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  1. SUMMER TRANSFERS '20 -- '21... Due to a lot of uncertainty with our Belgian first division thanks to an arrogance of our football association, I only focuse on this 14 teams at the moment. CLUB BRUGGE IN... OUT... Jordi Vanlerberghe (goes to KV Mechelen) Mbaye Diagne (back to Galatasaray) ZULTE WAREGEM IN... ● Jelco Schamp, Bram Naert and Dion De Neve [Zulte Waregem Youth => Zulte Waregem] ● Daniel Opare (29 years old, Ghana) [Royal Antwerp => Zulte Waregem] OUT... Davy De Fauw (stops) ON LOAN... Robert Mühren (to SC Cambuur) KAA GENT IN... ● Matheo Parmentier (17 years old, Belgium) [Lokeren OSV => KAA Gent] ● Davy Roef (26 years old, Belgium) [RSC Anderlecht => KAA Gent] ● Jordan Botaka (26 years old, Congo) [STVV => KAA Gent] ● Samy Mahour (17 years old, France) [Montrouge FC => KAA Gent] ● Nurìo Fortuna (25 years old, Angola) [Charleroi SC => KAA Gent, € 6 million] ● Dino Arslanagic (27 years old, Belgium) [Royal Antwerp => KAA Gent] ● Alexandre De Bruyn (26 years old, Belgium) [STVV => KAA Gent] OUT... ON LOAN TO... Franko Andrijasevic (to HNK Rijeka) Eric Smith (IFK Nörrkoping) CHARLEROI SC IN... ● Guillaume Gillet (36 years old, Belgium) [Free... => Charleroi SC] ● Frank Tsadjout (20 years old, Italy) [AC Milan on loan with option to Charleroi] OUT... Nurìo Fortuna (goes to KAA Gent, € 6 million) ROYAL ANTWERP IN... ● Koji Miyoshi (23 years old, Japan) [Kawasaki Frontale => Royal Antwerp] ● Ivan Leko (new head coach) ● Jean Butez (25 years old, France) [Excel Moeskroen => Royal Antwerp] ● Birger Verstraete (26 years old, Belgium) [FC Köln on loan with option to Royal Antwerp] ● Dragan Lausberg (18 years old, Belgium) [Standard Luik => Royal Antwerp] ● Frank Boya (23 years old, Cameroon) [Excel Moeskroen => Royal Antwerp] OUT... Dino Arslanagic (goes to KAA Gent) Amara Baby (goes to KAS Eupen) Daniel Opare (goes to Zulte Waregem) Antoine Bernier (goes to Seraing United) Gaël Kakudji (goes to Seraing United) Steven Defour (Free...) Jens Teunckens (end of contract) Kevin Mirallas (end of contract) Sinan Bolat (end of contract) Wesley Hoedt (back to Southampton) STANDARD DE LIÈGE IN... ● Laurent Henkinet (27 years old, Belgium) [OH Leuven => Standard De Liège] ● Philippe Montanier (new head coach) ● Moussa Sissako (19 years old, Mali) [PSG => Standard De Liège] ● Abdoul Fessal Tapsoba, Damjan Pavlovic, Michel-Ange Balikwisha and Mitchy Ntelo [Standard De Liège Youth => Standard De Liège] OUT... Dragan Lausberg (goes to Royal Antwerp) Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (back to Torino) Orlando Sà (end of contract) Luis Pedro Cavanda (end of contract) KV KORTRIJK IN... ● Gilles Dewaele (24 years old, Belgium) [KVC Westerlo => KV Kortrijk] ● Michiel Jonckheere (30 years old, Belgium) [KV Oostende => KV Kortrijk] ● Adam Jakubech (23 years old, Slowakia) [Lille OSC on loan to KV Kortrijk] OUT... Lucas Tuta (back to Eintracht Frankfurt) Adam Jakubech (back to LOSC Lille) Fraser Hornby (back to Everton FC) Sébastien Bruzesse (end of contract) ON LOAN... Andrii Batsula (to Dynamo Minsk) KV OOSTENDE IN... ● Marko Kvasina (23 years old, Austria) [SV Mattersburg => KV Oostende] ● Maxime D'Arpino (24 years old, France) [US Orléans => KV Oostende] ● Théo Ndicka (20 years old, France) [Olympique Lyon => KV Oostende] OUT... Wout Faes (goes to... Stade Reims) Michiel Jonckheere (goes to... KV Kortrijk) Logan Ndenbe (goes to... EA Guingamp) Louis Verstraete (back to Royal