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    Jack14 reacted to Gary Townsend in Too many GWs   
    Re: Too many GWs
    If you purchase a standard game world then it gets created usually within the next 24 hours, why not group members together, so if 5 members purchase a world champ and 1 selects Real Madrid, 1 selects Barcelona, 1 selects Chelsea, 1 selects Man Utd and 1 selects Liverpool (might not happen but this is only an example!) then rather than create 5 new game worlds create 1, therefore we would then have 4 less game worlds.
    Now I know people will moan that they may not get the club they want but there are two answers to that:
    1. Buy a game world (harsh, but if you wants things in this life they usually cost )
    2. Manage a smaller club and hope for a better job offer
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    Jack14 reacted to Gozzy in Jose Antonio SALCEDO, 18 years old (74 rated) --- First Choice Keeper   
    Josè Antonio Salcedo

    Age: 18
    Club: Excelsior Mouscron
    Nationality: Spanish
    Position: GK
    SM Rating : 74
    In this recent years, Spain known for produced many talented goalkeepers. We must know Iker Casillas,Pepe Reina,Diego Lopez until young keepers like Sergio Asenjo and David De Gea. Now, come another young Spanish keeper who move abroad to Belgium and already play at regular basis
    Jose Antonio Salcedo is 18 years old Spanish goalkeeper who currently play for Excelsior Mouscron at Belgium Jupiler Pro League. He just signed this season from Albacete, where he played there since 2000-2009. Until last season, he still play for U19 Albacete team
    Jose was recognized as one of best goalkeeper for his age at Spain. Before Excelsior signed him, several La Liga clubs like Valencia and Villareal have claimed their interest to Jose. Before new season begin, Marc Volders, 1st Excelsior GK last season out for 6 months because of shoulder injury. So, Salcedo compete with Jan Slovenciak during pre season to become Excelsior number 1
    Although never have experience before at senior level, Salcedo given chance at first Belgium Jupiler Pro League against Genk. Excelsior won 2-1 and Salcedo impressed everyone with his form. Since his debut,he always played as starter in all 3 league games. Jose has many strength. He has very good anticipation. He also can use his both feet, has good technique and very calm.
    He's just added to DB with 74 rating after i sent ticket few days ago. With Volders injury for long time and if he can keep his good form,he's definitely worthy buy

