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  1. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers No I didn't! SM removed them from my account... but I cannot understand why Multiple accounts? Why would I? Illegal transfers? I sold and bought all my players for their exact chairman value I sent a ticket but it was immediately deleted. Did someone report me to SM for doing something? If so can I know why?
  2. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers Why the hell I don't own Barca anymore??? Did I break any rules???
  3. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) Why should Balotelli rise? For what?
  4. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers Still have 171.6 mill And it's increasing after every 2 games! am I going to do with that? I don't want to buy all the Uruguayan players in the game =/ Btw, Iris the setup is not full. Newcastle / Nigeria, Spartak Moskva / Austria and VFB Stuttgart / Switzerland are all unmanaged.
  5. Re: Questions a) 2 GKs (as SM will soon make them get injured), ...10 players for the league, ...10 players for the cup, ...another 2 defenders, ...another 2 midfielders, ...another 1 forward. They won't play well on the flanks. You can play all of them in a 3-4-1-2 though; Fabregas - CM, Kaka - AM, Messi & Ronaldinho - Fs. c) No. He'll only give you money at the end of each season. The higher you'll finish; the higher the cash. d) Didn't ever try it tbh... e) No. f) Buffon, Robinho, Kolo Toure will all decrease by 1. ...Fabregas, Aguero, Torres and Capdevilla will all keep
  6. Re: 2D Match Engine Don't worry guys, I don't think we'll still be alive when the 2D match-engine is introduced...
  7. Re: Formations Personally, I don't like them. Tbh I don't think they really work... SM made them just to make the game more realistic IMO.
  8. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers The 5-4-1 makes magics
  9. Re: rawr. [: To play in the English Championship is a dream for a Maltese footballer. And tbh I don't think I'll ever see another Maltese player rated 86+ on SM in the rest of my life.
  10. Re: rawr. [: I know, that's why I replied in that way.
  11. Re: rawr. [: Welcome, liba Another guy from Malta Have fun
  12. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? Are you waiting for someone to come and say "hahaha" ?? Ok; hahaha! :confused:
  13. Re: Formations 3-4-1-2 Van Der Sar Vidic ..... Ferdinand ..... Evra Govou ..... Marcos Senna ..... Modric / Raul Garcia / De Jong ..... Ronaldo Maxi Rodriguez Rooney ..... Berbatov Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Tick Play Offside, Use Play Maker (Ronaldo) and Use Target Man (Berbatov).
  14. Re: .Fabregas' Avatars And Other Grafficks LOL I want the Liverpool shirt with the A-Style logo Can you make it a bit small so that I can make it as my sig please? Thanks
  15. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? I don't even know why I'm banned The one who banned me wasn't a mod or stuff like that lol... mods should learn that they shouldn't give power to "common" members.
  16. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another win for Uruguay (Barca)! 2 - 4 Paraguay ........................................ Uruguay A goal from Monaco's Diego Perez and another from Porto's Cristian Rodriguez gave the lead (2-0) to Uruguay in less than 10 minutes. Paraguay's Valdez and Dos Santos scored a goal each to give Paraguay the equaliser. Atletico Madrid's Fo
  17. Re: Midfielder rising from around 84ish? Wijnaldum 82 -> 86 Claudemir 82 -> 85 Wuytens 75 -> 85
  18. Re: Shirt Numbers This is a must improvement IMO. And I don't think it's that difficult to implement it tbh (might be wrong though)...
  19. Re: 3-4-1-2 what positions are they ? There's no difference I think, but when I have a RB/LB and a CB of the same rating and condition, I always play the CB.
  20. Re: 3-4-1-2 what positions are they ? rb / cb ..... cb ..... cb / Lb rm / W ..... cm / Dm / Am ..... cm / Dm / Am ..... W / lm am / Cm F / cf ..... f / Cf
  21. Re: SM Improvements - Complaint The worst "improvement" ever SM made is locking all the customs without an owner. I understand it's to try to gain more money but it's really unfair for those managers who have a team in one of those customs from long. Personally, I don't think that you're going to gain much more money from this as I think that people prefer to make a new custom rather than buy an old one...
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