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    Jack14 reacted to Zhutchka in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
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    Jack14 reacted to xpratx in Player rating help   
    Re: Player rating help
    i tink all will stay ireland ,forlan may rise
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    Jack14 reacted to backy in Portugal v Bosnia on saturday?   
    Re: Portugal v Bosnia on saturday?
    The biggest point in our favour is our unity and determination as a team. Bosnia is a band of brothers, and we get along really. We're dangerous when we go forward too. All we lack is experience. Bosnia doesn't have a good defense but we work so well together, that if the defense is well organized, we can hold off anyone, we proved that on the two draws in the World Cup Qualifier at 2006 against Spain and we'll try to do so here, good luck to both teams and I hope for Bosnia to qualify
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    Jack14 reacted to Didi in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    Very likely 89. Some say he could get 90, but that's very high keeper rating in ligue 1. Of course, the level has risen. Still, I'd say that to get the 90 he should win the league or win something at least. Remember that he did not win league last year, Ramé did. Ramé has been excellent for years and years and was stuck to 89. So far Carasso has done nothing more than what Ramé did during the late years.
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    Jack14 reacted to Barracuda in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    He was mentioned just a couple of pages back, I think. Doing well and will rise to 89.
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    Jack14 reacted to BenReado in Valencia Player Analysis   
    Re: Valencia Player Analysis
    I said the first time I watched him play he was future 93+ and I haven't changed my mind . I'm not gonna make any promises he'll get 91, because I'll probably end up letting people down, but 90 has got to be an assurity even if SM have only watched him play once (even if they haven't watched him play and base it on stats!). Although, if Reira got a +3 to 91 at a similar age (whilst not playing anywhere near how Pablo is now) I wouldn't rule it.
    If he continues in he way he is, improves his finishing a bit and plays a part in Spain's World Cup campaign I can see him being 93 this time next year!
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    Jack14 reacted to Lensois in CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings   
    Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings
    Pandev and Ledesma didn't want to renew their contract with Lazio and that made the chairman Lotito really mad so he told the coach not to play Ledesma nor Pandev.
    If he joins Inter he won't play so much, I can't see him make Eto'o nor Milito a bench player.
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    Jack14 reacted to timesle in Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition available now)   
    Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009
    Today, SM has finished the second Bundesliga and has started rating the first Bundesliga with the teams Hertha and Bochum so far.
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    Jack14 reacted to swanseajack in Official Wales-U21's thread   
    This is the official Welsh-U21's thread, a lot of young talent has broke through the Welsh-U21 team in recent years such as Ched Evans, Aaron Ramsey, Sam Vokes, Gareth Bale and many others and the Wales-U21's are doing so well at the moment.
    I'm a big fan of them and go to all of the games i can
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    Jack14 reacted to kidchop in -   
    Re: Spam's Guide to 80 -> 90 Players and Must Keepers
    Hulk will get 90 where Jov will get 89 right? Although i think Jov will get into NT where hulk it will take a while
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    Jack14 reacted to Insider in Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season   
    Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season
    Very poorly. They are stong candidates for relegation.
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    Jack14 reacted to UTR in Rasmus Jönsson   
    Re: Rasmus Jönsson
    Well, 11A* at GCSE does help.
    Plus i'm in top 5% of country for my age, and could join MENSA if i wanted to.
    So yeahh, i think its safe to assume that i'm more intelligent than some on here...
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    Jack14 reacted to Johnny C in Carneiro Keirrison   
    Re: Carneiro Keirrison
    Nothing like a decent debate, Spam, or a difference in opinion. No rant here. No fighting here from me. I respect you and your work on the Forum. You know I do. I just think you have always had this one completely wrong.
    Basically I believe that SM are going to be consistent in their approach to player's ratings and continue to judge every player's SM rating by basing it on the players' respective accomplishments since the last time they were rated by SM.
    Keirrison is going to be no different.
    Last time he was rated by SM was Jan-09. He lit it up in Brazil from Jan-Jul-09. He deserved a rise then, but wasn't rated in September with the rest of Brazil because he already made the move to Barca/Benfica. He's only 9 league matches into his career in Portugal. Do you really think whatever has transpired in Portugal so far is going to clear away all of his accomplishments in Brazil since the last time he was rated... (rhetorical question)
    Based on what we know as of today, IMO his rating is going up.
    Anyway... we shall see...
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    Jack14 reacted to mark_14 in Marks Sigs and Avatars.   
    Re: Marks Sigs and Avatars.

