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  1. Re: Rangers v Celtic 4=2 to rangers hopefully a classic old firm
  2. hi there folks.....been a while since i have posted......but is silvestre not due an increase in rating 87 seems a bit harsh
  3. Re: Yesterdays Results yeh i seen that post just now. but why cant i get into chat?
  4. Re: Yesterdays Results thas strange then.. i had 2 tranfers meant to be going through last night nothing.....and i still says im barred from chat room please try later. i dont understand its not as if i go into the chatroom and abuse people i talk about football......
  5. hi guys have any of your transfers from yesterday gone through? and are you all banned from the chatroom?
  6. Re: Euro 2008 wow really he might go down just because he plays for a smaller club...think he will be playing in the final tho. and what about boumsong is he worth taking a chance on now he is back playing in france?
  7. Re: Euro 2008 daniel guiza. why has he not got a better rating what a class finisher he is
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... what about ya ya toure
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... anyone????
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... im tryingto get a deal through....im rangers selling Mathieu DELPIERRE to spurs. i didnt really want to sell him but the bid was 30 million so i couldnt really turn it down so i spent some time lookin for replacements. then the deal never went through then i dropped the price to 29.5 million still no joy now its at 28.5.....the reason is the spurs manager not happy with the deal....so i was wondering what sort of money he will go for? was going to get jean alain bousong as his replacement does anyone know how he is playing for lyon? i remeber him at rangers he
  11. Re: RB help i would go for hutton too he is a really good player.
  12. Re: Euro 2008 i dont watch russian football but ZYRYANOV has been a stand out for me in the russian team, good player
  13. whats the thoughts of the people here on him? is he a key member of the barca team? is he dew a rise in the next rating changes?
  14. Re: david weir he should go up he has been playing superb for rangers along side big carlos....hopefully they will keep sporting out tonight........
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