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  1. Can a player rise in level of concern even though he is injured for weeks during a 12 game phase?
  2. In my main world which is 9 seasons old i have won the title playing 4231 4 times as have the other sides, i changed to a 433a for a season to try and combat my rival but fell short by inconsistency, i think the fact that he is on average 4 points above your side it will be hard no matter what you play but it can be achieved...What it will do is give you a chance to compete whilst your players hopefully improve and then compete for the title but 4231 will give you the better chance...
  3. Always find the 4231 wide usually comes out on top, things may have changed with game updates, maybe others can add their thoughts...
  4. yeh, that's what i've set up at the moment, had so many cup games my squad is a pretty tired but i've been subbing at 45 and replacing them with similar rated players with similar fitness...
  5. What would be more beneficial, to play 94/95 rated players at 86-88% fitness or 91's at 100% ?? i'm looking to sub the 94/95s early in the game if i start them?? Thoughts would be appreciated...
  6. Thanks for info mate. much appreciated.
  7. Is it true that if a manager bids first for an unmanaged player he gets him if all bids are maxed out and does a manager who adds a player also have the advantage over a straight cash deal??
  8. If a player is out of position how much will that effect his performance or is it all dependent on rating? for example, say a 94 mid playing at LB what would his actual rating drop to, or is it just performance based i.e 6 out of 10 rating??
  9. Seems to, i played a mate in a cup game and just after 8pm we would show our line ups ect to add a bit of interest to proceedings but after seeing i'd played a strong XI he changed his accordingly and by 8:45 when result came in he had put his first team back in and knocked me out in the semi finals!! There's a few glitches if you can find them!!
  10. How important are player conditions in relation to the game engine and if so what would be the lowest level to compete as cup games become less priority to the league, i have also noticed that in cup games energy has dropped less after the games, does anyone know if this is correct??
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