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  1. Cheers all for suggestions, cheap Brunt looks a good choice
  2. Anyone know any decent Utility players, a bit like James Milner that can play accross most positions?
  3. Dwight Gayle? Got random +1 only last week, but Newcastle haven't been reviewed yet. I thought he would have got at least a +2
  4. No rise for Eden Hazard? He has been one of the best players in the world all season.
  5. I dunno like, Look at other 95s, Aguero, Muller, Lewandowski, Busquets. I wouldn't class Hazard any better than those. For me, Hazard stay, you should not get a 96 without a Champions League medal.
  6. Bugger, sorry thought I was in German one. ha Browsing too much...
  7. Any thoughts on; Lahm Tah Andreas Christensen Weigl
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