Antwerp) Ante Palaversa (back to Manchester City) Idrissa Sylla (back to Zulte Waregem) Adama Niane (back to Charleroi) Amadou Sagna (back to Club Brugge) Nicolas Lombaerts (end of contract) Renato Neto (end of contract) Joseph Akpala (end of contract) Ronald Vargas (end of contract) KAS EUPEN IN... ● Amara Baby (31 years old, Senegal) [Royal Antwerp => KAS Eupen] ● Théo Defourny (28 years old, Belgium) [Lokeren OSV => KAS Eupen] ● Knowledge Musona (30 years old, Zimbabwe) [RSC Anderlecht on loan to KAS Eupen] ● Senna Miangue (23 years old, Belgium) [Cagliari on loan to KAS Eupen] OUT... Saïed Ezatolahi (back to FK Rostov) Omid Ebrahimi (back to Al Ahli) Jon Bautista (back to Real Sociedad) Olivier Verdon (back to Deportivo Alaves) Smail Prevljak (back to RB Salzburg) Jonathan Bolingi (back to Royal Antwerp) Mégan Laurent (Free...) Flavio Campiachetti (Free...) RSC ANDERLECHT IN... ● Ilias Takidine (19 years old, Belgium) [KRC Genk => RSC Anderlecht] ● Timon Wellenreuther (24 years old, Germany) [Willem II => RSC Anderlecht] OUT... Alexis Saelemaekers (goes to AC Milan, 3.5 million euros) Davy Roef (goes to KAA Gent) Andy Najar (goes to Los Angeles FC) Frank Boeckx (stops) Nacer Chadli (back to AS Monaco) ON LOAN TO.... Knowledge Musona (to KAS Eupen) Thierry Lutonda (with option to RKC Waalwijk) STVV IN... ● Chris Durkin (20 years old, USA) [DC United => STVV, € 1 million] ● Jarne Steuckers (18 years old, Belgium) [STVV Youth => STVV] ● Keito Nakamura (19 years old, Japan) [Gamba Osaka on loan to STVV] ● Facundo Colidio (20 years old, Argentina) [Internazionale on loan to STVV] OUT... Wataru Endo (goes to VFB Stuttgart, 1.7 million euros) Jordan Botaka (goes to KAA Gent, € 600K) Alexandre De Bruyn (goes to KAA Gent, € 600K) Thibault De Smet (goes to Stade Reims, € 700K) Elton Acolatse (goes to Apoel Beer Shiva) Steven De Petter (stops) Tibo Herbots (Free...) Maxime Wenssens (Free...) Ian Opdenakker (Free...) Thomas Doore (Free...) KV MECHELEN IN... ● Jordi Vanlerberghe (23 years old, Belgium) [Club Brugge KV => KV Mechelen] ● Rocky Bushiri (20 years old, Belgium) [Norwich City on loan to KV Mechelen] ● Gaëtan Coucke (22 years old, Belgium) [KRC Genk => KV Mechelen] OUT... Dante Vanzeir (back to KRC Genk) Bram Castro (end of contract) Clément Tainmont (end of contract) Alexander Corryn (end of contract) Arjan Swinkels (end of contract) Mamadou Bakayoko (end of contract) ON LOAN... Arno Valkenaers (to THES Sport) KRC GENK IN... ● Daniel Muñoz (24 years old, Colombia) [Atlético Nacional => KRC Genk, € 4.5 million] ● Eboué Kouassi (22 years old, Côte D'Ivoire) [Glasgow Celtic => KRC Genk, € 1.5 milion] ● Cyriel Dessers (25 years old, Nigeria) [Heracles Almelo => KRC Genk, € 4 million] OUT... Ianis Hagi (goes to Glasgow Rangers, € 3.5 million) Vladimir Screciu (goes to Universitatea Craiova) Gaëtan Coucke (goes to KV Mechelen) Ilias Takidine (goes to RSC Anderlecht) Tom Reyners (goes to Waasland-Beveren) CERCLE BRUGGE IN... ● Serge-Philippe Raux Yao (21 years old, France) [AJ Auxerre => Cercle Brugge] ● Olivier Scholaert (19 years old) and Figo Suffys (19 years old) [Cercle Brugge Youth => Cercle Brugge] ● Alexander Corryn (26 years old, Belgium) [KV Mechelen => Cercle Brugge] OUT... Godfred Donsah (back to Bologna)
