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  1. Re: Community Points This is just ridiculous. What is wrong with the current reputation system? When I begun to play this game I learnt something new every week, so yes, with the current system you can define an experienced manager... but with this new funny feature, if you don't pay, you'll not be an experienced manager... LOL! NOTE: This is a forum where everyone can tell his opinion/s, so don't be childlish and leave my opinion on here please.
  2. I currently have Nani and I have the opportunity of swapping him for Walcott. Should I do it? P.S: Please don't vote Walcott just because he's English...
  3. Re: SM Award - Greatest Side Ever Nothing special for a Barca tbh... And that only means that it's much harder to make the same thing with an Ajax.
  4. Re: Need help about players' contracts Even if it's a 5-year contract?
  5. Re: Need help about players' contracts Ok, I'm gonna make the questions simpler: How much time do we have to wait to offer another contact? If example a contract is offered at the end of season 2, can another be offered at the end of season 3?
  6. Re: Top Rated Game Worlds That comforts me tbh... at least I'm not the only one.
  7. Re: Need help about players' contracts Last question: The 2nd season ended and the 3rd one will start soon. If example I give a 5-year contract to Raul Garcia and he decreases, should I be able to offer him another one when the next (3rd) season ends? If yes, will the wage decrease? (if he decreases) Thanks in advance...
  8. Re: SM Award - Greatest Side Ever Wow, nice team and honours mate
  9. Re: SM Award - Greatest Side Ever Can you give us a link to it?
  10. Re: How to delete a thread I started?? You cannot. Only mods/supers can do it.
  11. Re: Need help about players' contracts Thanks for your great help. TBH, I've already offered a 5-year contract to Higuain as I'm pretty sure he'll be 92+ in a season or 2. As none of Richards, Modric and Raul Garcia are likely to rise, I think it's better to offer them a 2-year contract. Agree? Thanks for your time
  12. Re: Need help about players' contracts No but I have to offer them a contract before the new season. I think I'll just offer a 5-year contract to all 3 of them...
  13. This basically my first ever 2 seasons with a team and never offered contracts before. My questions is: Is there a difference in offerring 2,3,4,5 years to a player? Will the wage be more/less if you offer to the player a 5-year contracts instead of a 2-year contract? Thanks in advance...
  14. Re: Too many STRIKERS!!! Help Me!!! The only 1 I can think of is Claudemir. Pretty sure he'll rise to 85/86 in the next rating changes... but I doubt he's available...
  15. Re: Too many STRIKERS!!! Help Me!!! Tosic maybe? EDIT: Witsel, Maxi Moralez, Buonanotte, Susaeta, Marin, Blanco (the one who plays with Lanus... should get at least a +1 rise this week or next week)...
  16. Re: Too many STRIKERS!!! Help Me!!! I would sell Palacio and Pavlyuchenko. No-one can tell you who to buy, it depends on who's available...
  17. Re: What Ratings Were These Players Before They Retired Or What Was Their Highest Rat Finnan was an excellent RB at his best... he deserved the 93.
  18. Re: Swap a club to another account. If it's a custom setup your team won't be offered to another manager.
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