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  1. Thanks for your advice guys. Swapped Karsdorp for Bakayako and put bids in for Naby Keita and Youri Tielemans
  2. Who would you guys recommend as the most promising CMs in the 85-89 bracket? I've read a lot about Bakayako and Zielinski
  3. Leroy Sane is a free agent in my gameworld - is he worth picking up for 18m? I'd have to really stretch to come up with the cash (selling most the brazil/argentina risers)
  4. If you could buy only one of Sule, Rugani and Christensen who would you go for?
  5. Any chance of Sergio Rico going to 91 this season?
  6. Argh my season ends on Thursday and I was going to buy Mbappe then ? Oh well... his value could still jump to about 20m right if he gets 88 in the France review?
  7. I'd say both are worth keeping. Kolasinac won't rise this season but out of contract and been linked with Chelsea and Juventus. Rudiger is also heavily linked with moves and got potential to get into the 90s.
  8. Excellent predictions once again Rahul. Looking forward to seeing your predictions for the other leagues when you get round to it . I noticed you've got Cech -1 though...seems a bit harsh? Is it because he hasn't played in the UCL?
  9. Had Andre Silva and Lindelof.....Verry happy this morning! Really want them to get going with Brazil and Argentina now haha
  10. Andrea Belotti hat trick today .... 22 goals in 24 games....Can he rise again or is 90 his limit while at Torino?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a replacement for Doria (7.0M) as I've noticed he's not getting the Marseille team much - I've identified Jemerson (8.0M) and Lindelof (10.0M) as potential alternatives - who would you say is the best option or is there someone I've potentially overlooked? Thanks
  12. I bought Isak off the back of your advice so thanks! +8 is the biggest rise I've ever had - Slightly off topic but I was curious as to what the biggest rise you've ever seen is? Is something like a +15 completely impossible?
  13. Thanks for the advice - the bid has gone in!
  14. I'm looking for a right back to replace Seamus Coleman (90) as i'm a bit concerned as to whether he will be able to sustain that rating for much longer. His game value is 11.6m. The replacements I have been looking at are Fabinho, Mario Gaspar and Mattia De Sciglio. Obviously all those guys are currently rated 89 so I'm looking for advice of who is the most likely to get to 90 first and sustain it or even rise further in the future?
  15. I've seen Raphael Guerreiro is predicted a +1 rise to 89 but does nobody think he could jump straight to 90 off the back of an excellent euros and a big transfer to Dortmund?
  16. What are the chances of Doria (Marseille) and Anwar El Ghazi (Ajax) getting a rise in the next review?
  17. Benjamin Henrichs of Leverkusen must be worth a mention....Called up to the senior German national team squad today
  18. Do you think Gustavo Scarpa will be due another rise at the next Brazil review?
  19. These lists are excellent - great work, How do you know which leagues will be reviewed next or is it random?
  20. What do you think about Lukaku? Does he need to be playing European football to get a rise to 92?
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