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  1. Hello kindly try out the formation above, follow all instructions let's see what will be the outcome
  2. Hey man, first of all, I'm happy to read that this tactics works for you. You need to understand that there are upsets in games. Not that you won't drop points, of course you will. However, you can be guaranteed of having better results, you'll be rated amongst the best in your game world. With your consistent using of the tactics, I promise you trophies, just follow the instruction as stated above, ensure your players are fit and they have a minimum of 95% fitness condition. Let me let you know this, best managers are not known for the numbers of players they have in their team, it's how you are able to manage them, have your consistent starting Xi and your replacement for each position. Others in the team could be loaned out or sold, these will help the mentality of the team, and will help your team achieve, unhappy condition brings down the morale of the team... I hope you understand me?
  3. I still play, but the only game world I'm in is almost filled up, so it'll be less competitive for you. If you have a game world I can join it's cool, although I'll prefer it to be an euro championship thanks.. I await your response
  4. you have a great squad, try out this tactics and see how you will prevail!.. thank me later
  5. in this case use make messi your play maker, he will deliver.. thanks! So sorry i am responding late been occupied lately
  6. Do you still playing?

  7. Hi bro,wat is the best way to face a strong 4231 and ur team is weaker?..thks

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bigjum71


      What is yhe best tactics to use if your team is the weaker in the league,i know im asking much,but im fed up of losing,cause my team is theweakest


    3. ADEXYNA


      the instruction you sent is not clear enough, kindly send a screenshot of the team instruction and the Play style... thanks


    4. ADEXYNA


      whats the team instruction and the play style for the 433 wingers? the two things matters, i will need a screenshot of this too

  8. Hello 

    Canal you help me make a  squadra for my tem??

    1. ADEXYNA


      list your team here let me see


    2. Palpiero


      I have different teams and i like to know the best formation and tactics..

      I need to know the formation and best instructions..

  9. it works, big name players do not really work anymore tactics win games
  10. you also have a very nice squad too, i have won league with squad with lower rating where ronaldo, messi and others are not in my team,....... i use to say its not about club rating/big names, its actually about how you are able to counter your opponent with a better tactics, this your opponent team is beatable, let me share you one of my tactics that has won me trophies, and still working well for they that i gave and haven't stopped using it... IT GOES THUS :- 5 - 2- 3 if you have another player with D,dmr, it would be preferable however if you don't you can use Dr in the position of number (5) give a defensive arrow to your number (8) then let the instruction be :- HARD DEFENSIVE MIXED DOWN BOTH FLANK NORMAL OWN AREA.... let your play style be :- thick All, except play maker please, kindly adhere strictly to the instructions of the tactics any mistake might cost you A lot, trust me it is very effective... you'd be about the result
  11. It actually depends on the team you're playing against, but this tactics works very well, almost for all tactics
  12. Buy a defense midfielder that's what you need
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