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  1. Ok Thanks for your advice on this. It does make sense. For a Fifth Division team whose chairman gave the instruction to avoid relegation and who are now top of the league with only one defeat in now 7 games and having only conceded 4 goals it is tempting to play the same team each week to sustain the momentum. However you are correct and players must be rested too. I will have to start rotating the squad with maybe two or three changes a game depending the opposition. Thanks again.
  2. Smut no disputing you can,t have a fit team--Thurs and Sunday in my case with a cup tie on a Tuesday-- but have you ever lost your full first team after one game? Two,three even four injuries or NMF,s I could accept but a full team no. And as Kev says above it is easier getting by with a reserve side in a higher division. (and yes my team have played six league games). Thanks for yours and Kevs thoughts and advice and I will persevere for the time being.
  3. Sorry can,t accept that. 5 top players NMF after a league game? Yes of course it was after a league game. But 5 players after a league game before a cup tie against a higher league team? And other players less than fit enough to play i.e. 70-75% fit? Reserve team for cup ties? In other words just lie down to a team from a higher league? Your team is in Division 5 and you are playing an away cup tie to 2nd in Division 2 so you put out a reserve team? Come on get real. Division 1 teams with big squads do that. How can a 5th Division team afford to have a reserve team? Sorry. Jus
  4. I am not a newcomer to SM having managed several teams over the past few years and resigned as manager several times too. I started up again a few weeks ago with a team in the Fifth Division. Chairmans Message....Avoid relegation. All pre-season friendlies bar one against Division One teams. Pre.season training? Brilliant. Really built confidence that...lost them all. Got rid of players and brought in many new players. Won first five games ..top of the league. Picked my team yesterday to play away against the second top team in Division Two. 4-4-2...Keep it tight and try and sn
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