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  1. Someone with predictions ? Mine.. Ajax Villareal Shakthar Donetsk Arsenal Tottenham Manchester United Glasgow Rangers Granada
  2. Victor Guzman (18).. 70 --> 80 Santiago Muñoz (17).. 67 --> 73 2 biggest Mexican talents at the moment..
  3. Nathan Patterson (19) knicked Royal Antwerp out the Europa League today with a goal. A young interesting player from Scotland..
  4. Added today... You'll find the added players in OP (Opening Post) Worth to buy Peder Meen Johansen Vuk Strikovic (!) Bamba Dieng
  5. Sergio Arribas (19) made his Champions League debut at Real Madrid in to be honest not a great game..
  6. De Jong - 6 (defensive midfielder) Foden - 8 (central midfielder) Not the same.
  7. Almost has them all in 1 team except Donnarumma again.. I have them all in 1 team expect Donnarumma.. 😛 De Jong.
  8. Jamal Musiala (17) has chosen at the moment for Germany.. Another German talent upcoming. Wirtz, Moukoko and Musiala. Wow. 🤩🇩🇪
  9. 3 young players got a contract at Ajax FC. Surely to follow further.. Kristian Hlynsson (Iceland) ↳ 2023 Rico Speksnijder ↳ 2024 Yoram Boerhout ↳ 2024 Photo from his old club..
  10. Kiril Popov Team: Dynamo Kyiv U19 Age: 17 Position: Forward 2021: vs Olimpik Donetsk U19 .. 4 goals vs Desna under 19 .. 5 goals A total of 9 goals in 2 games, and during the season he has 14 goals and is top scorer. This is the younger brother of Denis Popov, the under-20 world champion.
  11. Jamal Musiala (17) made his first Champions League goal for Bayern Munich. So young and already known in the media.. Special!
  12. Ignace Van Der Brempt made his debut as starter, but Thomas Van Den Keybus (19) made his first official debut yesterday. Club NXT is developping talent for the first team.. Nice to see...
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