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  1. Hello kindly try out the formation above, follow all instructions let's see what will be the outcome
  2. Hey man, first of all, I'm happy to read that this tactics works for you. You need to understand that there are upsets in games. Not that you won't drop points, of course you will. However, you can be guaranteed of having better results, you'll be rated amongst the best in your game world. With your consistent using of the tactics, I promise you trophies, just follow the instruction as stated above, ensure your players are fit and they have a minimum of 95% fitness condition. Let me let you know this, best managers are not known for the numbers of players they have in their team, it
  3. I still play, but the only game world I'm in is almost filled up, so it'll be less competitive for you. If you have a game world I can join it's cool, although I'll prefer it to be an euro championship thanks.. I await your response
  4. you have a great squad, try out this tactics and see how you will prevail!.. thank me later
  5. in this case use make messi your play maker, he will deliver.. thanks! So sorry i am responding late been occupied lately
  6. it works, big name players do not really work anymore tactics win games
  7. you also have a very nice squad too, i have won league with squad with lower rating where ronaldo, messi and others are not in my team,....... i use to say its not about club rating/big names, its actually about how you are able to counter your opponent with a better tactics, this your opponent team is beatable, let me share you one of my tactics that has won me trophies, and still working well for they that i gave and haven't stopped using it... IT GOES THUS :- 5 - 2- 3 if you have another player with D,dmr, it would be preferable however if you don't you can use Dr in the p
  8. It actually depends on the team you're playing against, but this tactics works very well, almost for all tactics
  9. Buy a defense midfielder that's what you need
  10. You can use this tactics, it's very helpful!
  11. With the 4-3-3 I don't use arrows Surew It work perfectly for me, I played a cup final and a league decider match with the 4-3-3 and both resultd were positive that made me won double last season, and the rest of the league games with 4-2-3-1b
  12. I have been using this for a while now just decided no to release not until special and emergency situations
  13. 4-3-3b team instructions Normal Normal Mixed Down both flanks Normal Own area play style activate :- Counter attack Men behind ball Target man Tight marking Use play maker NB:- USE BERNARDO SILVA AS YOUR NUMBER 7 YOU CAN ALSO (USE ANY PLAYER WITH (MC AMRLC) AND ALSO AS YOUR PLAY MAKER, USE HEUNG MIN SON AS YOU STRIKER (9) SINCE YOU DON'T HAVE A NATURAL STRIKER, USE CARRASCO AND EL SHARRAWY ON BOTH FLANKS! Lad you're good to go! THANK ME LATER..... please use as said it will surely work I believe!
  14. I dont believe it's the numbers of game played, i think it's your team's performance, if your team have been performing excellently and vice versa it will affect your morale, not even when you have the best squad,because I've once had a great team but my team still got relegated even lost to unmanaged clubs not until I had to sell some and change my tactics things started coming back to normal.. On concern issues, this has been a major blow for most managers trying to keep flocks of players, I hate it when you have almost all 93/+ rated players and others don't it's just selfish in
  15. Wow good, you can do it!, If you are playing against a manager that you lost to in the first leg, just do me a favour get me the formation he uses,the in-game instructions and his play style, get it ready a week or more before the match, send as private message and we'll see what we could do about it You must win the league this time!
  16. I have once had this kind of team 89/90 back in 2016 you should know their rating?? first season was a hell after I gained promotion to the top flight, the second season I went on to win the title and the cup with the likes of El sharawy,Willam calvaho,phil Jones, Eric dier, granit xhaka, alexandro florenzi, giroud , iker muniain , Mo Salah,and marcos brozovic, Bernardo silva, PERRIN(89) as my goal keeper only had xabi Alonso as the senior player rated 92 imagine this having squad in an 8club slot where there are also competitive managers.... I used this same tactics in that game world t
  17. Happy to see this result against a team with 93/94 as average rating compared to yours 89/90 its just crazy keep it up man ! Hoping for more good news from you..... What position are you in the table log?? And how many matches to go?
  18. I'm still trying to figure out where you used the arrows on you 2&3 6&8 I couldn't find in the screenshot you send here! Please follow all instructions as said... Let the arrow attack on your 2&3 and let the arrow face your home on your 6&8 okay? And try again
  19. Happy to hear this 😃😃, hope for more better results, just stick to it and follow all the instructions, you are good to go! New tactics? yes, however Continue with this if you need help contact me
  20. thats why news feed is there, you can do that in the news feed............give me one of your game world I.D and lemme come and challenge your 4-3-3 A
  21. There is this thing I want you to understand, you just started using the tactics, you have to let your team get used to the tactics use, frequently it happened to me in one of my game worlds too but I eventually won the championship sticking to it , and even beat the best team in the euro cup final But if you feel it's not gonna work for you then Try this 4-2-3-1 no arrows, activate all the instructions, and play Normal Normal mixed Down both flanks Normal all over Make your 10 your play maker you are good to go!
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