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  1. Icardi to 91 is right. Belotti will have a +2 now and another + 1 at the ond of the season i think.
  2. i would say 89 for sure and 90 at the end of the season, but let's see
  3. I would say 84 but i don't want to be too optimistic. Anyway Serie A is a higher rated place than League 1 and to play in a team like AC Milan at this age (scoring a fantastic goal in the win against Juventus) is extraordinary
  4. Guys, probably you know that, but if he's free in your game world and you haven't buy him yet, you absolutely have to get Belotti from Torino. He will have a +2 for sure in the next review and will probably get 90 at the end of the season. After that season a top club will buy him i guess, cause his skills are very strong. If you don't know that, recently Torino put the contract term until 2021 and the buyout clause was fixed at 100 million euro for the foreign.
  5. Amine Harit 76-82 I have this nice one
  6. Thanks for the advice, Rugani anyway plays for Juve and i wouldn't sell him in any case, i really think he will be one of the best CB in the world in just few years. Zivkovic seems to be a youngster, but effectively hasn't play in this season, i will consider if sell him for someone better.
  7. Perfect! So, this is the above 85: 94 G. Bale 94 A. Griezmann 93 P. Aubameyang 91 J. Oblak 91 P. Evra (my team is youth but i bought him cause his value is olnly 2.8M) 91 R. Lukaku 90 K. Koulibaly 90 C. Casemiro 90 S. Roberto 90. N. Kanté 89 J. Stones 89 E. Dier 89 D. Alli 89 C. Immobile (i think he will raise up in the next review, after that i will sell him) 88 A Areola 88 D. Rugani 88 J. Weigl 87 V. Lindelof 87 N. Sule 87 M. Dahoud 87 J. Brandt 87 M. Asensio 87 M. Niang 86 M. Pjaca 85 G. Donnarumma 85 F. Wallace 85 J. Meré 85 A. Diawara 85 A. Zivkovic 85 L. Bailey 85 S. Driussi 85 M. El Haddadi 85 G. Jesus 85 O. Dembélé
  8. Hi guys, my squad is composed by something like 180 players, so i really think i have to sell someone If i post the team here someone will be so crazy to help me?
  9. Koulibaly maybe will not raise up in this review but, trust me, he is a beast
  10. Few minutes for him, he will stay in this review
  11. Aubameyang to 94? I really think he deserves it.
  12. He's not in the database yet but another nice player is Giulio Maggiore, 18 yo playing for Spezia. By the way he is also one of my best friends in real life!
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