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  1. 15 minutes ago, Kev said:

    I think they should, and perhaps Sanchez and Ozil deserve -2. The only exception is Suarez, he was only downgraded in the summer so may hold his rating for now. 

    Yeah. I’d be amazed if those guys got -2 though. I know what you’re saying re Suarez but he hasn’t been anywhere near 96/97 level for the last year or so 

  2. 4 hours ago, themadhatter said:

    Happy New Year to all of you in the Forums.


    Is there anyone rated 89 at these positions with significantly better futures than

    Felipe Malcom as a forward, and Andreas Christensen as a defender ?

    I think Mikel Oyarzabal is better than Malcom personally 

  3. 13 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

    Torreira only rising 1 to 88 is pretty unfair. Been immense and should have gone to 89, considering others did.

    Agreed. However, the lad is pure class so he’ll get there in no time. I hear a January move to Atletico could be on the cards which would be perfect for him I feel. Would be surprised if Juve didn’t put up a fight for him also 

  4. 3 hours ago, Monolithic said:

    The slightly bonkers review of Ligue 1 continues. Clearly too generous in some areas and too harsh in others. Nantes have had a pretty great season so far, but you wouldn't know it from their ratings...

    Agreed. Felt like Toure deserved 85 at the very least but hey ho 

  5. 1 hour ago, shangar said:

    I've been looking at Pau Lopez.  No.1 at Espanyol.  He's returned from an unsuccessful loan spell at Tottenham.  This season he's played every minute of 7 La Liga matches.  His rating is 85, and age 22.  What do you think his prospects are of a rating increase?


    Thanks in advance.

    I think a +1 to 86 if he continues starting. Another +1 to 87 at the end of the season would be probable 

  6. Been scouting through Colombia and while I don't want to predict ratings as I'm not sure quite how harsh/generous SM are with Colombia these are the best young players I've found in terms of low ratings and plenty of games played:

    Haider Borja (Atletico Nacional) - 70

    Carlos Cuesta (Atletico Nacional) - 78

    Eduard Atuesta (Medellin) - 76

    Mateo Puerta (Cortulua) - 70

    Eddie Segura (Atletico Huila) - 73

    Diego Valoyes (Equidad) - 77

    Sebastian Villa (Tolima) - 70

    Oscar Cabezas (Patriotas Boyaca) - 70



  7. Done some research on the Brazilian league and i'll list the best risers below.

    Any feedback would be welcome as it's the first time I've done this.

    Pedro Henrique (Corinthians) 78 - 82/83

    Delmino Pedrinho (Corinthians) 75 - 77/78

    Melo Arthur (Gremio) 75 - 80/82

    Lucas Verissimo (Santos) 77 - 82

    Jean Mota (Santos) 80 - 83/84

    Arthur Gomes (Santos) 73 - 76/77

    Rodrigues Thiago (Flamengo) 75 - 78/80

    Vinicius Junior (Flamengo) 70 - 78 (Could get 80+ due to hype)

    Murilo Cerqueira (Cruzeiro) 73 - 80

    Matheus Rossetto (Atletico Paranaense) 78 - 82

    Leo Pele (Fluminense) 70 - 80

    Marcus Wendel (Fluminense) 78 - 83

    Costa Fabricio (Sport Recife) 70 - 78

    Seabra Thallyson (Sport Recife) 70 - 78

    Mateus Vital (Vasco da Gama) 77 - 82

    Filho Paulinho (Vasco da Gama) 75 - 78/80

    Igor Rabello (Botafogo) 76 - 80

    Matheus Fernandes (Botafogo) 76 - 80

    Leonel Claudinho  (Ponte Preta) 73 - 77/78

    Jean Filho (Bahia) 76 - 80/82

    Lucas Marques (Chapecoense) 73 - 78

    Junior Tavares (Sao Paulo) 78 - 82

    Luiz Fernando (Atletico Goianiense) 78 - 82


    I hope this list is helpful! Some of the names have been mentioned already so apologies for any repetition


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