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  1. Gw ID 348003 Each division with 20 teams based on the new Indian FA format Join still in pre seasons 8 clubs taken more 32 still available
  2. GW ID 348003 20 teams in each of the two divisions. Join it's still in pre seasons
  3. GW ID - 348003 Join New game world based on the Indian Football Association format with 2 divisions. The division 1 is filled with 20 teams from the ISL and I League, the second division is filled with rest of the 15 Indian teams and rest 5 teams are from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Thailand Intrested people are welcome
  4. JOIN New League based on Indian Football Association with two divisions. First division is filled with the ISl teams and I league Teams making it 20 teams per league, the second division is filled with rest of the 15 Indian teams and the rest 5 teams are from Thaliland, Afghanistan and Myanmar. Interested active managers are welcomed to join GW ID - 348003
  5. I'd like to know what happens when a player get injured during the match, will he be automatically substituted
  6. Substitutions based on condition and in match ratings might do some real magic for the managers, creation of a feature which substitute the players concerned automatically according to the in game situation (ratings and conditions) Ai transfer stategy should be made more authentic, now what i've seen is a player is transferred by the AI only to the teams in the country which the player belongs to, the transfer frequency can be made available as a feature in game world settings to match the managed teams in the league Auto pick should be made according to the form or ratings of the pl
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