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    Condition of players after game

    I definitely wouldn't use any of the figures until the day after a game as they take a while to re-adjust. I use the figures on the tactics page because like Smut I think they are an estimate if what the figures will be on game day. I do get the odd anomoly where after a match my whole team seems to drop really low and take more than a couple of days to recover. I'm also not sure if they fatigue more as the season gets near the end. My players usually take longer to recover as they get to the end of the season but it might be coincidence
  2. Blue Nose

    Unable to bid for players!! please help

    Thanks Kev. I've raised a bug this morning. Hopefully something will get done because if I can't transfer there is no point in me playing. Good money going down the drain every day
  3. Blue Nose

    Unable to bid for players!! please help

    Yeah, I'm getting the same thing and I'm going to lose out on some players if it's not resolved. I can't find anyway to contact support either