sid=27318 Who should i buy i have 16 million i was thinking marchisio??
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