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  1. I play every time 4-3-3B down both flanks, with arrows on players 10, 11 and no other arrows used. Since i wrote this i had many matches with strong opponents, and i can tell the duel 4-3-3B vs 4-3-3B its a luck game, no body will dominate no one, it will only matter which team is more efficient. The 4-4-2 B is a good formation, in fact a very good formation. If your team starts to get used to it, and it gets more chemistry with the players, you can even maybe win the league with it. But 4-4-2 B must have the perfectly shaped players for it, and always use the down both flanks tactic, wi
  2. Hi, it is similar to the 4-1-4-1 formation of city, the results are mostly positive you will have possession against any formation, but the team needs to be adapted to the tactics, i use attacking mentality, down both flanks and hard tackles with normal tempo and pressure all over, for the players instructions i use only 3 counter attack, use playmaker and use striker
  3. Hi, there is a huge problem with the 4-3-3 B formation and that is the unpredictability that it posses it when playing against same formation, it's just anything can happen you may lose you may win, it doesn't depend on the teams strength but... there is one formation that can make 4-3-3 B huge problems and that is 4-2-3-1 B but even this doesn't guarantee you a win....
  4. I wanna hear other opinions about the 4-5-1 B formation, I did some review myself and i can tell that this formation is perfectly build for those who play possession football Here in this pic is an example how i play in one league, with the wide players an arrow forward, the results are mixed but if u give it time it can turn up into one of the best formations that was hugely under looked. So what are you thoughts, will u be give it a try?
  5. Hi SM folk, i would like to make a petition but i don't know how, about adding the 4-1-4-1 formation that Guardiola uses at Man City, i think the formation is unique and not like any other, i know a lot will say that the 4-5-1 B is the same as that but it isn't, because the two CM before the DM should be AM and the 4-5-1 B is a defensive formation it should be more attacking. So i would like to suggest that the SM team to add it up
  6. the best formation against 4-4-2 default is 4-4-1-1
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