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    Jack14 reacted to tebthereb in Ramires or Fernando or Marchisio   
    Re: Ramires or Fernando or Marchisio
    I would go for Marchisio out of the three mainly because he is playing in Serie A The other two, being based in the Superliga, may struggle to attain a high rating unless they change clubs, do well in Europe, or make their national sides regularly. In Serie A, with Juventus, Marchisio's rating is likely to keep going up even just by playing for them.
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    Jack14 reacted to Philippe Nguyen in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    I believe this topic was raised a few days ago. Toulalan has a very solid spot in the NT first squad, and with Lass being second-choice, Sissoko has to improve a lot to get somewhere. Still, due to his young age, he is eligible for the youth NT, where he can still develop and prove himself. He's a great player so far, though. I'm sure he has the potential to reach NT level some time, but just not yet; not this year. Also, another thing to note is that this guy is really good going up on the attack. I wouldn't be surprised if he is used in future years as a versatile midfielder for the NT, replacing any AM or DM when needed.
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    Jack14 reacted to Spam in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    Doing well from what I can tell (I've only been paying attention to Pjanic, Lloris, Bastos and Lisandro at Lyon though tbh) and on for 86 -> 89/88.
    Unfortunately Clichy and Evra are owning the NT LB position between them!
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    Jack14 reacted to timesle in Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition available now)   
    Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009
    You'll have to wait until the other countries of section 4 have been rated.
    (Section 4: Austria, Denmark, Czech Rep, Germany, Netherlands & Slovakia)
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    Jack14 reacted to MaoaM in Sergio busquets   
    Re: Busquets
    I personally hope he gets 89 this time. I still have him on cheap wages for most teams (Around £8000). 89 this time, then before he gets 90 I offer a new contract
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    Jack14 reacted to Paladin in Sergio busquets   
    Re: Busquets
    He won't be 90 this time around. A rise to 89 is more likely.
    He's shown a few inconsistencies in his performances recently and those mistakes he made (including the one resulting in Barca conceding a 2nd goal against A. Madrid) require time for him to correct and improve. He's playing style is not tough enough for him to be a defensively good DM yet but his passes are great as a CM. Also he won't be a regular starter soon as Toure and Keita should be ahead of him. He may get more starting minutes when Africa Cup starts next January;)
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    Jack14 reacted to -Tudor- in lots of money but who to buy   
    Re: lots of money but who to buy
    Yoann Gourcuff 90-92/93
    Glen Johnson 89-90/91
    Gignac 89-90/91
    Hulk 88-90
    Falcao 89-90/91
    Thiago silva (Milan)
    Felipe Melo
    Just a short list off the top of my head, if you need anymore then just say.
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    Jack14 reacted to DerbyPower in Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing   
    Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing (now at Milan)
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    Jack14 reacted to fadedwolfz in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    Jack14 reacted to utkarsh86 in Ramires or Fernando or Marchisio   
    Re: Ramires or Fernando or Marchisio
    Hahaa they are all going to rise to 90 this time.. Enjoy any.. And all 3 have almost equal potential....
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    Jack14 reacted to shakomako in Help Required Urgently   
    Re: Help Required Urgently
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    Jack14 reacted to Munna in Sergio busquets   
    Re: Busquets
    I think he should get a 90 considering spanish ratings are abt 7 weeks away. Regarding PEDRO Rodrigues of Barca, he should easily get an 88/89 definately BECAUSE he is arguably at the best club in the world, getting frequent appearances, and playing very well. If this was the case at a mid-table club then yes maybe he should get an 86 but what needsto be remembered is that he's fighting for a place with all 90+'s!
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    Jack14 reacted to KNVB in Sergio busquets   
    Re: Busquets
    It looks very likely he should go straight to 90 with the next Spanish Updates, If not a 90 will definately happen by the end of the season considering he is a regular at Barca and playing on the International team.
