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  1. Aubamyang Safe? Thiago safe? Eriksen safe? koke safe ? verrati safe?
  2. Difficult one. I always go for younger potential and DeLigt is a generational talent. So I’d say carvajal is better thank cuadrado and will rise. But leave Isco to make up way too much ground to make deal worthy. On face value you would think carvajalIsco is better but really it’s the other way in my opinion.
  3. Long term id keep bijlow and Simon. But bijlow has risen so take profit ?
  4. Exactly my sentiment. He actually went through a great purple patch last 12-18 months. He always had potential and was a late bloomer despite Wengers eye for his talent. He will get to 93 and that’s realistic ceiling for him. If SM are generous and he has a similar last 18 months in the next two years then he will be given that. Such is the volatility of some of SM ratings for higher rated players. So all in all 94 is generous for his potential but 93 is a fair one. He could mature further in latter years like a thomas muller who was 93 for eternity. But muller did smash WorldCups!!
  5. Gnabry won’t reach 96. Impossible. Unless germany win another World Cup with him smashing it. Bayern dominate champions league with him being central to that success.
  6. I’m glad someone forgot/ was too lazy to turn of the old version or because they liked it themselves. I only use old version
  7. Curious to see what happens. But ur chairman won’t allow a bid over the max value to go through. Theoretically it should collapse after being accepted. Let’s see
  8. Keep the three. Martial due +1. But other two have a huge future. So if ur patient and can afford to wait then keep the trio. Gnabry is good and also due a rise of course.
  9. Couto is serious. Dubbed this. Dubbed that. But he is actually very good along with the Esteves from Porto. Two fine right backs coming up in world football.
  10. He’s back. Glad to know you are ok!!!!!!!
  11. Guy is intellectually challenged. Let’s stick to football.
  12. Not going to continue this convo. It’s a thread for SM football chat. I also don’t have time to engage with someone so ignorant.
  13. Quite a poor post I must say. Especially with lives actually lost. (Other viruses have vaccines. This doesn’t!) football comes second as do so many other things.
  14. Up till few years back, some clubs would randomly get a chunk of cash injection from chairman. Not seen that happen in last three years id say. Apart from that you get a small boost from season tickets at start of season. That is all. No new budget as such.
  15. Dubbed the Morrocan messi. But I take that with a pinch of salt always. Time will tell but he seems a good one
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