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  1. Nothing for Kiernan Dewsbury-Hal? Big miss
  2. Hehehe i really wasnt feeling it this time but i took 2 weeks holiday to see the euro (and other things )..no shame to lose to Belgium and sent home at the same time that France, Germany..and so on Who to blame? Germany or Goosens...its the same, Cancelo, Bruno Fernandes, Fernando Santos, Hazard, Nelson Semedo, Post, Portuguese mentality and Ronaldo of course and always
  3. i saw that. It was only once against Poland
  4. We can see Luis Enrique asking him and then Busquets...that penalty was no surprise
  5. Sory still catching up my 2 weeks holidays
  6. We have to wait and see cause its a big question mark this transfer. Benfica fans are really happy that he will leave (twitter or insta episode killed his chances at the club and reveals that he is still a child).
  7. Ferro needs to play and Lets see Carmo after injury but atm Carmo.
  8. U have to put Daniel Bragança in the mix. What a left foot. That 3 put a first touch show in some moments.
  9. Not yet but almost. Could get a +1. Sell if u need the cash.
  10. Nothing special from what i saw...even as a moneymaker +1/+2
  11. Yes he is: Luiz Henrique 19 yo 76 500 k
  12. I understand he is that kind of player...forgeatable...dont know why but it is. Of course this season its almost impossible.
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