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  1. So Carles Perez. Please share the insight on what’s happpened there. If the quotient is showing a +5. But he’s been poorly given a 2. Curious to learn and consolidate my knowledge further about the randomness of SM
  2. LM unless money is useful in your GW. Coman our injured a lot! Neres not convinced- inflated due to Dutch league. Alfonso Alves comes to mind
  3. Jordan not getting a rise is criminal. Not having a grEat winter with my squad. Pavard kicked things off! Now likes of martial and guendozi won’t get rises
  4. Iv never had players for sale for over four weeks with no external club bids. Is anyone experiencing/ experienced that now or before? Very oddddd. Money tied up
  5. Kane has age on his side? He is only 2 years younger. Disagree with statement above... difficult to compare the two players. KDB is the best player in the league, Kane is a top striker. All comes down to need of the team.
  6. Surely ndidi should be in yellow? Deserves a 91 in the current leic team and the season individually and collectively they having. Of course urs is based on stats and not emotion
  7. Thanks SH. Pretty convincing Martial won’t rise ?
  8. So what’s everyone thinking about martial and Rodri getting +1s? tammy get+2??
  9. Diff types of course. But Lautaro more consistent. Also his type of strikers are more rare than Demble position players.
  10. Riquelme. Wowzer. What a player. Good one. Although my admittedly my bias towards his enchanting way of playing, makes me say Barca flopped and weren’t good enough for him lol.
  11. martial +1 to 91 looking unlikely. Although he should have had a rise in summer gone. In light of likes of pavard and Sabitzer not getting rises despite being in teams near top of table. Thiughts?
  12. What’s everyone’s views on Tammy Abraham getting a +2 next month. Surely he’s clocked up minS albeit goals have dried up. He’s deffo playing as a 89. But the recent random +1 he got could prevent any rise at all?
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