    Here you go mate.
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    Jack14 reacted to Spam in ronaldinho   
    Re: ronaldinho
    Drop to 93/92, he's been decent of late but that's no consolation as he's been poor since his move to Milan from Barca and devoid of NT games into the bargain.
    94 -> 93/92, and I'd definitely consider selling him for that price.
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    Jack14 reacted to jackvilla94 in ronaldinho   
    i have recieved an offer of 27 million for ronaldinho on my barcelona. he isnt really a starting player but he is a useful squad member. how is he doing these ays and is he likely to rise or fall and should i accept.
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    Jack14 reacted to Ashh in ronaldinho   
    Re: ronaldinho
    Its only worth it if u can bring in a good young 89/90/91 with it e.g banega, ramaries
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    Jack14 reacted to Kai in Spanish Ratings   
    Re: Spanish Ratings
    Go for it - Ramires could go up to 91 in these ratings alone and is a good prospect for the future whereas Senna is only going to decline.
    Perhaps, but he's got a good offer on the table now and by the end of the season when Ramires is a 91 and looking good, I doubt his manager will swap him for a tired out 94.
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    Jack14 reacted to pipgib in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Updated Rankings

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    Jack14 reacted to Campbell in Sean's Guide On How To A Division 4 Challenge   
    My Guide on How To Do A Division 4 Challenge

    Hi! This is my guide on how to do a div 4 challenge,Enjoy:)
    Firstly if you pick up a div 4 team in a new or old EC put you're whole team up for sale.It might seem a bit extravagant but it's definitely worth it. The majority of teams start off with a budget of about £5m.Buy as many 10k risers as you can no matter how small the rise may be(Great thread for 10k risers).Never buy oldies as their ratings are only going one way.If you have spare cash it's always good to buy players 80-83 of external clubs who will rise.Try and buy risers rated 80+ off the likes of Barca,Inter,Real Madrid etc.Pedro of Barca is a great buy costing about £3m will rise to about 87.Another great buy would be Thiago Motta of inter,you can get him for about £5m and he should rise to 89/90.Always try and secure some loan signings off the top clubs.Always pm them first and ask them to be your feeder club and give you players on loan.If you can get players 85 plus that's the best.The likes of Rafael,Evans,Sturridge,Obertan,Tosic,Naughton ,Ivanovic etc would be ideal loanees.Try and get a team which has 24+ players.Yeovil are ideal.At the end of Season 1 when all the tb's have listed sell your whole team again and bring in players rated in the high 80's.
    Here's a list of risers i have gathered of various threads:

    Marc Muniesa
    Sergio Keko
    Havard Nordtveit
    Matej Delac
    Philippe Coutinho
    Kyriakos Papadopoulos
    Raul Asprilla
    Junior Stanislas
    Douglas Costa
    Rafael Toloi
    Dean Parrett
    John Bostock
    Romelo Lukaku
    Jonjo Shelvey
    Thiago Alcantara
    Ayub Daud
    Jeffren Suarez
    Gai Assulin
    Ishak Belfodil
    Kieran Gibbs
    Eyal Golasa
    Marko Vejinovic
    Gregory Sertic
    Marvin Zeegelaar
    Ransford Osei
    Jan Chramosta
    Federico Macheda
    Norvey Orozco
    Muhammad Ghadir
    Ahmed Khalil
    Sanmartin Joselu
    Nile Ranger
    Kalidou Yero
    Muhammet Demir
    Nathan Delfouneso
    Macauley Chrisantus
    Xherdan Shaquiri
    Daniel Villalba
    Francis Coquelin
    Danijel Aleksic
    Danny Welbeck
    Iker Muniain
    Daniel Ayala
    Krisztian Nemeth
    Martin Galvan
    Nassim Ben Khalifa
    Stephen Darby
    Gaston Sauro
    Leandro Cabrero
    Kermit Erasmus
    Funso Ojo
    Daniel Drinkwater
    Mark Randall
    James Rodriguez
    Medy Elito
    Luke Freeman
    Jose Baxter
    Torric Jebrin
    Barry Bannan
    Oier Olazabal
    Jefferson Montero
    Timothee Kolodziejczak
    Daley Blind
    Lucas Trecarichi
    Semih Kaya
    Jano Ananidze
    Reggie Lamb
    Sebastien Corchia
    Fabian Delph
    Erik Lamela
    Ivan Tomecak
    Holger Badstuber
    Marco Verratti
    Leonardo Bonnuci
    Deniss Rakels
    Daniel Cruz
    O'Brian White
    Amadou Sanyang
    Emmanuel Gomez
    Stefan Riess
    Alex Grendi
    Raphael Cox
    Peter Lowry
    Saer Sene
    Cornel Rapa
    Gergo Kovacs
    Edier Tello
    Wilson Cuero
    Pedro Franco
    Tommy Oar
    Omar Vasquez
    Alexis Machuca
    Mateusz Siebert
    Nolan Roux
    Sean Rooney
    Aiman Napoli
    Jacob Butterfield
    Luke Potter
    Jake Buxton
    Jake Livermore
    Waide Fairhurst
    Tommy Smith
    Dale Bennett
    Cody McDonald
    Korey Smith
    Jonny Godsmark
    Tom Adeyemi
    Chad Bond
    Vladiir Weiss
    Jo Coppens
    Juhani Ojala
    Ilari Ruuth
    Fraser Fyvie
    Ross Forbes
    Jacob Lensky
    Martin Dúbravka
    Tommy Smith
    Mickaël Nelson
    Mehdi Carcela Gonzalez
    Paddy McCourt
    Mario Erb

