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  1. Maxi Gomez +2 to 90? Having a second consecutive prolific season in La Liga
  2. Yeah. I’d be amazed if those guys got -2 though. I know what you’re saying re Suarez but he hasn’t been anywhere near 96/97 level for the last year or so
  3. Ozil, Buffon, Sanchez, Vidal, Suarez and Inaki all to get -1?
  4. I imagine it’ll be 88 in winter and 89 in summer if he’s a regular
  5. Hi guys. I need a new backup RWB to Bellerin in quite a competitive GW. I have 10m to spend and have narrowed down to 3 targets : Arias (free agent so 7.5m), Lazaro (hertha) or Dubois. Who would you guys go for? I’m leaning towards Arias as he’s cheaper being a free agent
  6. Anybody think Gabriel Jesus got his 92 too soon? Was very poor at World Cup and continued into this season it seems
  7. How would you rate the chances of these rises? Varane 94 Lemar 92 Asensio 92 Mbappe 93 Kante 94 Alex Sandro 93 Kimmich 93 Sterling 93 Thanks!
  8. Marcus Wendel has joined Sporting Lisbon. Seems like a good move for all parties
  9. I think Mikel Oyarzabal is better than Malcom personally
  10. Is Sergio Rico safe with his 91? Soria seems to be taking the number one spot
  11. Agreed. However, the lad is pure class so he’ll get there in no time. I hear a January move to Atletico could be on the cards which would be perfect for him I feel. Would be surprised if Juve didn’t put up a fight for him also
  12. Agreed. Felt like Toure deserved 85 at the very least but hey ho
  13. Weston McKennie potential +10? Plenty of minutes for Schalke now starting and scoring for USA national team
  14. Both good but Winks is playing UCL and called to national team
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