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  1. Barca been hurt!!! Griezman escapes again?
  2. It’s ridiculous he hasn’t got his rise. Not based on just this game of course. Kessie also skipped. Bamboozled just like Pavard in the German review.
  3. How good is that!! I feel elated by that feeling. Just to get it back. Even if nothing comes of it end of season. #OleOut #Milan❤️
  4. Goretzka and Coman deservedly in light of A. Davies and Neuer. But so so so harsh to skip Pavard. Just like they did for his 90>91 until the following review frustratingly.
  5. How has Pavard not got his rise! Ridiculous!! So generous with likes of Neuer and Nkunku to name a couple.
  6. One of the toughest and most fun GWs. Any one up for a challenge to truly test themselves. Please join. .
  7. That’s a bit harsh on JBee. I think the idea was forum only if we fill the Gw up. Originally around 24. Then due to the uptake it went over that but not quite 32. It’s better to fill the GW up than to have an empty one id say? Look forward to your input. Just a topical discussion
  8. My two cents are. No need to complicate it. Just ban on transfer for one full season. I’d like to think the whole point of this league is that it’s on trust because we are on the forum together and have that mutual respect. But if someone does intentionality or unintentionally then let’s have it black and white. (No bidding on players of at squad cap? Or must sell before bidding? Or as long as Tx in is done after tx out? Or ok to bud as player exchange? Diff permutations to consider
  9. Sorry for late reply. Currently life and other parts of it are very demanding. I’d love to be part of this but simplistic format is on my personal agenda so to fit for me right this moment. Wish everyone th best and perhaps another GW in th future otherwise if there are rules like two windows, draft etc
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