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    Jack14 got a reaction from col lufc # in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread
    Stop pretending your a mod mate ur nuffin special
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    Jack14 reacted to Herbythelovebug in Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009   
    Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009
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    Jack14 reacted to Philippe Nguyen in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    He'll probably be getting much more playing time than last season (when he had that long-term injury). He's still well away from a starting spot, though. He is one of the favored substitutes, at least.
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    Jack14 reacted to J.R in Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009   
    Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009
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    Jack14 reacted to Johnny C in Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA   
    Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA
    RE: MLS Ratings
    Can you believe these US-ratings... ? Am I way off base here thinking that SM unbelievably butchered these ratings...? Just from looking at the changes, there is no rhyme or reason to any of it.
    There is NO WAY that SM Researchers can logically argue changing the rating of offensive players in the MLS going to the mid-80s (De Rosario >85) and then rate all of the starting GKs below 80 (Ricketts, Frey, Wicks >77/78) when the overall Goal Against Average for the entire league is DOWN from a year ago.
    Then to rate Wicks basically inline with Ricketts, when Ricketts has the the 2nd lowest GAA of any keeper in the entire league AND he took Wicks' job from him in LA.
    It makes ZERO sense. They absolutely blew these ratings across the board.
    They flat out STUNK UP THE JOINT !
    Using Ricketts as an example again, how about THIS logic...
    Tim Ward is the starting RB for Chicago. It's his 3rd year in the league and his 1st year where he is actually playing. He doesn't score goals. Just a solid Defender for the league. SM Researchers take his rating from 74>80. Fair enough...
    However, like Ward, Ricketts and Frei are the starters for their respective teams. Ricketts has the 2nd lowest GAA in the league and is hands down the biggest reason that LA is the most improved team in the entire league this year, and SM rate him 77 (as of yesterday) and changed it to a 78 today.
    Nonsense. Can't have it both ways SM.
    Here's one more for you... Zach Thornton GK @ Chivas. SM give him a +2 to 79-rating, despite having a GAA of 0.88 AND being named to the All-Star game as one of the 2-3 best goalies in the entire league. Meanwhile 9 out of the 15 MLS teams have starting GKs rated 80 or higher (and if you take away Ricketts' and Frei's teams and Kasey Keller's, that's 9 out of 12 which have a starting GK rated 80 or higher!!!!) !
    Sadly just a real lack of quality work by SM Researchers in charge of doing the ratings for this league.
    From looking at the rating changes, I believe that the SM Researchers decided before they even considered the league that they were going to try to take the entire league to around an 80-rating, before they start to do some "real work". Tis a shame.
    Aside: I already have all the Scandinavian countries on my list of domestic leagues that I refuse to invest in, because the way SM price the players in those leagues the Return on Investment is soooo pathetically low. Anyway, add the MLS to that list of leagues not to invest in. HOWEVER, it's not because of any ROI or net profit analysis; rather, it's because I have ZERO faith (and neither should you) that the SM Researchers in charge of this league can rate this league effectively.
    Another Aside: On a more positive note, I would like to thank the SM Researchers for looking at the ticket I submitted yesterday concerning Ricketts' rating, and considering the analysis that we conducted on this thread. They changed his rating by upping it to 78 (from their original 77). That said it's still too low...(as is Frei's)....(as is most of the league).... but I am glad to see that they are willing to look at additional information. Who knows maybe there's hope that they'll reconsider all of their work on the MLS this time around...
    Yet Another Aside: Despite being a New Yorker I am no rah-rah MLS-torchbearer.... I am a blood-sucking cut-throat sex-for-sport investor, and I do my homework & analysis. Furthermore, when I sink my teeth into something you can bet your last dollar that I am going to do more research and detailed analysis than the next guy. I just wish the SM Researchers whose 9-to-5 job it is to do this league would have done their homework & analysis, too.
    Yet Another Another Aside: Aside from the SM users deserving better, Bezron, you deserved better for all the good work you did on this
    Last Aside: And in case you were wondering, I only invested in 2 players in the MLS... Ricketts and Frei. Why these 2....because from my experience, evaluating GKs in ANY league is as straight forward as it gets, and these were the two best GK candidates in the entire league. From my detailed analysis across a ton of different leagues investing in GKs presents the lowest risk scenario for any player investment. So, I figured there was NO WAY that the SM Researchers could F their ratings up. Little did I know that they would royally screw the ENTIRE league up and do it in such a way that there was no consistency about it. Trust me....when I woke up this morning the LAST things I thought I'd be doing today were (1) defending the players' ratings in the MLS, (2) condemning the professionalism of the SM Researchers who rated the MLS this time, and (3) being ticked-off that the SM Researchers have not only the friggin' temerity but also the conceitedness and general disregard of our intelligence to attempt to pass off their lack of due diligence onto us and actually think we are going to take it. Sooooooo disappointed in these SM "Researchers"and their supervisor.
    (END RANT)
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    Jack14 reacted to Magic J in Debt Help   
    Re: Debt Help
    When ever any body decides to take a small team up in the world, debt is inevitable. Its just you have to manage it, and in the early stages it hurts.
    To keep afloat you literally have to keep buying money spinners to sell on, so you have periods of debt and periods in the green. Until then you will have to sit it out, and once all the transfer bans are over, decide which players to keep ( due to rating or future potential ) and which players to sell. Sell the players you dont need, invest in youth who are likely to raise and repreat the process, when you start to climb up the division, attendances will increase, your stadium could be increased, you get more money of your chairman and you get more money for finishing whereever you do in the league, bring bigger players in but you must remember to always buy money spinners, because essentially they keep you afloat.
    I wouldnt worry about being in to much debt pal.
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    Jack14 reacted to Zvezdas8 in Hazard or Pjanic   
    Re: Hazard or Pjanic
    I would buy Miralem Pjanic. Hes a young true prospect in the world. He has played already 25 games for Lyon since 2008 and he has earned 10 national team caps with Bosnia and Hercegovina that made him 2 times man of the match for the national team. Many coaches say that he will be one of the best players in the future. Hazard will not get an opportunity like Pjanic in the future. So trust me go with Miralem Pjanic you will not make a wrong decision by getting him Trust me.
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    Jack14 reacted to yapple in Hazard or Pjanic   
    Re: Hazard or Pjanic
    Hazard. (Cheaper too). Belgium International at the age of 17/18, even though he did not play ALOT for Lille. (The reason why he rose from 75 to 84 was due to his caps).
    Pjanic is good, but he isnt realising his true potential at Lyon, where his performances werent as good as that when he was at FC Metz.
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    Jack14 reacted to murph1 in Norvey Orozco 300k riser!!!!!!!!   
    Norvey Orozco
    Norvey Orozco is an 18 year old forward playing for Columbian Giants Athletico Junior in the Columbian Premier Division.
    So far this season he has started 16 out of 18 league games this season scoring 3 goals.
    He has also been capped at under 17 Level for Columbia.
    On the database rated 74 and can be brought for little over 300k.
    I predict a rise of around +6 to 80 which should turn a nice little profit no matter which way you look at it.
    Did a search for this player using the search tool and came up clean. So Sorry if he has been mentioned before.
    Thanks alot for reading comments appreciated.

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    Jack14 reacted to Bourkey in Bourkey's Bradford City | Match Reports/Transfer News Thread   
    Re: Bourkey's Bradford City | Match Reports/Transfer News Thread
    I sold on almost every top player I had, creating as much money as i could. That is still good mate, Mine was only 84 Mid-Way through the season so you can still improve. Do the only thing you can do and that is buy in the young risers. There the only way to bring you success.
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    Jack14 reacted to Insider in Top Ten buys from Brasileiro   
    Was going to post it in my thread, but this really belongs in Player Ratings.