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    Jack14 reacted to Caleb in 86+ risers (help needed)   
    Re: 86+ risers (help needed)
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    Jack14 reacted to Grotolo in Just won league help   
    Re: Just won league help
    the chairman will invest (if he sees it's needed) when the new season begins
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    Jack14 reacted to timesle in Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition available now)   
    Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009
    Spams predictions are pretty correct' date=' if nothing special happens (e.g. injured for a year). At the date Phil made this thread with his predictions Özil was a possible riser. But up to now with the good performance of Werder Bremen and seeing that Özil become a key player for Werder after Diego left them, I would say he is a definite riser. He should certainly get a 90 at the next ratings.
    Marin is still a good prospect for the future. If he continues playing like that I suppose he'll get his 90 with the after next changes. Today he played a good game against Stuttgart (especially in the first half) and he gave an assist to Pizarro.
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    Jack14 reacted to Magic J in There debating this in barber shops.....   
    Re: There debating this in barber shops.....
    Sakho +2, Hazard is a great talent, but as far as im aware, from what iv read , not statistics, just impression i get he has alot of competition, maybe rise one or two, but he is the dogs !
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    Jack14 reacted to francis shane in Spanish Risers   
    Re: Spanish Risers
    Hope this helps..
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    Jack14 reacted to swanseajack in SwanseaJack's Welsh Youngsters   
    Re: SwanseaJack's Welsh Youngsters
    Lloyd James - Southampton

    Age: 21
    Position: RB/DM
    Height: 5 foot 10 inches
    Date of Birth: 16th February 1988
    Place of Birth: Bristol, England
    Club: Southampton
    Squad Number: 23
    Rating: 80
    SM Value: £2,111,000
    Lloyd James was born on the 16th February 1988 in Bristol in Western England and went to Ashton Park School in the Ashton Gate area. He joined Southamptons acadamy and was in the team that reached FA Youth Cup final along with Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott before they lost on aggregate to Ipswich Town in 2005. Although English he does qualify to play for Wales and in the same year he respresented Wales at U-17 level and impressed and got moved up to the Wales U-19 in the same year and impressed again and on 15th November 2005 he made his Wales U-21 debut against Cyprus U-21 and impressed again and many were full or praise for the youngsters after representing Wales U17's,U-19's and the U21's in the same year.
    In the next season he got called up to the Southampton First Team Squad for the FA Cup 3rd round tie with lower league opposition in Torquay United on the 6th January 2007 but was mainly in the Reserves for the 2006-2007 season.
    He became a regular member of the side since former Manager Jan Poortvliet gave him his debut an as origanlly a Centre-Midfielder, James adapted to a number of positions including Centre-Back and since his rise to the first team he has become an accomplished Right-Back and is the regular Right-Back for Southampton as he has featured 41 times for Southampton all in the 2008-2009 season.
    Lloyd James will have to play League 1 football next season but is definatly one of Southampton's better players and was captain for their Pre-season game with Cheltenham where the Caretaker boss Stewart Henderson played him in midfield but he does have to be carefull of his tackling as he picked up 10 bookings last season.
    Games Played By Lloyd James in 2008-2009
    09-08-2008 Football League Championship Cardiff 2-1 Southampton
    12-08-2008 English League Cup Exeter 1-3 Southampton
    16-08-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 1-2 Birmingham
    23-08-2008 Football League Championship Derby 0-1 Southampton
    26-08-2008 English League Cup Southampton 2-0 Birmingham
    30-08-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 0-1 Blackpool
    14-09-2008 Football League Championship QPR 4-1 Southampton
    17-09-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 2-2 Ipswich
    23-09-2008 English League Cup Rotherham 3-1 Southampton
    27-09-2008 Football League Championship Doncaster 0-2 Southampton
    30-09-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 2-0 Norwich
    04-10-2008 Football League Championship Coventry 4-1 Southampton
    18-10-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 0-3 Watford
    21-10-2008 Football League Championship Sheff Utd 0-0 Southampton
    25-10-2008 Football League Championship Swansea 3-0 Southampton
    28-10-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 1-1 Coventry
