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  1. you can best play a 4-2-3-1 winger, that nearly always beats a 4-3-3 winger squad. at least for me. I often play attacking, but sometimes on normal can work too (if the other team has a better squad). and if your team is strong enough, pressing allover + target man + playmaker.
  2. yup, I exactly have the same experience in so many matches with GK's, hell, even 1 in every 3 matches! I wrote my post in the most decent way possible, but there's no denying that I've been grinding my teeth over this,
  3. all we can do is HOPE. but also make reports like this, so at least improvements can be made (which really should not be hard, unless you run this biz as an amateur...)
  4. yeah I feel you. Those SFMA matches, if you're not a gold member, you will hardly win one or advance to the next round simply because your assistent manager will use a tactic that your squad is not used playing in.. and in this game, tinkering too much with your team is never good for results. I am a Gold member, which gives you more control but you can still get stuffed in some games...sometimes the engine or lady luck is against you. But SM should at least make things more realistic as far as the game engine goes.
  5. hello there, I've been playing this game since 2008, so I feel I got a right to moan about a few things that bug me about the game engine, especially regarding match reports. 1. Goalkeeper grades These often make no sense. There are GK's who get a grade of 8, 9 or even a 10 when having lost a game, even swallowing several goals. Whereas GK's who have kept a clean sheet (thus making a few saves) would get a measily 5 or 6. This especially happens in games against unmanaged teams, where the GK of the unmanaged team will almost always outscore your GK by a big grade difference, even if your
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