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  1. I'd keep an eye on Arab Contractors players though, I've heard they're building for the future 😀
  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself 😁
  3. Absolute joke that Malang Sarr didn't increase. Was one of the best defenders in Ligue 1 this season. Ridiculous. And if Montpellier's squad cap increased to 89, then Skhiri should have gone up with it.
  4. I think it is editing all the players whose loans ended, now that the season is over. Looking at the players, that seems the most likely
  5. Russia will finally be up after Colombia is finished I think
  6. He is strongly linked, in the last week/couple of days, to a double deal that would take him and Vitao to Barcelona in the summer. That might be the cause of a few people only now bidding on him. Out of curiosity, how come you have signed him if you didn't already know that he is an upcoming talent? You must have signed him before the Barca links, so the reasons that encouraged you to buy him before should tell you he is worth keeping regardless of the Barca links. Either way, I would keep him. His potential alone makes him more valuable than anything a manager's chairman would all
  7. I know he has been said to be CM in a 433, but that win against Mainz looked more like a 4141 with him and Havertz AMs, Bailey and Bellarabi on the wings and Aranguiz holding. It really doesn’t look like a 433 and Brandt isn’t a CM, but he was great wherever he was playing!
  8. I agree, I would have thought it too early, but there it is. I also agree Schouten has nothing to do with it, that was random. Predicting Eredivisie is not based on Schouten's increase, it's the recent changes in Soccerwiki as they always do before they review a league - from bottom to top. So I'm pretty sure it will be Netherlands and, yes, I guess it'll be one of Belgium, Portugal, Russia etc. We'll know nearer the time.
  9. I think Dutch Eredivisie will be reviewed after Argentina is done with.
  10. And it'll be Argentina to be reviewed next I think. So that's the next six months taken care of.
  11. Maybe they got bored of him being 91! If that was the case, I’d have thought 90 was better! Manolas 🙄
  12. Would you expect a +1 for Berge based on his performances and hype (I guess)? He had a minor injury which limited his game time but he has been crucial to Genks great early season. He looks a great prospect.
  13. As someone suggested, I think those little Turkey reviews were just for the lead up to Christmas! Anyway, I'm confident that I'm back on form, and not a one off decent game like Wilshere! More consistent performer, you know, like Giorgi Chakvetadze, just EnglishChakvetadze just doesn't have the same ring to it. It's going to be 3-1, sure of it.
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