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  1. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio As the Brazil rating changes have already begun, why the hell didn't they give him an 87/86 before they transferred him to Spartak?!
  2. Re: 4-2-3-1 (striker help) My back-up strikers are also Pato and Higuain. The only difference is that I play with a 5-4-1 and my main forward is Torres. Unfortunately, I had many problems with him... he was always injured! I played Pato (Higuain entering after 45 mins) and played decent. Infact, their average ratings are 8.17 and 8.30 respectively.
  3. Re: Main Leagues Start Again Today? ^^^^^
  4. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio
  5. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio If we all send a ticket with each of our accounts, I don't think that they would say no...
  6. Re: HAHAHAHAHAH Awwwwww.
  7. Re: SM Award - Greatest Side Ever I think you should divide the teams in 3 categories; Gold Championships, Standard Setups and Custom Setups...
  8. Re: Need a midfielder and a striker! What type of midfielder? DM,CM,AM,RM,LM,W?
  9. Re: What do you want to do ? LOL! You tell her you forgot the condoms
  10. Re: What do you want to do ? The best job is to be gigolo...
  11. Re: HAHAHAHAHAH Awwwwww. Or maybe something like this:
  12. Re: Would you like to see Liverpool win the Premier League 2008/09? Hmmm, I'll think about it
  13. Not sure if it's the right section... I know it's not a big problem to type plus instead of +, but it irritates me alot. When I send a PM with a + it's everything ok... but when I go to see the previous PMs, it doesn't appear. You write (example): What about Kuyt + Riera + 5m for David Silva? You go to view the previous PMs and it appears like this: What about Kuyt Riera 5m for David Silva? I think I'll send a ticket...
  14. Re: Premier League World's Best, La Liga Down to Fourth Yeah I just checked what IFFHS means (call me noob if you want) and found it means International Federation of Football History & Statistics... so they only base on how good the European teams go in the UEFA CL and Cup and how good the South-American go in theirs...
  15. Re: Main Leagues Start Again Today?
  16. Re: Main Leagues Start Again Today?
  17. Re: Back into Pokemon?..... A complete waste of money...
  18. Cняiѕ_16

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    Re: Biggest Wins In SM
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If you were given a ban you wouldn't be here posting mate. I think you got an infraction... it's just a warning to not do it again.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Are you joking? So why do you have all those risers in your team
  21. Re: Premier League World's Best, La Liga Down to Fourth Argie League better than La Liga
  22. Re: HAHAHAHAHAH Awwwwww.
  23. Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dream Is Not Yet Finished! Lyon had numerous chances to climb on top of the table in the last 3 games. The first chance was when the league-leaders Atlético Madrid lost 1-0 against German-champions Bayern Munchen, but the youthful Lyon were defeated by a stunning 3-0 against full-of-stars Barca. The second chance was when Atlético Madrid drew against the strong Barca, but however, Lyon threw away that chance too and lost again against Espanyol at home, and it was another 3-0! Atlético Madrid lost again against Espanyol, but this time Lyon took full advantage. They finished 1-0 at Anfield against The Reds. Finally, after a full season running behind Atlético Madrid, Lyon are now on top of the table with 1 point more than the second-placed Atlético Madrid. The table is now as follows (only the first 7 teams): We're now in the last game of the season, but let's see which team Lyon and Atlético Madrid are gonna face... [1st] VS [19th] [2nd] VS [11th] Cняiѕ Cαмiℓℓєяi, the current Lyon manager, said; "Yeah, Celtic are in the relegation zone. So? We always go back home happy when playing against strong teams, but for some unknown reasons we rarely do well against lower-rated sides, with all the respect, like Celtic... it's our weekness. We cannot make another mistake this time... we cannot just hope that Atlético Madrid lose. It's simple; we have to win!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transfers + = García SERGIO RAMOS has signed for Lyon with Per MERTESACKER and Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER going the other way; to Real Madrid. ---------------------------------------- Vedad IBISEVIC was also signed with Alberto PALOSCHI going the other way. ---------------------------------------- Pereira Da Silva RAFAEL penned a 3-year contract for Lyon. About 60/70 South-American risers were also signed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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