  2. Jeppe Kjær Club - AC Horsens Age - 16 Position - AM(RL), A(RLC) Nationality - Denmark The young Dane has made his debut in Denmark since the restart of the competition. 1 goal and 3 assists in his first 2 games at AC Horsens. The AC Horsens team have won - even if they are only 2 matches - everything with Kjær in the team. He has a special technique, reasonably fast and really has football intelligence. The comparison in here is a bit overdone, but this short video shows some special skills. Jeppe Kjær is already being followed by the Dutch top team, Ajax FC. They will not be alone. I still advise him earlier to first focus a full year on AC Horsens and become decisive in Denmark. 5 games in the Superligæn Abstiegsrunde (Danish Play-Offs) with 1 goal and 3 assists. SM - 65 Value - € 140K
  3. UPDATE I decided this "Talents Outside Big Five" to give an upgrade. The focus (Thuram is an exception) is from now on u14 - u23, so you'll see younger players, but also the older youngsters. Some developp faster, some break through on their 21th, 22th and not so fast.. NEW "Talents Inside Big Five" is made... probably this one, will be filled in just step by step..
  4. Yeah, I probably will chose for Osimhen to sell. David made more impression in Gent in Belgium on me then Osimhen in Charleroi in Belgium. On short term Osimhen is the better choice (will rise sooner), but for the future I'm taking Jonathan David to keep in the squad. Will leave KAA Gent normally this summer and if he developps further he will surely have a chance for a + 1 or + 2, depending on which club he choses.
  5. Dusan Stojinovic Club – NK Celje Age – 19 Position – D(C) Nationality – Slovenia The Slovenian central defender makes an impression in his own country as a central defender. He is a player who is especially accurate in his tackles and likes to play on the ground. NK Celje took him away 2 years ago from a less highly regarded team in Slovenia. He has taken many steps since then. He is nr. 3 of NK Celje, follow that player in the video. There is very little to be found about this talent, but based on what I have already seen him play ... I have already talked about his accuracy and his footballing ability, but also physically and in dueling strength he is also quite far for a player who only plays in Slovenia. Bologna and SK Galatasaray are both already very interested in him. Wondering where he will play next season. For the price that Stojinovic is in the Soccer Manager database, he is a fairly cheap player for what he has already accomplished. A must buy, especially for at least as an investment. 28 games (1 goal) in the Prva Liga SM – 74 Value – 320K
  6. No, that's not true. Probably 80 million from Napoli. +- 12 million euros goes to Charleroi, not KAA Gent.
  7. UPDATE My "TOP 100 - Worldwide u17-u20" is almost done, probably next week I'm sharing my TOP 100. I worked on this for a while
  8. He prefers actually to play in Bundesliga, but he's open for it indeed.
  9. KAA Gent wants 30 million euros, so not for immediately...
  10. The agenda of next season is known. Immediately 2 top games between Club Brugge and Charleroi + Royal Antwerp and KAA Gent. Excited.
  11. He just left Club Brugge for Brighton. He had a long injury and he wasn't ready for a chance in Club Brugge. I don't see much in him. The only good thing is that he is cheap and probably an investment on really long term
  12. Didn't play much yet, but in the games he played he was important. He will play more next season, has the same adjustment that Rodrygo and Vinicius had. I think so yes, can replace Isco in Real Madrid as attacking midfielder
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