    Credit to the people who found these players.I will keep adding to the list.
    Tactical Section
    Here i will suggest some good formations to play and post a few screenies.
    Possesion is important in any match.I've found in matches that if you have more than 50% possession you will nearly always win.Always play to your strengths eg if you have an 87 left back and an 86 left midfield set your attacking style: Down Left Flank and put your playmaker as your Left Midfielder.
    4-4-2 Diamond
    A personal favourite of mine, the diamond formation allows you to keep possesion with conclusive results.If you want the most possession(Which I strongly Recommend) tick the following boxes Men Behind Ball,Use Playmaker,Use target man.Put your strongest Forward as target man and one of your wide players as Playmaker

    Hope i have helped some people.Comments appreciated.

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    Jack14 reacted to Insider in U20 World Cup   
    Re: U20 World Cup
    I can't. I've been comparing him to Lulinha since March.
    Why is there so much hype? He's linked to Man U. Automatically, he MUST be good.
    I can think of 50 players I'd rather have from Brazil. He still has a ton of potential, but he doesnt cut it atm.
    I can't help but anticipate a loss in pens, with Douglas missing.
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    Jack14 reacted to bihweb in Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition available now)   
    Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009
    Nasri ? the guy that was injured the most of the last season ? I really like Nasri's style but my friend Dzeko was nr 2. top goalscorer in Bundesliga last season, was voted for player of the year by the other bundelsliga players and is sharing second place for top goalscorer in WC2010 Qualifiers. Hes also currently ranked as second top goalscorer in Bundesliga and hes assisting big time...
    What more do you have to achive to get some recognition by other then Wolfsburg fans ? Maybe the fact that Wolfsburg didnt accept M24€ from AC Milan this summer for the very player we are discussing.
    The same goes for Misimovic. This guy is playmaker of worldclass and you might feel sorry that he was raised by Bayern and wasn't found good enough. most assists in BL last year and this year as well. Most assists in WCQ, Hes scoring too and I doubt that there has been a goal that hasn't gone trough his feet...
    Ibisevic already broke 3 Bundesliga records this year. He's coming back big time just wait and see...
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    Jack14 reacted to Didi in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    Indeed it's good. I didn't in fact follow that late, went already to bed when it was still 2-1. Good result and deserved victory, even though the penalty was a gift. Surprisingly, Clichy and especially Fanni were the better of the defense, Escude maybe the weakest link, making few bad mistakes. Probably played himself definitely out of the starting XI. Squillaci was again ok, why doesn't he get to start instead of Abidal? Squillaci never mistakes, that's the most important thing for defender and he's the only cb in l'EDF that can say that... why doesn't he start? Why Abidal, the mother of all mistakes?
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    Jack14 got a reaction from bcfc12345 in The Division 4 Challenge!   
    Re: The Division 4 Challenge!
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    Jack14 reacted to mr liucci in CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings   
    Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings
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