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  1. Re: Awards Also, people who buy setups on application format, could set that only a manager with a certain badge could onli apply for a club, so that they have people they know will log on to their clubs
  2. Re: HAMSIK Marek bad grammar there:P:P
  3. Re: Charles Itandje Apologises To Liverpool Fans he was an absolute disgrace, you wouldnt expect this from a 4 year old,never ind a "profesinal"! absolutly terrible im a united fan btw so no bias
  4. Re: Best keeper in the premier league
  5. Re: Cast your vote on who should win the PFA awards! vidic has been outstanding for us (with the exception of the liverpool game:() stephen ireland for young player of the year, been amazing for city, pity he wont play for ireland:(
  6. Re: List of 89s to hit 90s in the next changes (Updated!)
  7. Re: Is Paul Scholes over the hill?? yeah, its a pity, he was a great player for united but, hes past his best at this stage
  8. Re: Best Young Player hu wud vote ballotelli ova messi?
  9. keke

    gk help

    Re: gk help i wud go for given as i rate him as one of the best in the premier league, top 5 in the world
  10. keke


    Re: Kaka ya, down to 97/96 for me too
  11. Re: Best Young Player That confused me as well;)
  12. Re: Players who play surprisingly the best for your team!! nihat and keane work well for me with nihat getting plenty of assists:D And dieogo lopez is an absolute goal machine!! pity I dont have him:cool:
  13. keke

    Tactics Help Thread

    Re: Tactics Help Thread hey guys,im in a div 1 in my game world and struggling in midtable, not too sure what tactics i should play. heres my team gk:Given 91 rb:westernman 90/ ujfalusi 92 cb/rb cbs: garay 91, lugano 92 lb:capedevilla 92 rm:bently 90 cms: anderson 91, hamsik 90 lm: riera 91 f/cf: nihat/keane/huntelaar (all 92) tnx guys! any help wud be apreciated:)
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