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  1. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Post your team and ill see if i can help you this is my team atm http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1457594&clubid=14355114&sid=27318
  2. Re: Unstoppable Gunners League - Players For Sale! that does not help us at all find out wot setup your in for example english championship 1 or wotever and post tht as well but it is highly likely noone will be in ur setup to be honest
  3. Re: Unstoppable Gunners League - Players For Sale! first of all we need to know if were in your setup lmao
  4. whats theo walcotts rating going to do next changes it is currently 89
  5. Re: Notts County To The Prem mate u relli need to change your colour scheme i cant read it without being 2cms away from headbuttin the screen
  6. Re: TOLOI, Rafael (84) - 8.5C I know its early days yet but by the time the next rating changes are what do you think toloi's rating will be debating whether to keep him in my team or not have the oppurtunity to sell for 7 million :/
  7. Re: People who know spanish please read translators dont work at all well
  8. Anyone happen to know how to say the following I had to wake up at I finished work at 4 I got to wear my own clothes Anyone who answers all will get consistent rep off me for a long time
  9. Hey im thinking of buying jack rodwell but i am only going to find the funds to buy him if innext rating changes he hits at least 86 he seems to have found a 1st team spot in everton. So pretty much what do you think rodwell will rise to thanks rep will be recieved for good answers
  10. Re: why on earth this happened??!! Did u win the game?
  11. Re: why on earth this happened??!! Are you sure you pressed confirm team tactics after you had put players in the positions??
  12. Re: Ransford Osei - Ghanaian Goal Machine
  13. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Read the thread no?
  14. Re: Your Footballing Life Ouch i feel for you i dislocated mine twice and finally got operation on it im 3 months after op and feeling better best thing i ever did get the operation tbh
  15. Re: World Cup Stars ADLER, René BENAYOUN, Yossi - MACDONALD, Shaun PATO, Alexandre GIGNAC, André-Pierre FLOCCARI, Sergio GOMEZ, Mario HUGO ALMEIDA, Miguel CHAMAKH, Marouane could possibly make appearances
  16. Re: any 1 wanna be my Partner Ill do it you can take a look at some teams i have to see what i can do... http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1457594&clubid=14355114&sid=27318
  17. Re: Finances Problem Maybe it could be a bug try sending a ticket
  18. Re: Spending Spree i need sort of long term and short term potential if you know what i mean and also what do you think of pablo hernandez valencia winger?
  19. Re: Spending Spree What do you think Berg will rise to and is he playing well for hamburg??
  20. Re: Risers Needed Desperately Firstly you must sell Sol Campbell and Schmeichal as soon as possible due to the fact thy have moved to a much lesser league there rating could both go down as much as 10 Risers reinartz dobias delac weiss wilshere delph badstuber Unfortunately you missed out on the brazil changes Good Luck
  21. Re: world cup 2010 Asamoah, Ljajic, Tosic, Santon, Wilshere (possibly), Ramsey
  22. Re: How to Improve This Tactic ( Picture ) Keep going with 3 5 2 for one more game results will happen with time
  23. Re: Best Match reporters (10-15) This is a very strange thread
  24. Re: Spending Spree i was thinking about vermaelen but the strikers are mostly taken and id prefer a player rated in high 80's looking to rise such as bojan but unfortunately he is on transfer ban at man united
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