    Top 10 Players to buy!
    Type: Future superstar

    The biggest star in Brazil. He seems to score in every game and is the type of player who will be able to score anywhere he goes.
    If rating changes were today: 87 to 89.
    2. CIRO
    Type: Phenom who is just exploding on to the scene

    Currently making his name. 9 goals make him leading scorer in Pernambucano state, and the quality of the goals make him highly desirable. Reminds me a lot of Keirrison last season. Also broke out onto the Libertadores scene, the biggest in South America. Already confirmed interest from Portugal, we'll see how he does in the Brasileiro.
    If rating changes were today: 77 - 82
    3. TAISON
    Type: Second year player who has found his role

    Taison is a very g@y player. In the sense that he's so happy out there, such youthful enthousiasthm. He has the best celebration dances (Including walking over to a pitchside phone and using it... ) and is one of those fun Brazilians. He is leading scorer in the Rio Grande do Sul state and has set up quite a few as well. He is the main cog in Inter's offense.
    If rating changes were today: 83 - 85
    4. ELIAS
    Type: Late blooming, solid CM

    Since arriving at Corinthians last year from Ponte, Elias has started pretty much everything. Why he only got 78 is beyond me. With them hanging in at second in the Paulista and Elias not missing a game, he is clearly as key a part of this team as anyone, bar Felipe.
    If rating changes were today: 78 - 83
    5. SANDRO
    Type: Rock solid, safe buy.

    Captain of the U20 team, came back to Inter to find himself thrust into a starter's spot, and hasn't missed a beat since. Rock solid DM who is solid in the air, he'll be a fixture in any reputable risers list very soon.
    If rating changes were today: 78-81
    Type: Phenom.

    Has been impressing for a while, still being brought up cautiously in the Gremio organisation, but it'll come. When he has played, he has usually been the best player on the pitch. It's a matter of time before he becomes a starter, because Gremio know they won't have him for long.
    If rating changes were today: 78 - 80
    Type: Rising defender

    Palmeiras have signed the highly rated defender from Coritiba, and he has been as solid as you could ask for. He and (#8) have been splendid.
    If rating changes were today: 84 - 86
    Type: Tackle-and-attack wingback

    Many Brazilian teams have had trouble with right backs. Palmeiras found their answer late last season with Fabinho, who is one of the best slide tacklers you will find in the world. He loves the longball and playing 1-2's with Diego Souza and Cleiton Xavier before providing crosses in. He has started most matches with the first team.
    If rating changes were today: 83 - 86
    Type: Ticking time-bomb, waiting to explode

    Giuliano was the main midfielder for Brazil's U20 team at the Sudamericano, and won himself a transfer to Inter. He started 30 last year for Parana in Serie B, and is still a bit shy with Inter, but it will come. He is a subsitute in most games, but scored in his first actual start.
    If rating changes were today: 75 - 79
    Type: Solid young striker who will go up slowly

    Was injured for a while at Nautico, but is back now. He has been fighting with city rival Ciro for a while now to be the top of Pernambucano state's rising stars. Anderson has proven himself as a first teamer and has scored a few, though he is a lot less flashy then Ciro.
    If rating changes were today: 72-78

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    Jack14 reacted to Bezron in Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA   
    Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA
    I'm not so sure; he's not in the current Paraguay squad. I'd sell him on after the next changes.
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    Jack14 reacted to Caleb in Caleb's ultimate guide to transforming a Division 4 minnow into a Premiership giant.   
    Ever wanted to take up the 'Division 4 Challenge'? Ever felt like giving up due to the massive almost impossible task staring at you? Well, fret no more as I'll be writing up a comprehensive guide to help those undergoing the 'Division 4 Challenge'!
    I've personally taken up this challenge some time in October 2008 with a Division 4 Huddersfield Town in a brand new English Championship. I am now into my second season at their helm and I can happily boast that I have 17 players in my team rated 91 and above and sizeable size of decent reserves.
    As a sneak preview, the players rated 91 and above in my Huddersfield Town (Currently in Div 3) are :
    Sebastien Frey, Giorgios Chiellini, Bacary Sagna, Philippe Mexes, Bruno Alves, Xabi Alonso, Marcos Senna, Michael Carrick, Felipe Melo, Van Der Vaart, Arjen Robben, Yuri Zhirkov, Jesus Navas, Raul Meireles, Nicolas Anelka, Fernando Torres, Van Persie.
    I hope this guide will be useful to those reading it, and if you have any questions, do leave a line or simply comment on it if it has helped you as I've spent a sizable length of time conjuring this guide up.
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    Jack14 reacted to P0MPY1 in Section 3: Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden;   
    Re: Section 3: Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden;
    If your looking for an analysis of Section 3 go on to this thread
    The guy has put together a massive amount of risers on here, its a relatively unknown thread actually but there you go.
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    Jack14 reacted to Radebe20 in Argentinian Analysis   
    Argentinian Analysis


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    Jack14 got a reaction from K-9 in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    should i sign santacroce or caceres, hu will get 90+ nxt rating?
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    Jack14 reacted to Magic J in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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