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  1. Sell or keep? Mateus VITAL Murilo CERQUEIRA Lucas VERISSIMO Matheus FERNANDES Barberan MAYCON Carvalho VITINHO
  2. Sell or keep? Tomás CONECHNY Cristian PAVÓN Franco LÓPEZ Gonzalo MARONI
  3. Ferreira EVANDER keep or sell?
  4. rank please Brandt, ÇALHANOĞLU, MARTIAL, GORETZKA and FEKIR
  5. Lewis COOK, Rob HOLDING, Jack STEPHENS, Izzy BROWN keep or sell?
  6. What about Willi Orban? Dont deserves to rise? Fifth time playing in Leipzig
  7. Fabinho can rise or for now in Monaco 91 is max?
  8. Dimitri OBERLIN keep or sell? He rise today
  9. Sir Rachul De Gea 95 Courtois 93? You think this is so big difference between them?
  10. Can Linetty and Torreira rise in Sampdoria, or this is the limit in that team? The same with Stark in Hertha
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