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  1. Italy are in form coming into the tournament. They have played Switz and out of depth Turkey. If they go on and win it then it’s a diff story. But all boils down to Southgate is clueless. He subbed off his Foden shockingly. Gonna be thought game v CZech. Let’s hope.
  2. No disrespect, just an interesting fact. When you zoom out a little. 1 Leeds player 2 Aston Villa players 1 west ham player 1 Everton player These players haven’t played at the highest level nor experience in closing games in pressure situation. I agree they came in on form. But Southgate doesn’t know what he’s doing. You cannot just sub ur talisman / ur captain and kill his confidence. Even though ur the one playing two dms and no supply to Kane.
  3. Scotland played well. Southgate and Ole are same person.
  4. Santos ST 1.6m GR 7.1m TV 7.3m Sponsor 2.5m Merchandise 0.8m
  5. Disagree with Beleneses. It will cause issues down the line 100percent. But majority decides. The way I see it, nothing has changed from the point where we decided to leave it unmanaged. It will catch up on attendance and have an unfair advantage in coming seasons.
  6. Il make a decision once all votes of past n present managers are actively sought and a outcome is executed. By looks of it it’s 50/50 of a ban and remove Monza from league.
  7. @gyanthecatthabks for your efforts in saving the Gw option B for me and a statement form Jaybee that will help attract the leavers and rid of any doubt to collectively try and bring back integrity and unity.
  8. So this still happens. Iv not had this since around 2016!!!
  9. Another star ! Another insult to the ones who left and are still there. I don’t have a vendetta against the GW. In fact quite the opposite. It was set up to be awesome but just destroyed by ridiculous handling. Just hiding.. hiding and more hiding (the sole benefactor continues to be dismissive).. clearly this will/ may come across as being anti JBee but again I’m just stating the facts and series events as they happened and continue to happen. Undermines the whole point of its set up. (I’m genuinely gutted because I really liked Santos). I left without destroying the team as a Mark of respect to others, but these are things u don’t need to set rules for, these are unspoken courtesies. Just like asking everyone if it’s ok to get random managers in. Or as a courtesy checking in with managers who left. Or as a courtesy posting a message on the forum instead of being defensive and evasive.
  10. There were no accusations. Only facts and series of events have been stated or referred to. @jaybee randomly has been defending to the bemusement of everyone. As mentioned by @Lost souland others - pop Tate isn’t even defending himself. Only the benefactor is. That’s not an accusation. It’s a fact. In the Gw, my very first post questioned Monza line up. Nothing accusatory or alleged towards JBee. But he made it like that himself. How can an impartial mind not think that something else is at play here now. No integrity left in Gw, that’s why everyone is leaving. For me he has lost all credibility and he did that himself by exposing. He’s actually done the same in the other Gw in last 24-36 hours where managers aren’t happy with him because he’s going on about buying and selling is cheating but match fixing isn’t. The whole world is wrong and against JBee it seems. Simple solution was : kick Monza out for integrity of GW. That’s it. Move on.
  11. Is this your attempt to get sympathy votes ? Again digressing from point on hand. So elusive.. Iv not accused you, you have landed yourself in this and keep digging a bigger hole. You doing what you did for SM community with threads etc has nothing to do with you destroying a GW by siding with a self confessed petty cheat. Talking about everything under the sun and defending him.. insulting the intelligence and commitment of top notch managers ... and then coming on here and saying “you have been accused..”. Wow. Please just stop. You have all but destoryed your credibility in SM. You refuse to even attempt to salvage the GW. Everyone who has posted has eluded to that, even dropping you hints to try. I wanted you to, that’s why hung back in hope that Vinny and Nick (later Jack) will all come back and u will fight for that. But damn! How can you not be suspicious of your own behaviour. . Siding with the cheat, where u were the only benefactor. There is no accusation here... just stating facts - you can come to your own conclusion.
  12. We can discuss this deal all day long.. but get on track. Why you backing a cheater. What does he have on you? Is he blackmailing you?
  13. Wesley Fofana. You think looks dodgy. Clutching straws.
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