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  1. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers

    Even if youre caught and banned for cheating' date=' they will still say that you have resigned.[/quote']

    Sorry mate, but can you tell me where I cheated? Why would I have 2 accounts in that setup if we had to sell our players for their chairman value? How could I make illegal transfers if I sold and bought all the players for their exact chairman value? I didn't cheat, so SOD OFF!

  2. Re: wingers

    You make a good point. If you play someone like Messi on the wing' date=' in real life he probly scores a hattrick, In Soccermanger.con he gets a 6.


    But if it was not like this, what would be the point in making the formation?

  3. Re: Questions


    a) How many of each position' date=' if you want a really good team, would you recommend to have as backup?

    B) Can you play a) Fabregas-CM 95, B) Messi, Kaka or Ronaldinho,all AM/FW's on rm/lm without being able to guarantee they will get a 6 rating? (This is a recurrent problem for me and I dont understand why they cant play right or left midfield.

    c) Does the chairman, at any point in the season, if your doing well or whatever the conditions, give you money?

    d) Does playing a centre back in a rb position lessen their effectiveness?

    e) Do older players lose fitness quicker?

    f) Will buffon, robinho, fabregas, aguero, torres, kolo toure, javier zanetti and capedilva all go down in ratings, and similarly, which barcelona players will rise, and to what?

    g) Recommend your 10 best 93/94 players, ='] if you can be bothered

    =] Looking for very good answers please

    a) 2 GKs (as SM will soon make them get injured),

    ...10 players for the league,

    ...10 players for the cup,

    ...another 2 defenders,

    ...another 2 midfielders,

    ...another 1 forward.

    B) They won't play well on the flanks. You can play all of them in a 3-4-1-2 though; Fabregas - CM, Kaka - AM, Messi & Ronaldinho - Fs.

    c) No. He'll only give you money at the end of each season. The higher you'll finish; the higher the cash.

    d) Didn't ever try it tbh...

    e) No.

    f) Buffon, Robinho, Kolo Toure will all decrease by 1.

    ...Fabregas, Aguero, Torres and Capdevilla will all keep their current ratings.

    ...Javier Zanetti may rise.

    g) Xabi Alonso,




    ....biased? :P


    ....David Silva,


    ....Del Piero,



  4. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers


    Read "Shocked" At Uzbekistan Loss

    Belgium manager Mitchell Read has expressed his shock at his team's shock 2-0 loss at the hands of Uzbekistan. The Red Devil's' date=' sporting big names such as Vincent Kompany, Axel Witsel and Jan Vertonghen, were outplayed by possibly the lowest ranked team in the comp.[/b']

    The Uzbeks struck early in the 24th through Djeparov, who curled home off his right foot, just glancing past the near post. Shatskish secured the win in the 57th, who was given an almost open goal to thunder the ball home. The Red Devils barely got a look in, and with such highly rated players, this came as a shock to Read.

    The 5-4-1 makes magics ;)

  5. Re: rawr. [:

    Probably better at it than football. :rolleyes:

    To play in the English Championship is a dream for a Maltese footballer. And tbh I don't think I'll ever see another Maltese player rated 86+ on SM in the rest of my life.

  6. Re: Formations


    Van Der Sar

    Vidic ..... Ferdinand ..... Evra

    Govou ..... Marcos Senna ..... Modric / Raul Garcia / De Jong ..... Ronaldo

    Maxi Rodriguez

    Rooney ..... Berbatov

    Tackling Style: Hard

    Mentality: Attacking

    Passing Style: Direct

    Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks

    Tempo: Fast

    Pressing: All Over

    Tick Play Offside, Use Play Maker (Ronaldo) and Use Target Man (Berbatov).

  7. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers


    Another win for Uruguay (Barca)!

    flag_of_Paraguay.gif 2 - 4 flag_of_Uruguay.gif

    Paraguay ........................................ Uruguay

    A goal from Monaco's
    Diego Perez
    and another from Porto's
    Cristian Rodriguez
    gave the lead (2-0) to
    in less than 10 minutes.
    Dos Santos
    scored a goal each to give
    the equaliser.

    Atletico Madrid's
    scored just after the half-time to give
    the lead and Getafe's
    sealed the victory by scoring another in the hour mark.


    Next up:

    flag_of_Uruguay.gif VS flag_of_Nigeria.gif

    Uruguay .............................. Nigeria


  8. Re: 3-4-1-2 what positions are they ?

    yeah i agree both play their ok but i was just wondering for no reason really :P

    mainly because if i have 2 players of the same rating and one is a LB or RB and the otha a CB in a cup game i was wondering who i should play :)

    also i was wondering if an RM / LM plays or just CM's but it is all cleared up now thanks to everybody again :)

    There's no difference I think, but when I have a RB/LB and a CB of the same rating and condition, I always play the CB.

  9. Re: SM Improvements - Complaint

    The worst "improvement" ever SM made is locking all the customs without an owner. I understand it's to try to gain more money but it's really unfair for those managers who have a team in one of those customs from long. Personally, I don't think that you're going to gain much more money from this as I think that people prefer to make a new custom rather than buy an old one...

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