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  1. Re: Mario Angel Paglialunga -> +8/9 Don't know if you should keep him or sell him tbh... It depends on whether he plays more next season or not. If you're in a GC, you should definitely keep him... but if you're in a setup where no-one else is interested in him, you can always sell him and buy him back if he has more starts next season...
  2. Re: Mario Angel Paglialunga -> +8/9 Bump! 72 -> 82... some nice profit for who bought him
  3. Re: International League! Espanyol (Cameroon) are still unmanaged... so can I sell Eto'o?
  4. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09) Anyone knows how/why Eduardo Ere didn't rise? He played over 1200 minutes including 13 starts for Nautico and still only 75 =/ I'm gonna send a ticket now...
  5. Re: Back up CM for my Liverpool team? So you use 2 CMs and a DM/AM. Yes, I think you need another midfielder. I would go for Barry; he's an excellent player and he'll surely keep his rating for years... maybe even increase.
  6. Re: Back up CM for my Liverpool team? What formation do you use?
  7. Re: Viatri now 85,is it fair? Any U21 Brazilian/Argentinian is worth keeping IMO. Only about 2 days ago Mattioni joined Milan. ... Regarding Viatri, he should've got 86 IMO.
  8. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09)
  9. Re: Big Risers from Argentina I know this thread isn't updated from a while but there were some nice rises today! Name, Rating before rise (Predicted rating by me) -> Rise Leandro TORRES 79 (83) -> 84 Eduardo SALVIO 76 (82/83) -> 85 Jonathan BLANCO 77 (83/84) -> 82 Nicolas BIANCHI ARCE 82 (85/86) -> 86 Lucas VIATRI 75 (86) -> 85 Pablo MOUCHE 76 (80) -> 82 Nicolas GAITAN 72 (77/78) -> 82 Facundo RONCAGLIA 77 (82/83) -> 83 Juan FORLIN 71 (80) -> 83 Javier Hernan GARCIA 80 (85/86) -> 84 Considering that it's my first time, not that bad I think... Looking forward for tomorrow!
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... With 12m you'll go nowhere. Even if Berba rises, you have to remember that Benzema is only 21...
  11. Re: SM Award - Greatest Side Ever As everyone is nominating his own team, I may aswell nominate my only team; Lyon (Zarate + Ibisevic + Ignacio Camacho out on loan). Nothing special regarding ratings, but pretty young IMO...
  12. Re: International League! If PET doesn't want Barca, I'll take them instead of Atlético Madrid. So it's Uruguay/Barcelona if there's no problems. Thanks.
  13. Re: International League! Seft, can I have Uruguay/Atlético Madrid instead of Chile/Roma please?
  14. Re: All the 10k-100k risers here This thread isn't updated from a while now. I think he deserved a rise to at least 80 for his 700+ minutes played. I'm sick of sending tickets about wrong rises' date=' so if you want you can always send 1 yourself and they'll surely give him another little increase. [i'](Remember: If you ask for an 80, he'll get 78. But If you ask for an 82, he'll get an 80 )[/i] Sorry but I will no longer update this thread.
  15. Re: International League! I'm already immagining my midfield : Isla .......... Vidal Alexis Sanchez ..... Pizarro ..... Mati Fernandez
  16. Re: Community Points If you go to bed she will shout even more
  17. Re: International League! Sent a friend request now. Cняiѕ Cαмiℓℓєяi on SM.
  18. Re: International League! Can I have Chile/Roma [Pizarro] please?
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