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  1. Salah 97/98 ? Now you're being ridiculous..
  2. Not won anything ? Euhm... Champions League, World Championship for teams and 2nd in Ballon D'Or.
  3. Still 4 days to go to get new players... In this list all the transfers will be posted: Wintertransfers in Belgium
  4. OFFICIAL: Thomas Didillon left RSC Anderlecht on loan for KRC Genk This is bad news for Coucke. He will rise because he has enough minutes after his name, but Didillon will take his place normally...
  5. This isn't humour. He doesn't know him. I'm not a basketball fan, but even I know him. In which world does he live ?..
  6. Another update: Keri and her daugther Alyssa. An ex-base ball coach John Altobelli and basketbal coach Christina Mauser. Sarah and Payton Chester were also in the helicopter. Ara Zobayan was the pilot. All of them didn't survive. R.I.P ! Another news: Maybe you guys don't know him, but Robbie Rensenbrink (72) also passed away this weekend. I never saw him playing, but according to a lot of fans he was one of the best players Belgium knew in our competition. R.I.P, Robbie.
  7. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant Update: his daugther Gianna (13) was also in the plane
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