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  1. Reg. great signing. Spurs got bent over by RM and levy liked it. bale. The charm. But he will struggle for fitness. Good to uplift club. But you guys miss Eriksen
  2. Couldn’t agree more !!! He got to 90 for attempted dribbles. Ridiculous! Makes the game so poor due to this obvious bias !
  3. Has anyone managed to pick up in the trend of players inflationary valuations... based on hype. Lautaro Martinez- had it and then recently went down in line with other 22 year olds.. Mbappe and Valverde have ridiculous inflation! Due to hype and recent rises any trend on when these balloon values calm down? Time ? It definitely doesn’t coincide with birthdays! @Soccahappy@kieran91 @Sir Rahul @Milanista1be keen to get your views.
  4. I usually have one with a £20 entry. End of season prize money. Let me know if interested guys and gals
  5. He also didn’t get a stepped rise. It was straight to 85 in July.
  6. Highly rated RB. Lyon screwing up most of their contract renewals and this losing talent as always. May well challenge first team at my club Milan in coming season. Milan is a project in transition for a few seasons now.. I feel this will be the season and Kalulu is the type of talent we should be recruiting for the now and future.
  7. Tough. Mbappe is the next elite player who will reign for years- maybe to the effect that CR7 and Messi did. But HavertZ is also similar potential albeit his trajectory hasn’t been as instant as Mbappe despite being 20. Difficult one but I’d still hang on to Mbappe
  8. Leagues like Australia and South Africa that are done every 3 years almost - also overdue. Massive backlog.
  9. Maupay is already 86 sir. We saying 88? ignore. Already answered
  10. Which young LB at RM are you referring to? The older two being Marcelo and F mendy of course. Thx
  11. Wouldn’t fit into spurs system - if there was one. Jose doesn’t like the flair players who don’t work hard. Spurs will end up with Willian or Perisic for that forward position in this window.
  12. Toro another one who was hyped as they always are after making debuts young. I think nketiah - although mediocre- will get chances at arsenal under Arteta. The project is very much integrating youth again - home grown especially.
  13. He was highly rated a couple years back but then Lille has success with other forwards at the club. This slowing his progress down. I think the club still has faith in him, just waiting for his chance. 89/90 at this trajectory will be his ceiling.
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