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  1. I have 17 million to spend and i believe i need a new striker and defender can anyone give me any must buys ?? My Team http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1457594&clubid=14355114&sid=27318
  2. Re: How to Improve This Tactic ( Picture ) Use 3 5 2 formation
  3. Re: How to Improve This Tactic ( Picture ) i know tht but why have u put them on ur putting cm/dm into a wingers position :S
  4. Re: How to Improve This Tactic ( Picture ) Have u just done them arrows to make it look fancy change to 3 5 2 works wonders for me
  5. Re: Synyster Interviews The Forumers! Bumpageeeeeeee
  6. Re: Help CM's Aaron ramsey slowly becoming arsenal starter fabregas' successor at arsenal when he leaves (heavily speculated with barca for next season) Should rise to 86ish possibly more dpending on performances
  7. Re: Deal !!!! not at all balotelli in the future will be 93+ camorenesi is old and his rating will go down very soon also 15 mill can be spent on much better players than him DONT DO THE DEAL
  8. Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?
  9. Re: Streaming help tvshack you can watch films tv programs and sporting events hope u like it (if it doesnt work watchfreemovies.net)
  10. Re: VICTOR RAMOS, Ferreira Do you think he is good enough to cement down a starting place there??
  11. Re: Marquinhos (Internacional) Cheers pal
  12. Re: 5 People you'd love to wake up next too I typed in Shyla Stylez and found out that she is 5 foot 3 and weighs 10 stone 3 pounds oh well more to love
  13. Re: young dm Sandro Ranieri rated 78 however looking for a rise to 83 very soon also linked with a move to tottenham
  14. Re: Glen Johnson To Go Up Just scored an equaliser against Bolton 1 1 left footed shot rifled into bottom right hand corner
  15. Re: How SM SHOULD Be Moderated. (Aimed Towards Chat) I say bring in my boot rule then not just one person can take a disliking to you and kick you but it would have to be a few however there would be circumstances where u would get kicked (racism etc)
  16. Re: How SM SHOULD Be Moderated. (Aimed Towards Chat) LMAO dont take a leak on a cops face and expect the other cop to help you! wotta saying i would give you rep for tht but i need to spread it i gave it you before
  17. Re: How SM SHOULD Be Moderated. (Aimed Towards Chat) Ino yer they have friendship groups and ban who thy feel thy dont want on the chat summit needs to be done or thy should scrap the chat imo
  18. Re: How SM SHOULD Be Moderated. (Aimed Towards Chat) Guess u got banned yer i think its a good idea also i think there should be a boot system where the chatroomers can choose to boot the 'chatter' but they need 4 boots against the name to be kicked
  19. Re: What was/will their peak rating? 94 probably what about ZIDANE!??!?!!?
  20. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker He needs another 90 minutes then we all send in a fresh new ticket
  21. Re: ROMARINHO [ignore if you want one of my usual posts] Great find mate !!! !!!! sorry to hijack this thread but who is wellington and whats his first name on SM and possibly could you tell me what he will rise too?
  22. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 There is an Elias worth buying but he is rated 78 not 74
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