    01-11-2008 Football League Championship Preston 2-3 Southampton
    22-11-2008 Football League Championship Reading 1-2 Southampton
    25-11-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 0-0 Plymouth
    29-11-2008 Football League Championship Charlton 0-0 Southampton
    06-12-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 1-1 Sheff Wed
    08-12-2008 Football League Championship C Palace 3-0 Southampton
    13-12-2008 Football League Championship Burnley 3-2 Southampton
    20-12-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 0-2 Nottm Forest
    26-12-2008 Football League Championship Plymouth 2-0 Southampton
    28-12-2008 Football League Championship Southampton 1-1 Reading
    04-01-2009 English FA Cup Southampton 0-3 Man Utd
    10-01-2009 Football League Championship Barnsley 0-1 Southampton
    17-01-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 1-2 Doncaster
    27-01-2009 Football League Championship Norwich 2-2 Southampton
    31-01-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 2-2 Swansea
    03-02-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 1-2 Sheff Utd
    14-02-2009 Football League Championship Bristol C 2-0 Southampton
    21-02-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 3-1 Preston
    28-02-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 1-0 Cardiff
    03-03-2009 Football League Championship Ipswich 0-3 Southampton
    07-03-2009 Football League Championship Birmingham 1-0 Southampton
    10-03-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 1-1 Derby
    14-03-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 0-0 QPR
    07-04-2009 Football League Championship Watford 2-2 Southampton
    10-04-2009 Football League Championship Wolves 3-0 Southampton
    13-04-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 1-0 C Palace
    18-04-2009 Football League Championship Sheff Wed 2-0 Southampton
    25-04-2009 Football League Championship Southampton 2-2 Burnley
    03-05-2009 Football League Championship Nottm Forest 3-1 Southampton

    Lloyd James is another one for the future at only 21 years of age. He has represented the Welsh U-21 side 10 times and will look to build on that next season before he turns 22 in February. He will be playing first team football for one of League 1's biggest teams and is not to far of a Welsh Cap. He's is adabtible to many positions and is a solid player and should get a position change to Def/DM.

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    Jack14 reacted to Lordy -RBA- in 86 - 89 rated risers.   
    Re: 86 - 89 rated risers.
    Lennon - Winger
    Vermaelen - CB
    Eduardo - Forward
    Johnson - RB
    Busquets - DM
    Pique - CB
    Defoe - Forward
    Last two are 90, but certs for rises.
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    Jack14 reacted to Kieran Smith in Rodwell   
    Re: Rodwell
    yeah he will rise mate, to 86 or even 87:D
    please please buy him, great youth
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    Jack14 reacted to Barracuda in Spending Spree   
    Re: Spending Spree
    He's mostly been a substitute at Hamburg; he made his first Bundesliga start only yesterday. He certainly hasn't done enough for a rise at the moment' date=' but I agree with [i']gump[/i], he is a very good player and a consistent goalscorer.
    Based on last season's heroics, Edin Dzeko's likely to rise to 90 ahead of Berg, although the Bosnian has only 1 goal to his credit from 4 starts in the new season, with Wolfsburg having been dismal (2 wins & 3 defeats).
    He's a big talent and has already played for Spain. I hear he's a starter ahead of Joaquin' date=' so a +1 or even a +2 rise may be on the cards.
    P. S. - [i']dazinho[/i] mentioned Helmes. As highly as I rate him, he's out with an injury till the new year, at least, so don't sign him now.
    EDIT - Paolo Guerrero will be out for 6 months after suffering a cruciate ligament injury while playing for Peru against Venezuela. Berg will from now on be a starter for Hamburg.
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    Jack14 got a reaction from MCFC James in Risers Needed Desperately   
    Re: Risers Needed Desperately
    Firstly you must sell Sol Campbell and Schmeichal as soon as possible due to the fact thy have moved to a much lesser league there rating could both go down as much as 10
    Risers reinartz dobias delac weiss wilshere delph badstuber
    Unfortunately you missed out on the brazil changes
    Good Luck
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    Jack14 got a reaction from connorcleary67 in world cup 2010   
    Re: world cup 2010
    Asamoah, Ljajic, Tosic, Santon, Wilshere (possibly), Ramsey
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    Jack14 reacted to gump0787 in Spending Spree   
    Re: Spending Spree
    Defender - Vermalen of Arsenal maybe Ajax on SM
    Striker - Lavezzi of Napoli - Luis Suarez of Ajax - Bojan of Barcelona
    all i can think of at the moment.
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